Shopping List? Gratitude List!

Shopping List? Gratitude List!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Been quite a day at Clarity Towers, I must say! Being a boss is hard right now; having to make calls I’d rather not. But there we have it – that’s my job today. Wouldn’t want Boris Johnson’s job right now – that’s for sure. Tomorrow something else will happen, and we will respond again. It’s not what happens, but how we respond, that will ultimately affect us. The team knows we’ll be ok if we row the boat together – and so that’s what we’re doing! It’s rough out there though – time to hunker down together.

Thing is, we have to calm down. All this panic makes you panic !! So in a minute, I shall go indoors, put the kettle on, light a candle, and stop for a minute. Time to reflect on the day, and calm it Kermit!

Then I shall write a Gratitude List. I shall list 5 things I am grateful for. Been doing this for many years, and it works – it really does.

Starts with: I have a roof over my head.

Try it, go on. Make a brew, get a piece of paper and a pen, light a candle, and then write down 5 things in your life for which you are grateful. When you’ve come up with 5, write another 5. By then you should be feeling the benefits of positive thinking!

It’s interesting, isn’t it. We live in a society of More More More. More money, more profit, more things, more shoes, more clothes, more sales, more holidays, more wealth. MORE everything. Then life throws us a crazy curve ball, and we have to look this MORE MACHINE square in the eye and say, NO MORE!

Suddenly we are primarily concerned with basic survival. The GDP doesn’t interest us in the least – in fact, most folks don’t even know what it stands for!

Actually, what does it stand for? I know, I know : Gross Domestic Product. Whatever. But what else? Come on! Groovi something? Good Deeds Please?

Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, I hope you are ok. I hope you are safe and warm and healthy.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

Tomorrow let’s do a little crafting together. You pick. Stamps or Parchment?

48 thoughts on “Shopping List? Gratitude List!

  1. Hi Barb
    I for one would be going stir crazy if it wasn’t for my craft !
    See you on the other side –
    Luv ya karen smithxxxx

  2. Stamps please. Tomorrow school will be closing. Not sure whether I’ll be needed to help with vuknerable/children of key workers or not. It will be a weird day. Don’t envy the Head at all at this time. Stay safe.

    1. My granddaughter has accepted that she has to go to school as both parents are essential people. When it was explained that if she and her sister went to school, they would be helping the country, she asked if she could have a medal. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

      1. Oh that’s so sweet. Think her parents definitely deserve a medal just like all the other essential people. Take care and stay happy and healthy.

  3. Groovi done perfectly
    Gone doolally perhaps. ( I think this one sums up the people who are stockpiling goods especially things like toilet rolls without consideration to others) xx

  4. Thank you for keeping us together and calming us down. I went out to buy Weetabix this morning as we had run out, and I was shocked at the state of the shop. If only the rest of the population knew a bout Clarity and weren’t panicking!
    I admit I did do some stock piling today. I decided to stock up on thread for sewing the quilts I want to do if I get stuck in. However, I did leave plenty behind for others to choose. The man on the tills was very surprised at how expensive the thread was as I was buying the 1000m reels of Guterman. Just don’t think I will need to buy thread for a very long time!
    I between sewing I will be using my new clarity stencils to create backgrounds for my easter cards.

    1. I’ve always used gutterman thread I buy direct it comes in individual sealed packet the price is good..
      My inner piece is stamps

  5. How about a compromise and stamps on the beautiful Groovi designer parchment?

    My 5 things.
    Noel and his partner
    Warm, comfy home
    Food in the cupboard
    And hobbies that take the mind away from negatives
    I can think of a whole lot more!

