It’s the little things…

It’s the little things…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. What a week of turmoil, eh. I do hope you are warm, dry and safe.

We’ve been ploughing through the new factory like locusts, getting everything in place, ready to start business over in the new place Monday.

It is really coming together now, and tomorrow I shall take a few pics to show you the progress. It is so exciting, all being in the same building, all moving together as a team and building our new camp. I love my little office too!

Some things you don’t figure out till you’re in the building, right? For example, the sun blazes through the windows on the left side of the building early in the morning, then swings round to the right side in the afternoon. And there are lots of big beautiful windows! Makes it quite hard to work when you can’t see the screen for squinting! So we let our fingers do the buying – and 13 sets of white Venetian blinds are being delivered tomorrow. The power of the internet, eh? Now we just need Dapper Dave to hang them! He’s handy with a drill, and he loves a bit of DIY, don’t you dear….

We moved the design department over this afternoon. The arty crowd! They basically loaded their Apple Macs into their cars and drove across town! Brother Steve said he’d move all the desks over first thing tomorrow morning. There is however, a little fly in the desk-moving ointment… When we installed them in the old building a few years ago, we hadn’t converted the barn next door into a huge, Groovi plate-acrylic-etching-Laser-mean-machine-factory! At that time we had just hoisted them up through the roller shutter doors and carted them in. In the meantime, we’ve built a window and door where the roller shutter is – now it’s way too tight to get them all out the same way they came in. So. Will it be the old take the window out to get the 3-piece suite in the living room trick? Or does Steve have another bright idea? We shall see….Either way, I know that he will get the job done. He is brilliant.

It’s ironic that just at such a critical point in Clarity business, when we are relocating, investing in new machinery, revving up and growing up, the world is in complete turmoil.

But it is what it is. This too shall pass, all of it – everything does. We will do our level best to keep going and do the next right thing. That’s all anybody can do.

I shall sit down this evening and rustle up a little crafty plan for us all; a little diversion and entertainment over the coming weeks. If we’re going to stay indoors, we may as well get arty crafty ! If I could afford it, I’d go buy a wheel and a kiln !!! But I can’t. Not just now. Next year maybe…

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. I bet you can’t wait to see it all finished. Hope all goes well tomorrow and have a very happy birthday!
    Hugs and very best wishes. Annette X

  2. Hi Barb,
    Oh, it’s dead exciting isn’t it? I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos. I bet you’re really pleased that you have a Dave and a Steve who are so useful! I learnt many years ago that if I wanted something doing in the house, it was easier to do it myself or get someone in to do it! My Dave ,God love him, is not a DIY man at all! I’m still waiting for my kitchen skirting boards to be painted – 3 years since the kitchen was installed!! Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  3. We all just have to take each moment as it comes. Plans are basically out of the window and we are all “winging it”. As far as I can see, we each have to make our own decisions to suit our circumstances. So the first time for years, my year was planned out. Now things are back to my normal making it up as we go along. At least I don’t have to take windows out to move furniture. I do have one cupboard which was put together in the conservatory but now needs to move upstairs to make better use of it. Fortunately, I do have my own Steve, who will hopefully help with the moving. Meanwhile, Barb, take the opportunity to use what would have been the NEC to let your poor neck recover properly. Even if we can’t all meet up in person, we can maintain our lovely friendships online for now. Take care every one. Keen calm and keep crafting. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  4. The new premises will be great, so much more space for you. Hope the postie is still delivering to the old address as that is where I have sent your Birthday card. Think I have made my plans to get through the next few weeks. They will not be easy and so many events will probably have to be missed but rather that than the alternative. I shall have a good time later in the year. xx

  5. Aint life grand? They say every cloud has a silver lining and it is so true. The NEC was cancelled👎 but we have your little diversions to look forward to.👍 Also it has taken some of the pressure off so you can be more involved in the move. Our car was written off while sitting on our drive 👎 but the new one is just my cup of tea 👍. I could go on………
    Just read Grace’s post on Clarity Matters. What great photos, the happiness just shines out of them.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  6. The thought of Steve having to remove the window to get the desks out made me smile, took me to thinking about some of the antics they got up to in the silent movies back in the day. Look forward to hearing what the solution was !!.
    Are you going to have a grand opening on Monday morning for the new building?
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, where has that year gone to? doesn’t seem that long since I came to see you at the NEC with my folding box of paper flowers. Hope you get time to celebrate x

  7. A wheel and a kiln at home…. You’d get no work done at all!! Lol. I’m glad the move is coming together, even although it’s presenting you with the odd little challenge. If Steve fails, you’re a dab hand with a screwdriver so it’ll all be alright on the night, as they say! Looking forward to seeing the photos tomorrow. I’ve got to start back to work in the morning!! At least I work from home and with a cold, I’ll not be doing any visiting any time soon so being eased back in gently. Lots to think about in my job, too, with coronavirus on the move. I suspect there will be some things we will have to stop until it has passed. However, most things seem to be continuing as normal up here. We’ll see how long that lasts! Anyway, hope you have a fun evening planning lots of things to keep us occupied. Hope the move goes well over the next 24/48 hours and that Dave spoils you just a wee bit tomorrow. Take care. Hx

  8. Hi Barbara
    I’m playing catch up again, been one of those weeks, such a shame about the NEC but understandable under the circumstances. The new building is looking great, I’m looking forward to the guided tour you will give us next week. Oh I did chuckle at the tables and the way they are going to get out of the building, why is the Bernard Cribbins song, Right Said Fred springing to mind 😂. Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and good luck with the move.
    Love Diane

  9. Hope all the moves keep going smoothly -it’s no small operation you’re all undertaking, and my hat’s off to you for keeping the business going with lots of new products launching as well. Looming forward to seeing the photos once it’s all done. Wishing you a very happy birthday for tomorrow – enjoy your day 😍

  10. Hi Barb, first of all ” Happy Birthday ” for tomorrow, thank you once again for putting a positive vibe on things, makes me do the same, lots to be thankful for, family, friends, FB friends, Groovi, I could go on, reminds me of an old hymn, ” count your blessings ” – stay safe everyone, let’s all look out for each other ♥️

  11. Looks like coming together nicely so exciting to se finished building all snuggled in and working. Hope all goes well all gets done in record time to rest up a bit this weekend xx

  12. Sitting here smiling at the desk predicament puts me in mind if moving my son and daughter-in-law into their first little house. Some kind person had donated a 3-piece suite, the chairs went in a treat the sofa was an entirely different matter and we got it wedged in the hallway!!! To make matters worse a traffic warden stands behind son as he’s working up a sweat with said sofa Saying “you’ll have to move the van else I giving you a ticket”I will leave the response to your imagination!!!! Hope the desks prove a tad easier. Good luck xx
    PS the sofa never did get into the house!!!!

  13. Hello Barb, and a Very Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a lovely day and maybe get to celebrate in the new building with the staff that have moved over. I am sure Steve will work something out, and come Monday it will be all in place. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and I am sure whatever you plan for the stay at home and craft movement will be brilliant. Take care all. Bx

  14. Have a lovely’s my daughters birthday today as well and she was born on Friday 13th and she has two black cats.Hope the move goes well.If we do have to stay at home at least l have my Groovi.Stay well and safe.x

  15. Happy Birthday Barbara, and I hope the move goes smoothly! You won’t know yourselves with a new zippy internet and Wi-Fi!!

  16. Hope you’ve had a lovely birthday. Good luck with the move. I have phoned the spa and Jeannine to transfer my parchment retreat space and room to October , very wise decision in present conditions xx

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