I’m addicted!!!

I’m addicted!!!

Hi there,

Greetings from the Clarity SHAC-Shack! Thanks for popping in. I hope you are safe and well. This Corona Virus is certainly a game changer. Boy oh boy. Words fail me – and that doesn’t happen often! I’ve stopped obsessing about watching the news – it really serves no purpose. I just get anxious, and despondent. Much better to focus on what I can do to help. Which is keep Clarity going, make sure the team are safe and ok, and keep you lovely people company, so that you don’t isolate in your isolation. Far more constructive than being glued to the news and watching devastation 24/7.

Day 3 since I came home to work remotely, and I’m spinning like always. No sooner have we made a plan, than the goal posts move and we have to rethink things! But it’s ok. I have an awesome – blimming brilliant – band of merry men and women at Clarity, who are 100% invested in keeping things going.

Did you receive the letter we sent out this afternoon? About our Live Facebook and Youtube Streaming this coming Monday morning at 10 am? If not, please check your spam box, or send me your email address to barbara@claritystamp.com, and we will get you signed up to the emails and Clarity newsletters which will keep you updated with what we have lined up to keep you smiling and occupied during these challenging days.

Speaking of entertaining, did you see Sam Crowe’s TV shows this morning on HOCHANDA at 8am and 12 noon? She did so well getting those tapes over to air so quickly. And I tell you this: it ain’t easy. To sit alone in your artroom and do a full blown mixed media demo in 5 minutes, on your Jack, with nobody to bounce off. Hats off Sam. Stellar performance.

Thank heaven we made plenty before we closed down stamp production! You clearly liked what Sam did too !! So dear Paul – he who is beavering away at Clarity Towers picking and packing – has got his work cut out for him Monday!!

In fact, as I was watching Sam, I got the bug too. Decided to have a play with these stamps myself, just to switch off and clear the old tired head.

Blimey! When you look at them, there’s sooooo much to play with!! Lovely Lou Withers was right when she called in to the Hochanda studio to rave about them. There is so much scope!! It’s absurd! Look!!!

4 sets, of stamps with 2 stencils each. Available individually, or as a big bundle. Mix n match essentials. For everybody. Mixed Media, messy art, clean art, kids, beginners, fine artists, graphic designers. Anybody. Brilliant.

I will show you what I did. It’s pretty basic, but then I did this to clear my head and send you an uplifting message. Like a wellbeing exercise, not a mental exertion exercise!

The background is just a Gelpress-scrap. Or should I say print? Pick one from your stash…

Now. This next step may seem a little extravagant, but it’s not. It is really key and intelligent – even if I say so myself!

I attached the whole A4 copy paper print to an A4 double-sided adhesive sheet. Trimmed the ends, then chopped it up into one 4×4 inch piece, one slightly larger, which will wrap round a 4×4 canvas board too, still leaving a couple of larger pieces for Ron. (Later on!)

Now I have a super stash of ready to use print backgrounds. I took on board what Sam said about cutting the piece to size before she starts. Makes total sense.

If you don’t mind, I will step up the rerst of this little piece tomorrow, as a photo step by step. Got to call my parents and get some food now.

We have introduced a new thing which I KNOW you will love, and this is another reason to get you signed up to our Emailing system if you aren’t already. After every TV show, we are going to send out a SPOTLIGHT Email with a lovely art gallery, showcasing what’s being highlighted on the day. It’s just a way of sending you inspiration and a little colour with love xxx

Check out the first Spotlight Gallery here

Right. Time to stop.

Stay safe, stay positive, keep crafting. Get out of your head and get with your hands. It works. It really does.

Love & Hugs

Barb xx

24 thoughts on “I’m addicted!!!

  1. Hi Barb, I’ve got Sam’s shows recorded to hopefully watch later. I have this whole bundle of stamps,which is a big compliment as I don’t often buy whole bundles! Not used them yet, but keep looking at them hoping an idea will spring to mind. Mind you that will require me actually crafting too, which is proving elusive these days. A piece of paper and a pen doesn’t sound scary though, sounds doable…!!!

