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Thanks for popping in. Dropped a pot at pottery today. It was a good one too. Had thrown it, turned it, initialed it, and was just putting it on the TO FIRE shelf – and it jumped out of my hands and hit the floor. Fortunately, I was wearing a mask, so nobody could really hear the expletives, but there was a lot of effing and blinding! I certainly didn’t say “Oopsadaisy. Butterfingers!”

Never mind. It was one of those sessions. Earlier on, I had been trying to make a lid for another pot, and had just said to my buddy Marilyn, “Not sure about this lid” when it slipped out of my hands and hit the deck too !! So that sorted that one out! Do you have days like that? When you’re all fingers and thumbs, and clumsy? I was rubbish today! I’ve never dropped my work like that, so it was a first. But hey ho. I just need to focus more. It’s certainly not important! Actually Marilyn and I curled up laughing when the lid dive bombed !

Sometimes people get so upset when they spoil something, or break something. Me? I get over it pretty quickly! I’m just grateful to even be there, playing with clay and having a blast. And anyway, I had loads more half-finished pots to hurl about!

Maybe next week, when I go to pottery, I will slow my pace down. I had it in my mind today that I was going to turn all 11 pots which I threw last Friday, AND sort out the other project I’ve got on the go. Mmm. I think that’s why I kept dropping stuff! Too focussed on the progress – and not on the process.

So this little cookie jar will a lot more TLC next week – not to mention a new lid!

Physician Heal Thyself, and all that, eh. There I am at 10am every morning in the SHAC-Shack, saying “slow it down, trust the process, relax and give time time”. Then I go to pottery and start whizzing round like a whirling dervish!

Time to slow down, get back in the moment, feel the clay. Better to create one piece with love than pump out a whole set in record time !!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Butterfingers…

  1. Ah well, this is how we learn.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    Bendy cat is at the vet next week to have his teeth seen to. Wish us luck!

  2. Oh Barbara I feel for you. Tomorrow is another day so they say so come back to us Shackers and we’ll soothe your butter fingers (mind you, you do more for us than we can ever do for you xx)

  3. Oops a daisy 😜
    I’ve been shopping today and kept dropping things luckily didn’t, break anything!! I would have had to pay for.
    Hugs xxx

  4. Must be one of those days – Everything went swimmingly this morning – SHAC shack followed by posting a parcel, wound clinic and the vampires at the hossie.
    Came home – went to freezer to get something out for dinner tonight and knocked tub holding the pegs flying – yup all down the back of a big chest freezer. Then went to fridge to make a sarnie for lunch and knocked a punnet of blueberries over the flour.
    Touch wood Murphy and his brother S*d seem to have abandoned me for the rest of the day and not found the third thing (well not yet anyway – lol!)

  5. So sorry you had breakages today but knowing you it will all come out OK, just breathe, slow down and start again.
    My three “whoopsies” came fairly quickly one after the other (why always in threes?) while making a fruit salad, kiwi’s and raspberries on my freshly cleaned floor. After swearing a blue streak (hubby wasn’t around to wash my mouth out with soap!!! ) and cleaning up I put down my tools and made a coffee, put my feet up and watched you on Hochanda. So engrossed was I in ordering the Groovi plate that I hadn’t realised my mug was leaking – all over the side table – and it dripped all down the front of my t-shirt when I picked it up.
    Never mind, we both had a good laugh in the end.
    Grace’s blog today was inspiring, she is a treasure and it is so good that she can bring a ‘newness’ to our lives. She does you proud.
    Hope David’s arthritis is improving, the next few days look warmer so that should help a bit.
    I had wondered why we had not heard from Brenda lately so it was nice to see her post yesterday and know she is getting a bit better.
    Stay safe everyone. 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Ooh I know all about butterfingers!! Neither of my hands will currently make a fist -the fingers only go half-way down, and the right hand has a large lump on the wrist, so that has wiped out thumb and forefinger there too! The number of things I keep dropping is endless. Just today I’ve had a’jerky shower’ when the dogs’ beef jerky in a large bag jumped out of my hands as I was getting it off a high shelf, and it came open and all 3 kg showered me!. then later I had a meal-worm ‘foot-wash’ when I dropped the mealworm container en route to feed the hedgehogs. At least the 2 crocks I broke earlier hadn’t been washed up yet LOL. Hope you have a better day next pottery session Barbara!!

  7. I think we all have one of those days sometime. I had mine last Thursday. After a shopping trip, I thought i would treat myself to an iced coffee and a very naughty chelsea bun from our local bakers. I put the bag containing said chelsea bun on the table along with the glass of iced coffee. Unfortunately I didn’t quite get the glass onto the coaster properly and the glass slipped off the table and smashed, spraying coffee everywhere. One of my cats decided to investigate the mess so there I was fending off a very curious cat while trying to pick up broken glass and mop up coffee. I eventually got everything cleaned up and sat down to enjoy my chelsea bun only to find the middle of it missing and a very happy cat sitting on the stairs chewing on his ill-gotten gains! I wonder why we called him Loki ( the Norse god of mischief)? x

  8. Sorry pottery wasn’t quite the session you were expecting – some days it just goes all pete tong !!
    The cookie jar looks good though so TLC will be needed there when you make a lid to fit.
    Just read Grace’s blog – certainly made me think how much we must be grateful for.
    Enjoyed the shows today – need to have another play with my dandelion die, love trapping the scrap.

  9. what a shame to loose the pots, at least you can make the parts you need.
    My oops, opened a new bag of coffee and decanted it into the pottery canister, that was ok then I was putting it into the cupboard it slipped out of my hand where it bounced onto the worktop on the way to smashing on the tiled floor….half kg of coffee grounds and pottery shards and 2 cats inspecting it all.
    Stay safe, Jackie x

  10. Sorry you lost a pot today Barbara, and good that you didn’t let the angst last too long, and at least dropping the cookie jar lid was not a big deal as you weren’t sure you liked it anyway. The enjoyment is the most important thing and next week will be much better I’m sure, we all have our off days. x

  11. God’s way of saying you needed a laugh more than that lid? That was the pot that would have exploded in the kiln damaging many? Hungry? Tired? Who knows? At least you were safe having those moments at pottery, thank goodness.

  12. Hello Barb, glad you could laugh about the lid, but it is a little bit heart breaking when you mess up something you have spent time on. I know I get frustrated and annoyed, and have to sit my self down and have a good talk with myself. It will be worthwhile to revisit the lid, and at least you are enjoying pottery. I am not sure if that is what they meant by the phrase Pottery throw down though. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. What a shame about your pot. Such a disappointment after all your work. Still at least you could see the funny side about your kid x

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