Have a Groovi Day!

Have a Groovi Day!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Last day of the Pergamano Party today. At midnight tonight the wheels will stop turning, the sale will end – and all will be quiet again…

But in the meantime, let’s keep going!! Grace has blogged loads of your fabulous art over on the Clarity Matters blog, and has been picking flowers for everyone! And I’d like to have one last little flowery giveaway over on this ’ere blog too, just cos I can!

Recognise this little Groovi plate (or should I say Groovi little plate?) We rustled it up as a little promo gift for the NEC a while ago, so some of you may already have it. It has a smashing little floral wreath, and a pretty Groovi message too.

I’ve got 50 of them. I’ve piled them up by the franking machine and we’re popping them into 50 random orders placed this week. If one of these turns up in your box, you’ll know why. xxx

Pergamano and Groovi are inextricably linked nowadays. The two go hand in hand. Whether you’re a traditional parcher or completely new to parching, you’ll find great benefits in both areas. I always think of Pergamano as the tools and equipment side of the craft, and Groovi as the design and art side.


That’s a wholelottaletters! Plenty of vowels too. So let’s have some fun. How about some more bloggy candy? See how many words you can make out of Pergamanoandgroovi. That’ll keep you busy for hours! I can see loads! Send your list of words to barbara@claritystamp.com, and post the NUMBER of words in a post below this blog. Then I know to make sure we have your email.

Let’s not just enter the letters into an anagram generator to win though. That’s pretty unimaginative, don’t you agree? Let’s do it the healthy-for-the-soul-way! Let’s actually sit with the letters and let our brains do some work! Let’s earn a prize and feel good about it! Entering the letters into a generator program and letting the computer spit out the highest answer would be like me buying a jigsaw puzzle which comes completed and pretending I finished it myself! What’s the prize? Ahh.. mmmm…how about a surprise prize? To be announced next week…

On the subject of numbers, remember the competition at the start of the week? I asked you to guess how many Groovi designs we have created since its inception. Well, we had plenty of guesses, some sooo close (and some miles out!!). Alas, nobody nailed it precisely, so the £50 Gift Voucher is safe for another day, another competition. But the £20 Gift Voucher for the closest guess goes to….


She guessed 927. Well done Coral! The actually number is 947, so she was pretty close!! When we hit 1,000, we should have another party! Thank you all who joined in.

Hope you have enjoyed this week’s Parchment celebration. A big thank you to our über-talented Design team for making it special. Thanks to Grace and Stuart for driving the Clarity Matters blog so beautifully, and a HUGE thank you to my brother Steve and the whole team at Clarity, for stepping up to the Groovi Plate, as it were, and just getting it done.

May I just say a heartfelt thank you to all those of you who keep us going? You do, you know. Quite simply, if you didn’t buy our products, we wouldn’t be here. Sure, we work hard. We work very hard. But so do lots of companies who just can’t keep going any longer because of things as they are. So I am under no illusion how fine a line we tread here, and when I say Thank you, I mean it.

Have a great weekend.

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

33 thoughts on “Have a Groovi Day!

  1. OMG I remember the last anagram competition, not sure I finished that as there were so many LOL !! Still will give it a go – watch Countdown on rewind most days to help keep the mind going ! I’ve made orders at Clarity and Pergamano this week, my card is screaming as I spent loads more than my birthday voucher – don’t tell hubby ! When the parcels arrive I’ll just tell him the sale was go good you got loads for your money LOL !! Great news about the kittens ! We’ve got black and white cats but hubby’s fave is Ginger Tom – he had one as a little boy. Have a good weekend and look forward to seeing pics when you get them home ! X

  2. Congratulations Coral for winning. I’m really surprised that there weren’t more than 1000 groovi plates, they are all fab and long may you carry on making them Barbara, just love everything Groovi xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    Well this is going to keep us all busy, I’m good at finding 3 and 4 letter words and I’m sure some bigger ones will pop up too! Well I was way over with the plates, must be because I’m always being told I’ve got thousands of them! Definitely an exaggeration! 😂😂. Live thus months club goodies, I’m going to enjoy using them, thank you. Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xx