    I love what you have done with these stamps too.

    This Facebook live thingy from Monday. I’ll try to be ready for 10 am, and try to join in. I really need to, I’m totally cut off from people here, even by my standards, and I’m feeling it. I need help someone please. I don’t know what to do for a Facebook live thingy. How do I do it? I do have a Facebook page, which I guess helps!!! Thanks.

    I hope you can manage to find some escape, even for just a wee bit, this weekend. Love you xxx

  2. Sam did amazing today! Amazing shows.
    Now I have got all my clarity stamps properly organised I will have a go at some of her ideas with Leonie’stamps as I don’t have Sam’s yet. It will be my next order, once life is back to normal!

  3. I love these stamps and they are on my list, they’re really stamps and stencils for everyone ! Trouble is shares have gone down so I’m being good at the moment ! Thanks for the lovely letter and uplifting words and look forward to the live Facebook next week, must remember to pick up ipad as I’ve been ignoring it as much as I can during the daytime. Like you, I’m avoiding the news and only catching up once a day. The gallery is great ! X

  4. Will be with you on Monday Barbara, really looking forward to it. You are right this is a scary time for everyone and we all need something to take us away from it at least once a day.I have started doing a daily journal of different things I have been doing during the day, not always very exciting I know but using stamps and groovi it brings it to life,and most importantly it makes me feel better about life at the moment. Take care of yourself.

  5. Sam did brilliant loved her demos wonderful can feel temptation coming cannot go out so guess May fall and buy really hard sing news cause all time all over FB. Can get quiet Depressing try to keep up beat so scary though how quick it’s spreading. Looking forward to Monday must set reminder thanks Barbara and Sam for today xxx

  6. Getting out of your head and crafting with your hands absolutely works. After a very stressful phone call last night (work related!), my head was completely in overdrive. Stepped aside, grabbed ‘Charlotte’ and embossed and pierced till far too late/early! However, it worked and today was another day. Thanks, Barb, for all you are doing for us and for yourself, I hope! I can’t promise to be dressed by 10 but you won’t see me so that’ll be ok! Take care of yourself and relax a bit over the weekend, if you can. Lots of love. Hxx

  7. Thank you so much for the gallery! Usually I go to Hochanda rewind and do screen shots of the examples, but this is so much better. Thanks also for streaming on Youtube as well as Facebook.
    Sam is a trooper. Having to figure out how to film and edit a video presentation is no easy task in the best of times, and she had virtually no notice.
    So glad Hochanda is allowed to keep running. I’ve been turning too it a lot these past few days. The presenters always make me smile.

  8. Loved the email today and the idea for a craft a long, will have to lock my husband in the study so I can go up to my craft room to play. It’s really restricting having him home, he can see just how much play time I have when he’s at work!

  9. Although these stamps are not for me I love what you and others have done with them.
    Got the newsletter today. I am very interested in what you may be doing with a micron pen and paper on Monday. I have never been on facebook so will have to get hubby to give me a lesson. He is the tech guru – I’m a bit of a dinosaur!!! I can manage Youtubes though.
    It’s been another beautiful day here today, and now the conservatory roof is clean the light just sparkles and it is great to work in there. The light is perfect for water colouring the toppers I atamped recently. Hopefully doing these will encourage me to get out the big easel and do a proper painting as it has been a whilesince I last did one.
    Our butcher delivered a big box of goodies for us yesterday to last us 4 weeks but no milk or bread so will have to brave the local shop tomorrow. I’m not worried for me, I’m a tough old bird, but I am concerned for the OH as he has heart and chest problems. Doesn’t stop him cracking jokes though. Twice today I’ve laughed my socks off and my ribs ache🤣🤣🤣
    Thank you for all you are doing to keep us happy and smiling.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  10. Hi Barbara, looking forward to being with you on Monday at 10.00am.
    As you said if I keep looking at the news, it would keep me awake all night and my mind would be in a whirl.
    Glad you are doing a U tube on picot cutting, home back to groovi for a while to slow me down.
    As I say I must try harder, so looking forward to that.
    Looking forward to the New Groovi plates on the 2nd of April.
    Love my me groovi cat map plate, looking forward to more.
    Look after yourselves and your team.
    Hugs , Lynn xx💖

