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Thanks for popping in. Pergathursday on HOCHANDA today! Sold out of that lovely new Rose Arch Groovi Plate, designed by Linda Williams. Very nice too!

The Groovi-Pergamano community is certainly growing. I think a lot of crafters and creative people are figuring out just how mindful and relaxing parchment work is – especially using the Groovi system. And there}s no time like the present if you’re wanting to learn a new skillset! Blimey! You’ve certainly got the time!!

Here’s another sample designed by Linda, using the same plate,


but swopping out the roses for the ivy. See? Very clever.

It’s a lovely and relatively simple sample, if I may say so.

The outside frame is done using our nested scallop square extension Groovi Plates.

I just checked, out of curioiusty. Apparently, we have these scallop designs in Oval, Round, Rectangle and Square. Mmmm. Velly intellesting…

The geese are very delicately and gently embossed, to give them that super downy look.

And I particularly like the little embossed garnish in each corner…

A great and versatile design. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, get well soons – the works!!

All in all, a very encouraging day on the TV. This In the garden Series by Linda has certainly hit the spot! Thanks Linda, if you’re reading this ere blog, for all your support, and help keeping Clarity going through rather precarious time.

Time to get back to work. With a skeleton crew at Clarity, those of us there are pedalling double fast!

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Pergalovely…

  1. The Geishas went down well at school today. I couldn’t get the download to print so we started at the very beginning and then they doodled their own patterns. Just caught up with the Pergamano shows. Fab all round.

  2. Love this plate and enjoyed working with it. Coincidentally, I used the round nested scallops yesterday on a sample.

  3. It’s a Beautiful design indeed, I’ve been at work so I shall look forward to catching up over the bank holiday weekend. Take care, stay safe xx

  4. Great programmes etc. Lost concentration today in the shac. I was mesmerised by the annual arrival of the May flies dancing. Very ethereal, ephemeral creatures and so lovely to watch. Will return to my colouring. Lots of love as always for all your hard work.

  5. I love the nested scallops and have used them a lot. I ordered some new embossing tools and the semi circle perforating tool from the new site today. Can’t run to plates at the moment, as I gave my ‘craft’ money to Capt. Tom last week, but will save up again. Take care. Hugs. Annette. X

  6. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you are all keeping safe and well.
    Did not get chance to catch the shows today but will catch up later. Love the inspiration on the site all beautiful as you can see using part of different plates can change a picture all lovley.
    I love the the new site planned out great , can find all the things so easy.
    You do look after us all in these difficult times.
    Hugs to all.
    Lynn xx

  7. I do like the garden series and that new plate has dropped into my basket. As you say plenty of time to use it at the moment. Shows were very good today, xx

  8. What beautiful samples from this new plate. I have ordered it and already have Linda’s other plates. Love the way they mix and match. Managed to watch both shows today.Lovely relaxing 2 hours.
    The new Pergamano site looks great. Glad more people are getting in the groove and parching, it is such a beautiful craft.
    Thanks for the reminder on how to elongate the rectangles. I tried this with the ovals this afternoon – it worked a treat. Now I’ve done it I won’t forget how !!!
    Cheers 🍒🍒🍒

  9. Hi there, As predicted, Linda’s plate fell into my basket today! It was really overcast this morning so a girl has to cheer herself up! I had to work this afternoon for something I have on tomorrow morning. However, the sun came out, so once I had finished, I spent some time sitting in the garden. It was just lovely. Tonight I have been colouring a bit of parchment. I stamped one of the fishermen onto parchment a few days ago and have been playing with that tonight. I need to make some cards so thought I had better get a move on! However, having been playing with colour this week, it took me quite a while to colour what I did but I loved it. I now want to do a bit more of a design around the outside, I think! That might be for another day although it is only 10.15!! The night is young! It’s 10 years today since my mum died but it has been a good day and tomorrow I am going to collect a bouquet of flowers for myself. That will brighten the house for what is forecast to be not such a good weekend! However, that means I can craft!! Enjoyed the demos today. Take care. Hx

  10. Dear Barbara. Enjoyed this morning just watched, but I love these mornings, it is lovely having a friend visit and enjoy your tales of your life. You certainly are working hard to help everyone. Hope your Dad had a good birthday, I enjoyed mine. Must get down to sending my order, had money to spend. I didn’t manage the shows but have them recorded. Hope you have a rest this weekend. Xxxx

  11. Loved the shows today and have ordered the plate plus other things from Clarity. Grateful for this mornings colouring tricks I believe we will all be excellent at colouring by the time you’ve finished. Look forward to tomorrow’s SHAC Shack with you. Love Pam xxx

  12. Hello Barb, all Linda’s designs are fab, and this sample really shows them off. Happy People out there. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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