  4. Congratulations Coral for nearly getting the number right. Wow that’s a lot of plates. Wonder how many of them people have? The kittens look adorable and you’re going to have some much fun playing with them. Have a great weekend and safe journey on Sunday x

  5. Instead of doing my i newspaper puzzles tonight I’ll have a go – sounds like fun.
    Finished my order (every little helps I hope) then remembered something else I’d had my eye on. I panicked a bit as both websites seemed to go down for a little while just as I was about to start ordering but all now done and confirmed.
    What with Shac Shack this morning, then receiving my club envelope this afternoon and then having fun choosing things to add to my stash, all in all it’s been a very enjoyable day. Thank you.
    Congratulations to Coral.

  6. Wow! That must mean there are 500 odd plates that I don’t have yet! How did I miss them? Lol! Well done, Coral. Enjoy your voucher. You have thanked everyone, including your customers, but thank you from us to you for inspiring us and encouraging us and accompanying us on our journey. Have a good weekend. Lots of love to both of you. Hxx

  7. Thanks everyone, especially Barbara and the team. This is a lovely surprise and I will have fun spending the voucher. My credit card will be relieved!

  8. Well done Coral. Reckon I still have a few more plates I could buy at that rate though. I will give the puzzle a go, like keeping my brain working, something I can keep looking at over the weekend. Club envelope arrived this morning. lovely contents and sounds like some interesting new ideas for next year. xx

  9. Congratulations Coral! I’m not surprised to hear that there were so many Groovi plates made. I will also put my thinking head on for this. I am happy to have done my bit for Team Clarity! I have done 2 orders and I am looking forward to getting my new goodies, and starting my Groovi journey (again). However, Barb, I also think that we should be thanking you, for being you! A truly wonderful, kind and inspiring person. You are so very special to us all. Hugs, Gilly x

  10. No time to chat, Anniversary celebration about to start. Will be rejoining the Clarity clubs again for 2021. Very pleased with what arrived today.
    Stay safe.

  11. Hello Barbara
    I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to you and your team. You mean so much to so many people and bring so much pleasure to everybody.

  12. Congratulations, Coral.

    Thank you and all your team, Barbara, not just for the random kindness of the plate today but for all your support, enablement and encouragement over years.

    I did the last word finding over days when close people were in hospital. I’m not sure I will have the sleepless hours this week – and I really needed them. Even when I dozed off, words kept waking me. Then I had to make it alphabetical to take out repeats. Great idea though and it really does make your brain work.

  13. Congratulations Coral!!!🌹🥂
    It’s was a great week Barbara and I did enjoyed so much looking in the website for stuff I most like.
    So now curious when it will arive in my letterbox! Cann’t wait to try Groovi plates for the first time!
    Have a fun weekend with the adorable ginger kitties!!!
    Stay save and healthy!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  14. Congratulations to Carol. I was waaaay of. Waiting for my Clarity goodies to come, orderd lots of plates, new to Grovi. Thank You Barbara for you’re time, patience, tears and laughs with us. You have kept me going since march, as I am at home, left my job in May due to the virus. All my friends and family can’t believe what I am drawing and colouring. Thank you teacher, God bless, enjoy the rest over the weekend Xx

  15. I really felt for you this morning, as I know what it is like to miss your kids and you opened my floodgates too. I last saw my daughter and grandchildren in March 2019 and goodness knows when I will see them again. I drew round my hands, added them to a long piece of paper and sent them to my grandchildren to wrap around them – a hug from Gaggy. I know that yours are too big for that, and FaceTime is wonderful, but boy, do we miss the hugs!
    You then had me laughing about Mark and the kitten turning into a puppy, so the SHAC today was a real rollercoaster of emotions. I do hope that you write a book one day, as you have so much to share.
    I am looking forward to receiving my orders and thank you for this week. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your new kittens. Hugs. Annette X

