Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. I hope you are safe and enjoying some sunshine? Spent a good portion of the day in the garden, as prescribed. Listened to a book, started a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, watched the birds. Stepped away from the business for a day.

You just can’t see the spot you’re standing on, can you? As my Dad always says, you have to be on the outside of the goldfish bowl looking in, not swimming around.

I deliberately steered my thinking away from Clarity. Deliberately blocked it all for a day. Not that it’s crashing or anything; we’re keeping going. But if you just keep your nose to the grindstone non stop, what else do you see? In fact, I remember we used to make a great verse stamp. Let me see if I can find it…

If your nose is close to the grindstone

And you hold it there long enough

In time you’ll say

there’s no such thing

As brooks that babble and birds that sing.

These three will all your life compose:

Just you, the stone and your poor old nose.

So engrossed was I in the jigsaw, that I almost forgot to blog!

Anyway, in keeping with the rest of the zen day, I thought I’d do a little colouring in, just chillax a bit….

I used Cherry Green’s Fantastic Heart Doodleology Stampset,

coloured it in with Polychromos – and then chopped up the large panel, to make a few smaller cards.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll smooth out the pencil work and blend it with some Dorso oil.

Until then, be safe

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

30 thoughts on “Doodleology…

  1. Funny. I finally did a cheat version of the heart doodle today using this stamp. No colour though as the prompt for the tag was Shades of Grey. Glad you had a day away from shop thoughts. Stay safe.

  2. Just what you needed I should think ‘me ‘ time especially as you are not doing your pottery. But judging from the comments you have been missed. Thank you for all your hard work (and the Clarity team) you have really helped us. Take care and be safe.

  3. These were the first stamps I purchased from Clarity. Couldn’t believe how thick the stamps were, and the detail is amazing. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with them. Not difficult to color in, but they look fabulous when you are done. I like the notion of cutting the big panels apart. Looks fabulous.

    First nice day in a week here, even weeding was a pleasure. It really helps to be out in the sun. Glad you took the time to relax.

  4. I think it does everyone good to do something completely different for the day. The last few weeks have been different for everyone but for those juggling working from home along with running the home/schooling etc it is even more important to switch off for a while. This is where the doodling has helped a lot of people & the artwork that has shown up on Facebook is absolutely amazing. So thank you Barbara for leading us down the doodling pathway but glad you to managed to have a relaxing day doing something different as well.

  5. Glad to hear you was in your garden today and did things you like to do.
    I’m enjoying your doodling weekdays, but didn’t do much myself….
    Did make other cards for the birthday of friends.
    Sunny Sunday and take care and stay save and healthy .
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  6. Glad you had a relaxing day, away from the pressure. Try to do the same tomorrow and enjoy some time with Dave. See you on Monday. Hugs. Annette X

  7. Hi Barbara, lookes great. I just found the stamp bundle in my SHAC today. I am going to use your idea tomorrow. Thank you.
    Love the doodles hours (Got to no.7).

  8. So glad you took time for yourself and made these lovely cards.
    We did a bit of doodling today but still a lot to catch up on.
    Decided to clear out the cupboard under the stairs this afternoon and found a box at the very back. On opening it we found loads of craft stuff (not Clarity) left over from my old craft workshops plus quite a few demo cards. It was like a mini treasure chest. Had great fun sorting it all out, getting rid of the rubbish and putting the good stuff away. All tidy now and a nice stack of finished cards for the charity shop when it re-opens. A very happy day.😊😊😊
    Hope everyone is keeping well.
    Love to all 🍒🍒🍒

  9. Hi Barb, glad you found peace today in your garden and activities. I too have a 1000 piece puzzle on the go just don’t ask me for how long… It’s an impossible puzzle, but it’s relaxing to me…!!! It was a warm sunny day here too, and happy to report that folk here seem to be back to mainly sticking to the rules which is good. It seems to have coincided with Nicola Sturgeon treating us as the intelligent adults we are and being honest and upfront with us, giving folk the incentive to keep it up in the shorter term so we can get out of it earlier in the longer term. I even managed a teeny tiny wee bit of craft today, it’s a start. And now I’m singing along to songs of the 70s on telly!

    I think the penny has just dropped as to the usefulness of these doodleology stamps, the quick efective cards they can make. And the crafting when got no mojo you can do with them…!!! Maybe I need to investigate…

    I hope you have another enjoyable and peaceful day tomorrow. Love you xxx

    1. Hi Brenda, I think we’ve both been singing sounds of the 70’s at the same time! Very glad to hear that you have been relaxing today.

      1. Hi Brenda, it was hits that reached number 2 earlier today, hope you were singing along?!!! xx (It’s so weird to see someone else called Brenda, I’ve lived most of my life being the only one… Not a common name up here in Scotland.)