  6. I was going to do housework but it’s so overrated so it’s bank to making Groovi cards. I love making them knowing it gives a bit of pleasure to others.
    Can we have Groovi please.
    You stay safe Barbara & Dave xxxxx

  7. GDP ? Great Designer People of course.
    Five things I am grateful for ?
    1. Being alive
    2. Having a loving husband
    3. Having a roof over my head, paid in full
    4. Not rich but no money worries
    5. The Clarity community (keeps me sane)

    When I logged in to Clarity this evening a little box came up in the corner of my screen asking if I needed anything and inviting me to chat. Is this a Clarity prompted thing, in which case it is a good way to keep in touch, or am I being overly cautious in case it is a no no site? Advice please.
    I think stamping and colouring would be nice, especially as this was your first love.
    This lockdown is doing me a power of good. Getting on with lots of jobs, house is sparkling, craft room is tidier than it’s been in a long time, and we start on the conservatory and sheds tomorrow, weather permitting. I’ve also done a lot of die cutting and experimenting snipping elements from the designs. Surprising how many small cards/gift tags can be made from one die cut.
    We are actually feeling good in ourselves at the moment but dreading the Saturday shop. Seems like the shops which are opening early for the aged and infirm are being swamped by greedy gannets who have no consideration for others. Also heard that food deliveries to the homes are being delayed because of the high volume of orders.
    Oh well, this crisis, like most things, will pass and in a few years will be forgotten.
    We will carry on regardless and count our blessings (as well as sheep) before going to sleep.
    Stay well.

    1. The live chat is very much a new Clarity thing! From 8-2 daily you‘ll be speaking to Jeannine or Louise. From 2pm to 7pm it‘ll be Grace From New York xx

  8. I think it’s at times like this we need to be more mindful to look for the silver linings. I know now that I will be in school working with key workers children. One of those key workers may be needed to help someone I know and love so looking after their children will allow them to carry on looking after others. We will get through this, changed for sure, but we get through…one day at a time. XX

  9. Stamps please. The last few days supporting a charity and a parish have been full on. Some crafty downtime would be great. C

  10. I can’t imagine the challenges you are facing but I have a friend who is a florist and she is unlikely to get any flowers delivered next week which means the end of her business for a while. I spent a few hours today making twenty bows to tie round bouquets over the next couple of days. 20 down, 24 to go! Challenging times but causing us all to think outside the box which in itself is no bad thing. I would compromise and say stamp on parchment but creating a picture with stamps would also help as I have lots of stamps and no idea where to begin! The theory for the three way overlay stamps is well embedded but it is creating a picture from individual stamps. I run the risk of repeating myself tonight! Tiring day! Anyway, GDP could mean Generating Deeper Peace which we all need right now. Hope you have a nice big fire on. I’m not long in but about to light mine. Take care. Lots of love from me up here to you down there!

  11. First time I have left a reply anywhere but my choice would definitely be STAMPS. Read the blog every day and enjoy it always. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  12. My gratitude list is
    1. A roof over my head
    2. Food on the table
    3. Budgeting well enough not to be in any debt, (Yes, I know I am lucky)
    4. Good friends
    5. My crafting that has and will continue to get me through

  13. Hi Barb, sorry to hear it’s been a bad day for you. It’s so distressing to see what is happening to people, and I’m not just talking about those who get infected…

    Stamps and colouring in for me, I think, although it’s highly unlikely I could get my head there to join in, so you can disregard my vote.

    There is a huge positive today, for all of us, worldwide. They think they may have cracked it with a treatment for Covid-19, which will reduce the fatality rate, and improve the recovery rate, for those who get the serious illness. It may be able to be rolled out early April.

    Take care Barb, hope tomorrow is a better day, for everyone. Love you xxx

    Karen, and anyone wanting to start doing video calls with their loved ones
    I would suggest the best options are facetime if you have apple devices, and skype for all others. I am basing this on them being developed by Apple, and microsoft, respectively, so in theory should be safer to use than Whatsapp, which is owned by facebook, and has a record of being hacked. Also they claim both of these are easy to use. Plus, you should already have them loaded onto your macs and pcs.

