Want it? It’s yours..

Want it? It’s yours..

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Thursday’s blog is always blue, so here’s a little canvas I made, using our Happy Couple die.

If you’d like to own this little canvas, then all you have to do is write a message below, giving us two little captions.

  • He says, ” “
  • She says, ” ” Or the other way round!! What are these little birds saying to each other?

That’s it. Come on! Join in !! You’ve gottabeinittawinnit!! Let’s have some fun xx

At the weekend, we’ll pick a random winner to send the canvas to – together with a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher x Ahhh, now she’s talking !!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

75 thoughts on “Want it? It’s yours..

    1. She said…. when you said you wanted to branch out i didnt realise your meant that high…

      He said… theres always room on my branch for you my little chirpy.

  1. She says “I’m branching out come up and join me”
    He says “I would but I appear to have my tail stuck to a tree!”

  2. He says “what’s for tea?”
    She says “I will be down in a minute, I am just counting the leaves for my spring doodle mandala…..darn now I have to start again, 1,2,3”

  3. She says – what you doing up there Bert?
    he says – listening for the latest tweets. We are due to fly at the end of the month to find the sun, just want to know if we have to quarantine, or if we are in lockdown. Hard times Tilly.

    She says – I hope we can go, I’ve just had my feathers fluffed especially for our trip at Karen’s Salon. Lovely!

  4. He’s looking up at her singing his little heart out
    She looks down and says “ can you whistle? Cos you sure can’t sing”

  5. He (Dave) says – Barbara will you fly up here and be with for a minute.
    She (Barbara) says – Sorry love, I can’t, I need to write my blog first

  6. She said “come up and see me sometime”. He said “wish I could. This social distancing is getting on my wick!” X

  7. She said: Can you see the the postman with my new stash?
    He said: Yes – just in time for the Shac Shac!!!

  8. He said. (Dave) How long are you going to be up there Barb, Shac Shack in 10 mins.
    She said. (Barb) Just makeing a cuppa tea. Lovely.
    Thanks for a chance to win. See you at 10am tomorrow Xx

  9. She says “Sorry I spent the housekeeping on Clarity goodies”
    He says “Don’t worry, I forgive you, come home”.

  10. He says: c’mon Ethel – that’s way more than two metres …..
    She says: Dream on, Fred, I’m staying right here!

  11. “Happy anniversary wife”
    “Happy anniversary hubby” as used this for my sisters wedding invitation a year ago 19/10/19.

  12. She said
    Oh, it’s such a perfect day
    I’m glad I spent it with you
    He said
    Oh, such a perfect day
    You just keep me hanging on
    You just keep me hanging on
    Sorry stolen the chorus to a perfect day.
    Could have been walk on the wild side

  13. She says “What do you mean you have to keep 2m distance?”
    He says “Don’t blame me, blame Boris!”
    Enjoy your evening all!

  14. She said: I told you that you were barking up the wrong tree!
    He said: I thought you told me to leaf you alone!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. She says”51 years together and you forgot!He says” it was yesterday not today”( this was reality for me – I got the date wrong)

  16. She said: Blimey It’s getting a bit chilly out here Dave! B’out time the Jumpers had an outing!
    He said: Well Barb! If you have as many lovely jumpers as you do tops that’ll keep you going for another 100 shac shacks!
    Happy blue blog!

  17. He says “This pic is blue,
    This tree is white,
    I’m here with you,
    Is that alright?”

    She says “Should be at home
    Having some fun,
    Without Clarity goodies
    It cannot be done!

  18. He says “the view is beautiful down here. What is it like up there?” She says “it is beautiful here too. Come and join me and we can enjoy it together”. I didn’t have a good day today. I was sat with my hubby and this artwork appeared on my phone. I had a lovely time explaining to my hubby that is was the waste from the die. I enjoyed doing that. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  19. He says from the tree , I see no ships
    She says , only hardships , but don’t worry just keep the faith , as in the words of the brilliant Bon Jovi

  20. He says: I’m feeling really scrappy today.
    She says: I am just feeling a bit negative and empty.
    Re: trap the scrap/negative die-cut

  21. He says – thank goodness you are not spending this week.
    She says – don’t fall off your perch, there are lots more things in the Clarity pipeline.
    He says – what are you doing up there
    She says – come up and see me some time and I’ll tell you all about it.