  10. Great minds think alike – I had a play with my Doodleology stamps today as well. First time I’d used the large stamp from the square set. I spent a lovely couple of hours on Zoom this afternoon, crafting with a friend. Not quite the same as being together, but good enough

  11. I’m glad you had a nice day. We spent it in the garden, I’ve read, pottered, read, pottered, did a dog walk this morning, penned Friday’s first doodle scene, thought about Groovi projects, did crossword with hubby sat in garden of course, promptly stopped as Mikey cat decided he wanted to join in so sat on it! That crossword lasts us all week then we hand it over to Lima next door to fill in the bits we give up on. I’ve got a jigsaw on go but haven’t had time to do it in last few days, so much to do, think about – I really don’t know how I’m going to manage ‘normal’ again ! Thanks so much for what you’re doing for us ! Oh and my postcards arrived today, together with the cats in the chair groovi plates that fell of the shelves ….. x x

  12. Glad you were out in the sunshine. I had a lovely day earlier in the week doing the balloon again and starting the heart. I was so relaxed I’m now five sessions behind again! Still, I enjoyed Twelfth Night from the National Theatre and Love Never Dies from Sir Andrew, so not totally lost days.

  13. So glad you made some time for yourself today in the garden and doing stamping and a jigsaw. Just what the doctor ordered. My Niece and her husband rang to see if they could visit, they only live just over a mile away, we sat in the garden observing our social distancing, it was a lovely surprise. I so miss seeing our family. I like the idea of cutting up the doodleology stamps up to make smaller cards. I must admit to not having used my stamps yet. Love that verse, I didn’t know you’d made a stamp of it. I have done a couple of 1000 piece jigsaws since the lock down started, now doing some wooden ones 250 tiny pieces, they fit on a tray so can have it on my lap. Hope you manage to relax again tomorrow with Dave. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  14. Glad you have had a restful day, you deserve it. Make sure you do the same tomorrow. I have been enjoying the SHACK most days, sometimes not managing to find it in time. One day I just sat and watched and listened to you, lovely.
    I did try today, not very good though, But I have seen that tree, as I have been to Carmel several times. Later spent time in the garden weeding, and enjoying all the shrubs and plants as they start growing. So enjoying this lovely sunshine, all this week, just the wind was cold to start. I live in Bury, Manchester.

  15. Glad you enjoyed your “day off” Barbara. It’s amazing how much time you can lose doing a jigsaw. We have done quite a few recently as we have been confined in the house since the beginning of January due to my husband’s ill health so lock down did not come as too much of a shock for us. He is slowly recovering so hopefully by the time some of the restrictions are lifted he will be fit enough to go out again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend & make the most of the nice weather. I look forward to 10.00am Monday!! Xx

  16. Had to share this, hoping someone reads it! Spent most of day cleaning kitchen cupboards. Then after tea, dinner, supper my buddy put on his work big projection screen. Peter and the wolf – wait for itv- full Pete Tong concert. What a night. Dancing, drinking and having fun . Best wishes b

  17. Glad that you have a had a day just for you. I did miss my daily doodle session though, as it is so much part of the routine just now.
    This afternoon I had a zoom with some of the craftaholics anonymous girls for a wee catch up. About half of us are doing the daily doodle, which is lovely knowing we are crafting together.
    I have been thinking through a pattern for a quilt I am going to make for my daughter’s new brother in law who was born on Thursday night. Really want new baby cuddles, but will need to be patient! He looks so cute in the photos I have seen so far. We have also been busy in the garden this afternoon, catching up with fence painting and hubbie has even made temporary repairs to greenhouse floor, which had wrotten through. The weather has been brilliant for the last couple of weeks and it’s has given us opportunity to get garden looking good. Just wish that garden centres were open so I could get more plants, not just the dozens of tomato seedlings I am growing and some sunflowers.

  18. Hi Barb,
    I’m really pleased that you stepped away from Clarity for the day. By the sound of it, you have enjoyed it too. It has been another lovely day here, especially this afternoon. I sat on the patio practising my ukulele very quietly so as not to disturb my neighbours! I managed Scarborough Fair today so pleased with that! I’ve used the doodleology stamps quite a lot , especially the small square one – makes a lovely 5×5 card when mounted. Great for men cards too. Have another work free day tomorrow, sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  19. Lovely glad you had a nice relaxing day xxxx
    Love the stamps, lookin forward to the colouring on Monday xxx hugs Julie xxx

  20. Hi Barbara
    That’s exactly what I am going to do today.
    Just sit in my small garden and listen to the birds and read a mag or a book and forget the horror of this pandemic You take care and stay safe 🤗

  21. Hello Barb, I think you have just spurred me to get my puzzle out and finish it. But before that have to help hubby with some painting, repot some basil, and do some tidying. Mmmm, love the stamps, may fall into my basket at some point. Take care and stay safe everyone. Try enjoy the weather, and nature. Bx

  22. You have my curiousity now. I’ve never heard of Dorso oil. I’m in Canada so maybe a different product name here.

  23. Glad you managed to chillax for the day Barbara and a puzzle can really get addictive, once started you don’t want to stop. I love what you did with the pretty stamped doodles …gorgeous! x

  24. Well, this has answered a question for me – I didn’t know if the dorso oil could be used with my polychromos on card. I guess it can! So that and the blending pen has gone on my wish list. Glad you’ve had a day off. I’m working from home and the days blend into each other. I try to keep the weekends work free, to have a break and a change, and to keep track of what day it is!

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