    Facetime is best if you, and the person you are speaking to, has an ipad, iphone, or mac. If it isn’t already on your devices you’ll be able to get it from the apple app store
    here is how to use it

    skype is available for all devices, easy to use interface and is probably already on your pcs.

    whatsapp pc and smart phones
    reviewed as the best free Skype alternative
    check it out here – downloading the app, use this website – (it’s safe), otherwise you’ll get it in your app stores

    For all you budding singers and musicians, here’s something to sign up to do. It’s Gareth Malone setting up a virtual choir, for singers and muscians.
    Alison get practising that ukulele…😉

  14. GDP…
    Gray Does Pottery, her license to play;
    She developed a Groovi Drawing Palette to give us a choice;
    The Groovi Dancing Persons, include Beauty, Charm, Elegance and Grace;
    In a Groovi Dazzling Paradise of our own mindfulness place;
    Groovi Diaphanous Pictures we do create.

  15. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Mine would be Groovi , my neighbour over in our close lives on her own so I found a colouring book which I had not started and found some colouring pencils and posted them through her door with a note to say something to keep you occupied.
    She text me to say that it would keep sane when she sits down after doing her chores.
    Keep safe all.
    Thank you Clarity for all you do for us.
    Lynn xx💖💖💖

  16. GDP…
    Gray Does Pottery, her license to play;
    She developed a Groovi Drawing Palette to give us a choice;
    The Groovi Dancing Persons, include Beauty, Charm, Elegance and Grace;
    In a Groovi Dazzling Paradise of our own mindfulness place;
    Groovi Diaphanous Pictures we do create.

  17. Gorgeous Designer Paper!
    I’m grateful I got through today with my sanity and temper in tact! Who’s idea was it to relocate! A stampy project please. As always thanks for sharing. Much love Jilly xxxxx

  18. Gray Does Perfection!
    Barbara what you and the rest of the Clarity Team are doing at Clarity Towers is certainly making our lives in these strange times a lot easier to cope with! Thanks for providing a creative distraction from the challenges happening around us!
    Maybe a stamping project within a Groovi border on some beautiful designer parchment – keeps everyone happy! That’s what Clarity is all about!

  19. Glad you are a ‘Candle Girl’ Barbara……blue candle for health!
    To all at Clarity…stay well ..stay healthy..much love. xx

  20. Stamps I think for me please. Things I am thankful for definitely include roof over my head, a loving husband, family and friends and a beautiful dog called Luther. Have said many times who needs anything more. Good day today, managed to do a little crafting, a little talking and therefore much less anxious. GDP Groovi Does it Perfectly!

  21. Stamping for me Barbara. How lovely of you to have live chat set up for those who feel in need of some interaction. Isolation can be so depressing and just having a conversation with somebody can turn your mood around. We all have much to be thankful for and I’m sure we are all feeling unsettled and unsure of what life has in store in the next few weeks but everything will calm down eventually and in the meantime you are doing your best to keep us happy an connected. x

  22. I’ll go with what you decide Barb, love both stamps and groovi. Good day today, had a little walk to get my prescription from the pharmacy and started a card. Feeling more positive after hearing we might only have to be self isolated for 3 months. Worked out a plan of what I need to do to pass the time. All at Clarity stay

  23. Stamps please Barbara.

    My grateful are:
    Have a roof over our heads
    A wonderful husband
    Have food in my belly
    Family are well & hunkered down
    We have no extra debt only the mortgage
    Have craft supplies
    YouTube if I need help or inspiration!
    Theres always something new to learn & right now for me that’s crochet.
    We have this blog & the crafting community.