  11. Thanks for the email earlier, I did send a reply which Jeannine very kindly answered. Will be there with my pen & paper on Monday 10am – looking forward to seeing what you have lined up for us.
    Loving the videos that Sam & Maria have done as well – so many things to have a go at that there is no time to be bored or distracted by the news.
    I did have a bit of a tidy up this afternoon in my craft room – trying to finish projects & use up some of the bits of paper & card in my bit box to clear a space so I can do some more messy crafting. Found the Joy stamp that I was looking for to stamp out some images to send to my granddaughters to colour in but also found the Best Wishes stamp that I now have 2 of as I bought another one in the last sale. Teach me to be a bit more organised.
    Hope you manage to have some down time this weekend – Stay safe & keep crafting everyone xx

  12. Awww I will be at work on Monday but I will catch up when I get home. Sounds fun though. Really enjoying all the FB lives with different people all keeping us going. Have a good weekend. Stay safe. Xx

  13. Hi everyone. Am planning to watch Sam’s shows on catch up tomorrow – haven’t got these stamps, but they are on my wish list. Facebook live is a great idea Barbara – sadly I’ll be at work, but will hopefully be able to catch up with it in the evening. I had a day off today, and spent the afternoon crafting with my friend. Before everyone shouts that I should have stayed at home, we did it over a great videoconferencing website I’ve been introduced to called Zoom. we usually craft at her dinging room table, sitting opposite each other, so this time we were still facing each other but via our laptops! it really felt like we were together for the afternoon. Hope everyone is keeping well

  14. So I’ve returned to FB watched Sam live at o my dark 30 very cool. This format suits me because the demonstration was uninterrupted. Looking forward to your week day live spots. Cool. Sending love. Debby

  15. Love these stamps, I used them for a Valentine’s card for hubby, took forever as I was trying to work out how to do a never ending card with them. Can we post our efforts on Facebook, don’t use it that often so will look tomorrow. I love the fact that these stamps mean every card is a one-off. Beyond excited for live session on Monday, will be there, pen and paper at the ready. To me it is like the up to date version of the schooling they used to do for the children in the out back in Australia. As a child that always seemed so cool to do your schooling over the radio. Monday’s never seemed to be something to look forward to before Barb TV. Have a chilled weekend. Karen xxx

  16. I can hardly believe all that you are doing for us to keep us busy and positive and not feel so isolated, you are so thoughtful, kind and amazing giving your time up for us all, thank you so much and for my email this morning. I’m hoping it will be possible to see Monday mornings class later on in the day on facebook, I wouldn’t want to miss it altogether. It’s just that I’ll be at the hospital on Monday morning. Going to catch up on Sam tomorrow, looking forward to that. Take care everyone and stay safe.xxx

  17. Thank you for keeping us all company Barbara 😄
    I don’t always comment, but I visit on a daily basis to read your blog and all the comments from our little Clarity community. 💕
    Stay safe and well everyone xxx

  18. Hi Barb, Sam’s shows were entertaining and inspiring, love all the ideas, and her quick slight of had with the tag, when you pretend you did not see that comment really made me laugh. Love the look of your scraps, thanks to you and all the team for keeping us interested. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  19. Since your 10 am is 4 am here in Arizona, I’m going to have to watch you after it’s over, but at least I can still be part of whatever you get into. Love Sam and everything she does!

  20. I had to record the shows, but really enjoyed watching Sam in action. I appreciate the spotlight gallery too – great inspiration. Not sure I will be able to join the FB live, but hope to catch up when I can afterwards.

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