Fly me to the moon…

Fly me to the moon…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. This morning, upon opening the curtains at 6am I spotted Venus shining brightly just below a fabulous crescent moon. Quite a spectacle. And then we saw mars too! Within minutes all were hidden behind clouds, but just for a short while Dave and I stood gazing out into the universe…

So I thought for today’s blogs I would reach back into the past, and dig out one of my all time favourite pieces of artwork, which I made using a stamp brilliantly illustrated by our Mel.

You know how every so often you nail it? You hit the spot, and just love what you’ve made? Well this one was one of those ones. I even did a Youtube to demonstrate how it came together. Piece a cake!!

And here’s the step by step, which I blogged back in 2018, which breaks down the process.

Mask off the line and ink up with Archival black.

Remove the masking tape and stamp on a piece of Shenandoah Parchment.

Yep. that worked. Missed a tiny detail on the tip of the moon…

Touch up with a Micron pen, and you’ll never know.

Flip over to the back and erase colour from the hares and fairy. Also add highlights in the moon using the eraser, and even add a full moon above.

If a circular moon is proving a challenge, use one of our masks.

Time for the city…

Add the skyline Clarity mask at the base. I worked from the front to get a really dark black silhouette. Brush and Archival black – BINGO.

Remove the mask and allow to dry. Flip the parchment to the back and add a faded skyline too, but don’t reink the brush.

Now I have had real time to work with the new blending nibs and tools, I can only echo what so many have already said. Blimming excellent. Here I have used black Archival ink straight from the pad. Couldn’t do that easily with a paint brush; not hard enough.

See the houses in the background now?

Now let’s have some fun… I need a line, a slightly curved line. So I have an artist’s thing I can bend… On scrap first of course!

Then overlay the parchment and figure out where you want to actually add it.

Next, decide which angle you want the line to take underneath her toes. And suddenly, she’s on the highwire.

Just to confirm that, why not add a few little feathered friends…

Here’s how. Draw a heart on the wire.

Colour the heart in.

Add a tiny head, flick in a little beak and two tail feathers.

Add as many as you fancy.

Time to add a flash of interest to her little dress. Add detail with a Micron pen, and colour with a perga Liner pencil. Up to you whether you work from the back of the front. I used the blending nib to smooth out the colour with no additive whatsoever. Perfect. Oh ! And draw a line to the balloon moon, too….

Trim the work and let’s mount it on a white cardblank. But before we commit, how about a black Sharpie pen around the edge?

Works lovely on parchment you know.

What a strange fantasy I do have.

So what’s the story, Jackanory?

 Old Father Moon is protecting her as she trips innocently along, on the precarious highwire of life. So preoccupied is she with hanging on to the full moon balloon, she doesn’t even stop to glance down into the sleeping city. And why would she?

Once you have been up there above the clouds and danced in the light of the moon, you will always hold your gaze skywards.

Decision, decisions. And this is the wondrous thing about parchment. The underside is as lovely as  the topside. So which direction should she take?

But for this particular project it was one of the Fairy Rounds I was drawn to. CLICK HERE

Should you want to try this parchment technique, should you love these stamps as much as I do, here are the links to the Clarity products….


Fairy Night Round

Shenandoah Designer Parchment

Archival Black

Double-ended Eraser Pencil

Perga Liners

Pergamano Brads

Mmm. I wonder if Venus and Mars will come out to play tonight again, in the light of the silvery moon. I shall be watching….

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS and just in case you were wondering these fairy rounds have also been made into Groovi plates….click here

15 thoughts on “Fly me to the moon…

  1. Hello Barbara
    I remember doing this at the Retreat in Ditton. Got everything crossed the Retreats can go ahead next year.

  2. How lovely. I also saw the crescent moon and Venus, but not Mars this time. Soon after the clouds thickened and it rained on and off all day (still is!). I’m thinking of using this idea of the sleeping town but putting a Christmas these above it -any ideas what stamps would work? I’m having to get a wriggle on with cards now!!

  3. Beautiful ! I’m going to look out tonight, it’s been bright and sunny here today so might be a clear night tonight. My birthday, so it’s been busy, Mum has got me a Clarity voucher but it hasn’t arrived yet – my best present but don’t tell anyone else ! Might not manage the SHAC tomorrow live as we have people coming for lunch but I’ll be catching up ! X

  4. Good evening Barbara. Your artwork is gorgeous. I love all the additions you have added. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  5. Just taken Bendycat for his evening walk and we caught sight of Mars, just before a big old cloud took it!
    Was the picture of Liberty (behind you in your SHAC ‘office’) done the same way as this picture?
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  6. Love the way you’ve used these stamps and masks. Know I have the stamps somewhere, just need to find them. Like the idea the new ones are fine line and they come with masks so might just have to get this set and let hubby have the originals for his pyrography stamping.
    Having trouble with the new glasses so no crafting done today, it is a pain as I have so many ideas buzzing in my head and can’t do a thing about it until Thursday.
    Ray is into astronomy and usually drags me outside to see things up close but unfortunately it has been too rainy to get the big telescope out. He tells me that several of the planets are in easy view at the moment so keep looking.
    Stay safe everyone.🍒🍒🍒

  7. Hi Barb,
    You were lucky to see Venus and Mars, the only thing we’ve seen all day is rain! It hasn’t stopped all day! Decided to attempt to finish an Aran jumper I’ve been knitting for Dave for over 3 years! After an hour of trying to remember what size I was doing and trying to fathom where in the pattern I was, I finally finished the sleeve ( the last major piece to do) tonight, so all I’ve got to do now is stitch it together and do the neck. Let’s just hope it fits when it’s done!!! I remember you doing this artwork originally. It is really lovely. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  8. Hello Barb, how lovely to look back and be reminded of such a gorgeous project. Love everything about it, including the little story. Thanks again for the inspiration. The Moon, Venus and Mars were all out again this morning. Hubs leaves for work at about 5.45am, and I normally walk him to the car, so got a really good view. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. I love this piece of art. I think it’s the same one that was included in the Clarity calendar a few years ago, and I’ve kept hung up again because I like it so much!

  10. Like you I got up at 6am, I looked out the window and like you I saw the beautiful crescent moon and Venus sparkling in the sky. I took some photos to capture the moment. I love seeing the moon go through it’s cycle. We are lucky to have a south facing house, so we usually get a good view of the moon. When I look at the moon, I feel connected with nature.

  11. Love this , it would make a great picture in my grandaughters room hmmm now thats a thought, xxx take care hugs off to watch the u tube now 😂

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