    Stay safe & secure everyone xx

  24. I am very late to the party today (or yesterday, really). Better late than never. Stamps or Groovi? Mmmm! Can’t choose. Love them both. My thankful list –
    1. I have a good roof over my head
    2. I have enough food to keep me ticking over, some of the meals might have to be inventive, but that is just another craft, isn’t it.
    3. Self-isolating so no-one will be visiting so I can really turn out all my craft stuff at once and sort it properly without worrying that unexpected visitors will need to sit down.
    4. Forget the dusting while I am playing with all the things I had forgotten I had during said sort out.
    5. More important than all the above though is my lovely family, who, though they cannot visit are keeping in close touch to make sure I am safe, and so many lovely friends and neighbours.
    The kind and thoughtful people are starting to come to the fore now, taking care of each other. Long may that continue. xxx Maggie. (Silvercrafter)

  25. Hello Barb, there are so many things to be grateful for, like my wonderful hubby, our home, our jobs, food on our table, craft with wonderful companies like Clarity to inspire us and help us be creative, and people who make a difference by caring. Take care all, I am sure we can get through this together, Bx

  26. Choose whatever stamp of Groovi will make you happy Barbara it would be nice for you to make one choice thats just for you when you are having to make so many other important decisions. I think we all like everything you do so would enjoy whatever you choose.
    Hope that every one is keeping safe . This time last week we were getting ready to travel to Gatwick ready for a flight to the Caribbean that was cancelled by text at 1am the following morning. How different the world seems this morning just a week later.
    Lots of uncertainty, it is strange how this seems to be affecting the attitudes of people in such different ways. It is great to be part of this very positive and caring Clarity community more so now than ever.
    I am very grateful for that

  27. In this uncertain world, there is still much to be grateful for. I think I may plan a page for my journal.
    Stamps please, Barbara x
    Stay safe everyone xx

  28. Dear Barb – thank you for the positive input – sorely needed. I’ve just re-arranged the freezer and we are going to be eating some odd food combinations – so far, the butcher is still OK so it’s back to eggs, milk, cheese and bread. If we can get those things, we WILL manage (not sure about the cat though!)
    Will you do stamps please.
    Love to you and Dave (and all of your lovely staff)
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  29. GDP…..Goodness does Prevail
    I think my 5 things are
    1. Colin
    2. Amy & Matty
    3. A warm safe home
    4. Having a hobby I love
    5. Being alive

    And I actually could have carried on the list after spending a little time thinking about things I am grateful for. I now concentrate on something positive before I go to bed and this has helped me have a very restful sleep over the last few nights which has been a massive improvement on several weeks of not sleeping well. It’s surprising how that can make a difference too!
    As for whether I would like stamps or groovi….I don’t mind in the slightest…as long as it’s creative and you enjoy what you do it’s fine by me.
    I hope that today is a positive one for all… Stay safe and healthy.
    Love and hugs to everyone. xxx

  30. morning all. I’m very thankful for all my friends that I’m connected with online and for the crafting world, which together with my faith keep me grounded. Not looking forward to the alarm going off at 6am on Monday when I go back to work! having a crafty day today, and hoping to still make time each week for a bit of crafting therapy amidst the onslaught.
    Sunday is Mothering Sunday, one of the Christian church’s main festivals. There won’t be any church services and so the Archbishop of Canterbury has asked people to light a candle and place it in their window on Sunday evening as an act of community.

  31. Stamps please Barbara, something Springlike, to cheer us all, as spring begins tomorrow.
    There’s a pheasant on my bird table, there’s a queue waiting for him to jump down – a wood pigeon, pair of blackbirds, our robin and a variety of tits, all on the shrubs and trellis round about. It really is special to watch, even the dogs are mesmerised!
    Thanks to all at Clarity,
    Brenda x

  32. “It’s interesting, isn’t it. We live in a society of More More More. More money, more profit, more things, more shoes, more clothes, more sales, more holidays, more wealth. MORE everything. Then life throws us a crazy curve ball, and we have to look this MORE MACHINE square in the eye and say, NO MORE!”
    Did you read that out loud? Did you realise that is exactly what you have been doing? More, more, more and even more… over the last years… you obviously can’t get enough. So maybe you stop wanting more and more and more.. how about that?
    Think about that.

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