It will be OK

It will be OK

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Felt the need to immerse myself in a little artwork when I got in from work. To be frank, it’s pretty gutty at the moment, so an hour of down time before bedtime is just what the doctor ordered. That, and a cup of ginger with lemon and honey.

Nothing too tricky. Just a couple of nice stamps on some Shenandoah Designer card.

Drawn by myself.

After I had planted the delicate seedheads, I wished I had used the Poppy stamp itself instead. But hey. Go with the flow, and all that!

Actually, these stamps are rather nice too, and would have worked well within that frame, don‘t you agree?

In fact, let’s add a bloggy offer to the pair of stamps. £19.99 each or £28 for both, plus your Clarity Club discounts. Check out the Offers section at xx

Art doesn’ have to be complex to serve its purpose. Its purpose this evening is Distraction. I have no particular interest in the result, in what’s produced, although I actually quite like the delicate wild seedheads within the SHAC-Shack Hot Air balloon frame. But then again, I reckon anything would work inside this frame! I love how you can make it look quilted just with a little pencil shade.

A quick photo step by step. No words required..

Time to stop. Hasta mañana !

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “It will be OK

  1. Just perfect. I wind down by follow part of your tutorials, I am pleased you use your is beautiful, just right xxx

  2. It sounds as though life is really winning the battle with doodling at the moment. Things are hard to make sense of. We seem to have lurched from one major disaster to another, from Brexit to Covid19 to protests and violence, and all at the same time as lacking human contact. Hard for any of us to handle, and you give your time to us so freely. I hope that a good walk in the woods with Dave will restore you a little. Take care. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  3. Lovely piece of art, agree that any of the other stamps would work as well, but I especially love the poppies.
    Today started well, sunny, not too hot, got carried away with the jobs and then my back threw a rather painful wobbly. My fault, I knew I was pushing my luck. A few painkillers later I decided to put my feet up and watch some recordings Ray had made. Oh boy, did I get emotional.
    My favourite Christmas Carol is Silent night which my Dad used to sing to us when we were little. One of the recordings was on Sky’s Yesterday channel, Simon Callow presenting THE FIRST SILENT NIGHT. It was the whole story of how the carol was created, the background was mainly of beautiful Austrian scenery. It was a fascinating factual story and at the end a lady with a beautiful voice was joined by a man in perfect harmony singing the whole carol. Made me remember my Dad hence the emotion. I miss him so much.
    Looking forward to Wednesday’s shows – I love these dies cuts especially the quarterettes.
    Stay safe, sleep well.

  4. Loved your story about using your new app in the woods and just listening -it is so refreshing to the soul isn’t it! I just stand at my back door or bedroom window and have bird song (and other noises) all around me -I’m so fortunate to live where I do. I was given a tree and flower book in 1956, when I was 10. As it was Australian fauna, I left it for a nephew and now have books of UK flora and fauna. No phone = no app, but the books have taught me so much over the last half century since I’ve been back in the UK. Nothing beats Mother nature for comfort, joy, entertainment and love.

  5. I had forgotten I have that poppy set mmmm a project for tomorrow me thinks ggg. I have a few backgrounds on my table waiting to be used.

  6. Very pretty design. We’re in the middle of a thunder storm at the moment with some decent rain. Been in garden all day just sitting, reading and colouring, then a little outing to a friend along the road for a g&t as it’s her birthday tomorrow. Hope you have a good evening. P.s. thanks for my two parcels today – Linda’s recent plates and the, paint book, journal and water brushes! X

  7. Love the card, simple but so effective. Thanks for the step by step, as you say no words needed.
    Its hot & sticky here this evening – think the fan will be going on later to make sleep more bearable otherwise I might be late for the SHAC tomorrow.
    Off to make some cards for birthdays next week.

  8. Lovely , gentle picture. I had a nice walk this morning, listening to the birds. Afternoon in the shac. Then the stress! Sent a picture by mistake that had been forwarded to me. Few hours of horror. Then a reply from a lovely Clarity follower. What a lovely, caring lady. You know who I mean. So glad to be with happy people x

  9. Really enjoyed colouring this morning , my birthday present arrived today Linda’s new plates , stamp stamps and parchment . I didn’t mind getting the light rose instead of rose thankyou for the note inside explaining . Will catch up in the shac later tomorrow ,have a good evening x

  10. Beautiful artwork, thank you for the step by step. Just caught up with the shac shac, birds still singing, dog asleep at my feet, a lovely evening no rain yet, so must pop out and do some watering, then back to my colouring, ready for tomorrow. xx

  11. Gutty? Don’t know your figures but there was good economic news last week that we had only lost 20% in April. When you think the whole country was closed and the amount of government spending, that was surprisingly good. A lot more people should keep their jobs than seemed likely. We still have Brexit to come – stock up before the supply chains go, if there is panic – but that is the end of the year. We are all grieving tremendous loss but any crisis can be a time of big steps forward with the wake up calls on racism, new work methods and climate change, for example. We are strong and we can come back better, if we stick together. I do think we need to cancel Black Friday though before the delivery people collapse and social distancing goes with them. May have to write to my MP on that. After I play with my wonderful parcels which arrived today! Thank you. Stay safe everyone.

  12. Sorry that work is rubbish at the moment. Mine isn’t a bundle of laughs either and I suspect will get worse before it gets better whatever better is! However, that’s not for tonight. Caught up with the SHAC Shack tonight after I got home. I had a good day today after stressing about it last week. I even got to Marks for food and it was quite quiet which was great. I wouldn’t have got in otherwise! All stocked up now. Who knows when I will be back there. However, there is no rush! Nice piece of artwork, by the way, and I love Dee’s humming birds. I followed their progress as she was doing them. I didn’t realise until tonight that they were on one of our cards. Enough for today. Cuppa time! Take care. See you tomorrow at 10 a.m. Hx

  13. Love those stamps, I’m pretty sure I have them. Have to play catch up tomorrow as car booked for MOT in the morning. Caught up with the homework so will watch you later. xxx

  14. I love that set and use the poppy stamp often for those cards we all don’t like to have to make.
    After having a wobbly weekend, with a classic melt down on Saturday morning, which I think was due to hormones rather anything else, the Shac put me back into the right head space and have had a productive day.
    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow again.

  15. Hi Barb, a beautiful combination of stamps with that lovely frame and the flower/seed head stamps. Really made my heart smile. Bx

  16. Beautiful . I think I have all the stamps apart from the frame so maybe I’ll treat myself to a browse on the website tomorrow. It’s been a really tough week up here too, but it can only get better x

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