  16. Well I finally succumbed and placed an order from pergamano, after all it would be rude not to when you have been so generous with your discount. Thank you so much for that. The parchment poppets are on their way to me. I bought the Christmas stamps and stamped a whole lot for my granddaughter to colour for her Christmas cards. She loves all sorts of crafts. I look forward to introducing her to Groovi.
    I gather you are about to get two kittens, such entertainment watching them together. Our cats are quite old ladies now but one of them is a dreadful thief. I unloaded my shopping into my yard the other day and put the car away and by the time I got back she got into the bag and chewed into 2 Penguins!! Xx

  17. Anybody else having trouble signing in to Pergamano website? Filled my basket but it won’t let me sign in 🙁 will have to save my pennies for another time.

  18. Enjoy those adorable kittens, look forward to seeing updates of their progress. Hope they make good use of the self cleaning huge litter tray! Have a great weekend preparing for them. Lots of love and hugsxxx

  19. Well done Coral. I was just over 100 out! It’s been a great week. A couple of orders placed, toucans, laughter in the shac shack. You are a very generous lady and I really felt for you yesterday when you were so upset. I’m sure collecting your kittens will cheer you up. Enjoy xx

  20. Well done Coral enjoy your win. I like most of you just had to place an order. I placed one then when I browsed through again I said to my hubby ooh 😲 I didn’t see that yesterday so out came the credit card again, and I placed another order. Please take care everyone and stay safe. 🤗🤗

    1. Ooh, well done, Ali – I’m 100 behind you at the moment! I love this kind of game, and words keep popping into my head, so I hope I can reach your total! We used to do the wordsearch when we took my Dad to the Hospice Drop-In Centre, so it’s very much a tradition for our family – and isn’t it amazing how the simplest words escape you!

  21. Hello Barb, a lovely win for Coral, I was not too far off. Wow, just saw Ali’s comment, that is a lot of words. Well done to Clarity for all the super offers and giveaways and competitions, it adds to the fun. I received my Club envelope yesterday and can I just say to the Clarity team, thank you, the stencil design has saved my bacon, for cards I have to make for a few neighbours. Love what was in my envelope. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  22. Congratulations to Coral that was a good guess. I was about 200 out so not too bad for a newbie. We had a super busy day yesterday and we got some good news as well. I love that little plate. Thank you for making things fun it makes such a difference. Enjoy your weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  23. Congrats Coral. Great guess. So excited for you Barb, bet you’re desperate to get in the motor on Sunday to collect the little chaps, ginger too, us fingers are quite a breed I’m told.🤣 Enjoy. Peace & Love. Suexxx

  24. Hi again, I have spent hours on this so need to stop now. It was good fun! I have found 314. There are bound to be more. I did find an additional 12 but not sure they should be included! Hxx

  25. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again -I love doing this kind of word game! Got the first 300 or so on Friday evening with Mum but have kept going over the weekend – words just kept coming to mind and we now have a grand total of 665 (which includes 51 names, 6 place-names, plus 3 words which are commonly abbreviated). Email on its way.

    Thanks for keeping me busy!!

  26. 180 words for me – not the best, but I really enjoyed the challenge. Congratulations to Coral – great guess!

  27. Thanks for setting us another word puzzle, Barbara.
    Having spent several evenings looking for words I now have 683.
    I will forward an email tomorrow, time for bed now.
    Will join you in the SHAC on Wednesday with the toucans.

  28. Hi Barbara thank you so much for all the time you have spent with us in the SHAC. I never knew before how much I could achieve. Hope Erik and Ragner are settling down well.
    I have spent several evenings finding words from ‘Pergamanoandgroovi’ I have finally found 683. I have sent you the list by email as requested.
    Look forward to completing the toucans this week.

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