Keep Calm and Carry on…

Keep Calm and Carry on…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Change is a-coming. You can feel it in the weather today. The temperature dropped and the clouds rolled in. Time to put a jumper on, maybe put the flip flops and sandals away.

Thought I’d make some simple stencil art this evening, to reflect the shift in the weather patterns – and in our lives again.

It seems we are hitting a stormy patch again, and while the birds fly away to warmer climes, we must close our doors and stay safe, out of harm’s way.

My God, am I glad I have my art and craft ! Imagine not having your crafting ! Doesn’t bear thinking about.

She takes a painty scrap, a mop up from earlier, and decides that’ll do. If you stare at it long enough, it starts to reveal the landscape that it is…

Position the Bird Tree Stencil where you think it sits well, and secure with masking tape.

Then it’s time to pound black Archival ink (new delivery in, better and wetter this time) through the shapes with a make-up sponge or one of our Spot-on sponges. Pound-a-pound-a-pound. Smearing or wiping won’t work. For a solid black opaque result, you have to pound-a-pound-a-pound…

Needs a few clouds in the sky. Out with the turquoise acrylic paint and the brayer. I know. What a mess! You can say that again. And the artwork.

This is where you chop it up till you like it! I think this partial art, this using part of the image, is so much artier than the full monty. The trick is to cut it away little by little, half an inch at a time, till the little voice in your head says STOP!!!! You just need to listen carefully…


Add a meaningful word or two from the FEEL GOOD FACTOR WORD STicKERS

This art is from me to you. Keep calm and carry on. Keep calm and carry on. And thrice I say: Keep calm and carry on. It’s the only way forward. What is the opposite? Freak out and grind to a halt? Well now, that would be pretty fruitless. No point at all at all. So let’s keep calm and carry on TOGETHER.

Here’s a little bloggy offer on this stencil and its friend, the butterfly tree.


See you tomorrow at 10am in the SHAC-Shack if you’re free. Let’s crack on with those lovely mallard ducks!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry on…

  1. Love these stencils but don’t use them enough.
    Need to get crafting again to get rid of the listlessness. I think getting these stencils out will help with that.

  2. Looks fab Barbara, love your blogs😊
    Is it just me…or can anyone else see a hog on right side of your tree as you look at it …my imagine lol
    Keep blogging xxx

  3. An old friend was up from Devon and we managed to catch up for lunch today. The weather was beautiful, with not a breath of wind, but by the time I drove home, the clouds had rolled in and the wind picked up. Rain due in from midnight and to last all day tomorrow. Oh well, it was glorious while it lasted and rain is good for the complexion.
    I have just had a lovely chat with my granddaughter and will now put my feet up with a cuppa and watch to see what Boris has to say. Bake off after that and then bed. Tomorrow is another day and thank goodness for craft, my sanity saver. Have a lovely evening. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Great art work – simple to do but so effective. Just need to dig the bits out of they hidey holes & give it a go.
    See you in the SHAC shack tomorrow to continue with the mallard ducks.
    Just waiting for OH to finish a Zoom AGM then we are going to have a birthday Zoom with our son. What would we do with out technology but at least we can keep in touch with everyone
    Stay safe everyone

  5. I’ve got those stencils. Maybe I should use them! Sadly, I have an online conference tomorrow and Thursday but I will switch on to you at 10 a.m. and watch what you are doing while I listen to what is being said at the conference! I will then listen to you later. That seems like a fair compromise! If I’m bored, I may even colour along with you tomorrow morning!! Hope your mum is doing ok. Thank goodness she got her op last week. We are not allowed anyone in our homes now but that’s ok. I’ve only had two visitors in my house since lockdown began. Can forget about the dusting again!!! Lol. Stay safe, Barbara and Dave, and we will get through this one day at a time. Thank goodness you are an online company!! See you tomorrow. Going to put the fire on now. Getting cold! Lots of love. Hxx

  6. Thank you for being there for us.
    Going to check my stencil draw sure I have those two.
    Getting chilly in the north.
    Makes me think of the captain on the roof in Mary Poppins.

  7. Have these stencils but not used them much as hubby has co-opted my messy table in the conservatory. Might try this when I have space.
    Because of Ray’s health problems we are going into self imposed lockdown. I am calm, I will carry on. We are well prepared with all our hobbies and crafts, have bought quite a few books as we both love reading, Ray has prepared lots of relaxing music to play all day if necessary, just need to find a jigsaw and dig out a new cross stitch (several in my sewing drawer).
    We saw this upsurge in the virus coming so each week since June we have bought a few extra non perishable food items to stock our larder so there would be no last minute panic. The butcher will still deliver and bring fresh veg so we are set to manage until well after Christmas.
    On top of all this we also have Clarity, what could be better?
    Stay safe, stay well. 🍒🍒🍒

  8. Thank you so much for everything you are doing to keep us crafters sane. I have not been able to watch all the Shacs but have learnt so much from those I have.

  9. As usual Barbara you start with a messy scrap and end up with a masterpiece. I wish I had your insight to see how to build on a mess 🤣 see you in the morning xx

  10. Thank you Barbara for another wonderful blog. Your writing and art work are always truly amazing and appreciated. I am so thankful I have my arts and crafts- really help me focus on something positive. My Clarity products that I love are getting lots of use making cards/art for non profit groups. Thank you Barbara and your Team for everything you have done and continue to do to support and help people during these challenging times- the SHAC
    SHAC, all things Clarity, fabulous existing products, fabulous new products, very positive and inspiring blogs, positivity, humour and creativity, fabulous demos on Hochanda and so much more. I live in Canada and am so grateful that Clarity is always a big part of my days. Your hardwork, passion, kindness and creativity is admired and appreciated. Very grateful. Keep safe.

  11. Hi Barb, a lovely little arty offering, I have both stencils, think I should get them out and have a go. Thanks for bringing us all the arty inspiration, and the Shac-Shac. It is so great to have somewhere virtual to go, and crafting is the best medicine, it should be prescribed on the NHS. Turned really rainy here in MK overnight, so stay safe and take care everyone. Bx

  12. That’s lovely Barbara. It’s nice to have fairly quick ideas sometimes. I’m not very good with stencils but you have inspired me to have another go.

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