    On another note, I don’t think these new Covid restrictions will do much good, so many people seem to be ignoring them. Almost no-one was wearing a mask when I went out this morning, there were more people in the opticians wearing them than I saw in the town. The people who will suffer most are the businesses who without more support will go under.

    Such sad times so it is a blessing that we have you Barbara to keep us cheerful.
    Stay safe everyone.

  22. Good game 🙂

    He said: “Don’t come any closer without a mask – 2m social distancing and all that …”
    She said: “Don’t be so silly, we’re the Happy Couple who share a nest, we can still cosy up as much as we like; plus, it’s cold up here!”

  23. He says
    “No matter how far apart we are I will always love you “❤
    She says
    ” no matter how long it takes to be together again I will always love you” ❤

  24. Hi Barbara
    Beautiful piece of artwork, I do like trapped scrap.
    She says ‘ can you see the Sainsburys delivery van yet?
    He says ‘ yes dear , he’s at no 47 and will be along in a minute’.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane

  25. She says “hurry up Barbara’s on in the SHAC SHAC at 10am”
    He says “be there in a min watching Paul die cutting
    See you tomorrow at 10 xx

  26. She looks down and says have you caught my lunch
    He looks up and says yeh look a huge big juicy worm. She flaps down and says but I’m on a diet, I wanted a small worm. So he says ok let’s share lunch 50:50

  27. He says ” yes love the post man is on his way
    Looks like he has a lot of post for us again!!!
    She says
    You stay up there love Il get the post ”

  28. Him “Are you still sulking up there ‘cos I ruffled your feathers?”
    Her ” No, I am checking whether her next door has had her Clarity delivery yet”

  29. He says”Have faith look up and beyond” She says “ I’ll be up to join you and we’ll go forward together”

  30. He said, hey Barb what you doing up that tree? She said, well Dave, get yourself up here, you won’t believe what’s going on in the garden next door, oh la la

  31. He says, “Come up here darling, you’re supposed to be in my bubble”.
    She says, “Thought we’d popped the bubble Honey when I fell out the tree”.

  32. Hi Barb,
    Love the piece of artwork but sorry my brain isn’t in gear at the moment. I managed to break at toe last night by stubbing it on a chair leg in the dark, so that’s painful and then Scamp had a bit of an accident this afternoon and had to be rushed to vet for X-rays. She hasn’t broken anything but is struggling to stand on her back legs. She’s got antibiotics and anti inflammatory syringes and we are staying up all night to keep an eye on her, bless her. As she’s 18 years old it is very worrying. Love and hugs Alison xx

  33. Hello Barb, what a lovely little arty piece. I think it goes;
    She says “you can’t stay outside all night!”
    He says “I’m not coming in until you put the frying pan away!”
    Take care and stay safe everyone. Big hugs to all who needs one. Bx

  34. The male bird is saying
    ” you had me from hello ”
    She replied
    ” i felt love start to grow”
    Bith the first two lines from a song played at my wedding as i met my husband when he knocked on my door and said ” Hello”

  35. He sings “when I’m calling you oo oo oo oo, will you answer too oo oo oo oo oo oo…”
    She says “cor blimey lovely, you sound just like Nelson Eddy! You’ll have to wait though, I’m just off to join Barbara in the shac shack.

  36. She says “ I can see the world from up here”
    Looking up at her he says “I can see my world from down here” 💞

  37. She says – Hey there, it’s safe up here, why don’t you join me
    He says – Thank you, I will
    She says – it’s good to have your company

  38. He says. “Hi gorgeous, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

    She says excitedly. “Ooo yes, I’m one of the birds Barbara Gray keeps drawing in the SHAC Shack.”

  39. She says: Come on up for some fun, you know I love ya.
    He says: Give ‘s a break I can’t even fly after all them berries.

  40. He says: Can you see Clarity Towers from there?
    She says: No, but I can see next door’s telly and Paul is on Hochanda!

  41. Er sagt: wir müssen in diesen Zeiten 2 Meter
    Abstand halten und Nasen-und Schnabel-
    Masken tragen.
    Sie sagt: Oh, wie schade…. dann muss der Storch
    im Frühjahr den Nachwuchs bringen.

  42. She says: “ What do you mean telling me I’m a waste of time?”
    He says: “ You daft old bird! I said that we’re waste from a die!”

  43. She said, ” I’ve just had a tweet”
    He said, ” I don’t get this twitter lark!”
    Yes, that is a direct quote from my husband!!

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