I Escaped !

I Escaped !

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Many thanks for all the kind Birthday wishes, cards and gifts yesterday. Didn’t feel like Friday 13th at all to me !!! Mind you, this Corona Virus is starting to gather momentum.

Frightening, isn’t it. It’s certainly getting very serious close to home now. Like the expert said on the news this evening, we have to take responsibility for ourselves, not rely on the government for the answers. Just because the Government hasn’t shut down museums and galleries yet, I can still decide for myself whether a trip up to London to see the Picasso exhibit at the Royal Academy is necessary – tickets or no tickets. My personal decision? No way. YMBFK. Like the other expert said on the news this evening, reduce the number of people you come into contact with by 50% and you reduce the potential number of times you could be infected by 50%. Do you really have to be a PhD to work that out?

It is interesting how people are reacting to the outbreak. Me? I have started Spring Cleaning the house! Spent the entire day with Charles Dickens, listening to Little Dorrit whilst gutting the kitchen cupboards, sorting out the medicine drawer, slinging out all the expired stuff. Like the proverbial white tornado! Remember that vile smelling Ammonia stuff we used to clean with? That was some pretty potent gear!! Check this Advert out…

Well, I’m a Gentle Dettol girl myself – when you can get hold of it !! How about you?

Anyway, enough banal banter! After all that cleaning, and the 6 o’clock news, I felt a real need to 1) speak to my parents and 2) do something arty. Called Mum and Dad, had a chat to them. They are staying indoors, out of infection’s way. It makes sense to us Grays, so we will do whatever it takes to protect them, since they are our most vulnerable people.

Then I got the Gelpress out. Here’s what I made.

Two pieces actually…

I think this stencil is my favourite stencil of all time. Mel’s design. Queen Anne’s Lace. From the Flowerheads Collection. Special price: 5 for 4 Set

Tomorrow I will write up the steps for you, just in case you fancy having a go. I think we must make the best of this situation. If we can’t leave the house, then we craft, right?

It clears the head, it focusses the mind on something creative, it provides a pleasant distraction, an escape from this very frightening predicament we are all in.

So this is what we do:


Until tomorrow.

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “I Escaped !

  1. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. We are holed up here in Spain , only knew about the partial lockdown last night so didn’t go out today but we get full lockdown on Monday only allowed out for food, essential work or emergencies.Think I will start my Christmas cards tomorrow. Stay safe

  2. Love twofers – I have the stencils so will look out for your step by step tomorrow. As you say we if we all do our bit we will get through the next few months. I suppose we are the lucky ones in that we have plenty to occupy us with our crafting where as anyone not having a pastime will be going stir crazy if they are forced to stay at home. We can post our projects on Facebook to swap ideas & communicate with each other as usual. Stay safe everyone xx

  3. Yes staying in at the moment is a sensible decision. Glad I have a crafty hobby to fall back on if/when we are all told to stay home on lock down. Xx

  4. I should have taken you home with me if you’re in cleaning mode!! The coronavirus figures quite largely in what I’ll be saying tomorrow morning and although it is frightening, I’m not afraid. We really need to take things a day at a time just now – as always. Two German proverbs spring to mind: Kummere Dich nicht um ungelegte Eier and Angst macht den Wolf grösser als er ist. None of us knows what really lies ahead which may be just as well but the reality is, we never do know what is round the corner. My thinking is: Stay sensible. Stay safe. Take precautions and take each day as it comes. I was going to say and keep keeping us all so well entertained! I’ll just say it!! Lol. Glad you had a good day yesterday. If you went to London, you might be ok. You could be the only one there!! Better to be safe than sorry though. Take care. Hx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Yes, things are getting scary! Went shopping today and it was almost like bringing a third world country with all of the bare shelves. No loo rolls, fairy liquid ( or other brands), pasta very low, no antibacterial anything, and can you believe no crisps! For the life of me I don’t get the panic buying. My sister is in Switzerland and I’m starting to get worried in case they can’t come home . I’ve never washed my hands so much in my life, but as you say , we can always craft! I have enough crafting goodies to keep me busy for ages! I love the pieces you’ve created and look forward to having the step by steps – I always forget what to do with the gel press! Glad you had a good day yesterday. Stay safe, love and hugs,Alison xx x

  6. It is scary. I am doing the same as you cleaning out cupboards etc. Then when it is safe to enjoy ourselves that is just what I shall do. It all got to me a bit today though, felt really down which is unusual for me. Our son is working from home for the next few weeks on a Wednesday so that he can keep the grandson away from us , little germ machine. That makes me sad but also makes sense. Hope your mum and dad stay ok. X X

  7. It is a worry, but that wont do any of us any good, will it. As you say we have to take responsibility for ourselves. Only been out for our weekly shop today, which when there isn’t much on the shelves is a bit of a bugger. No toilet rolls yet again, freezers run down, no eggs whatsoever but I’m sure we will manage. Pete has his hobby and I have my crafting plus a few books to read so we shouldn’t be bored. Just might have cabin fever though. May need to see a few friends for support for us and them. We are lucky though having a shop close by, provided they have stock of what we might need. Glad you had a good birthday. Keep safe you, your family and team and all our crafty friends.

  8. My son and his partner were sent home. He works in the city centre police station and Jo works in the council building. Fortunately they have jobs that can be done from home and face time conferencing is a boon. He’s staying away from us at the moment and keeping in touch via internet and phone.

    It is what it is and it will pass. Thank goodness for crafting!

  9. Gosh this cleaning out cupboards thing must be catching as that’s what I did today! They’re looking good now all the out of date stuff is in the bin. Did my weekly shop yesterday and so many empty spaces on the shelves but the aisles were full of staff re-stocking. I feel a little safer down here away from the big cities, a bit more space around us but you still need to think about your personal safety.
    Take care everyone xx

  10. We are doing same going out when have to not to much cannot believe how empty shops are do need to sort out craft room and declutter ready for Bob to paint in there always jobs to do in house glad birthday went well so deserve a good day being spoilt stay safe xx

  11. We are doing same going out when have to not to much cannot believe how empty shops are do need to sort out craft room and declutter ready for Bob to paint in there always jobs to do in house glad birthday went well so deserve a good day being spoilt stay safe xx

  12. Hello Barb, we are staying in as much as we can but still have various commitments. Unfortunately hubby has to go to work, so is being very careful. I am fortunate that I work from home. but we have loads to do in the house if we have to stay in anyway. The supermarket was really busy but empty of goods yesterday. No loo roll and beers were just about gone, not a bag of pasta in sight Love your arty pieces, look forward to the step by step. Stay safe and take care all. Bx

  13. belated birthday wishes stay safe. we were fortunate to finally move house end of feb before madness started. so busy unboxing and sorting new home out. take care
    mags x

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