First Pergamano Show of the Year

First Pergamano Show of the Year

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just got home from the TV. Thank you so much for watching and supporting our Pergamano shows today! So glad you liked Mel’s new plates too. They really are so versatile and pretty!

To find them on our website, click here: Mels’ Floral Arch Groovi Plates

Here are just a few of the lovely samples created by our ever clever Design Team.

Karen Jackson
Frances Knott
Jane Telford
Glynis Whitehead

Maybe next week I shall step up the lovely artwork which Linda gave me to replicate. It really shows how the plates give so much more than you see at first glance.

It was good to do a little parching again. Been a while for me, but it’s like riding a bike really; once you’ve figured it out, you never forget how, do you.

But this evening I have had enough for one day. The traffic is getting worse, the road closures are beyond a joke, and it was definitely National-Drive Like-an-A***Hole-Day again today! You take your life in your hands on the roads nowadays – you really do. What ever happened to the courteous English driver? Absolutely mental.

So it’s Baked-potato-&-cheddar-in-front-of-a-logfire-with-Dave-time. Perfect.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

11 thoughts on “First Pergamano Show of the Year

  1. I was out all day today, so missed the shows and will have to catch up tomorrow. Gorgeous samples though!
    Baked jackets and Cheddar – yum – enjoy! Hugs. Annette X

  2. When I first saw the new plates today, I thought “Oh good, I don’t need to sit on my hands”. What-a-mistake-a-to-make! The more I looked at Mel’s designs, the more I saw that I wanted to use. Needless to say, there is a little order sending its way to Clarity. Fortunately, I already have my fine grids, and truly love them. I hope lots of others love them too as much as I do. Are we coming up to the time when councils have to spend their money or lose it? We certainly have far too many roadworks round here, yet there are potholes on the M42 that have been there for two years, getting deeper and deeper. I know where it is but still manage to hit it every time., as it is just where I have to fight for the lane I need. There are certainly an awful lot of idiots on the road right now. Hope you do not meet too many more of them. I think it is time for your trip to visit Mark and have a break. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  3. I forgot to set the first show to record and came in half way through. However, I enjoyed what I saw and will catch up with what I missed. Glad you got home safely. I considered driving to Kent in April but I think I might be safer flying, not that I relish that either!! However, I will have to travel one way or other! Still time to think about it. I hope Jeannine’s husband, Alain, is making steady progress. Life changes in the blink of an eye. All the more reason for making the most of every moment. Hx

  4. Missed today’s shows nevermind something good to watch tomorrow. Don’t envy you the trip up to Hochanda with the roads and traffic as they are, some of the drivers these days have no scruples. We live on a main road and have to back into the drive. You indicate and slow down well before you get to the house before you stop, but they pay no attention and almost hit the car before pulling out to overtake. Mmm baked potato with cheese, we had that the other night. Lovely samples from the design team. Take care

  5. Evening Barbara.
    Loved the shows today. I think it’s great to have a show where the we learn techniques that we can use once we’ve got the beautiful lineart on the parchment. I think it’s time I very ultrafine!!!
    I love doing grid work even if it means counting but it does need real concentration so no mistakes are made.
    I hope you enjoyed your tea and enjoy a relaxing evening with Dave!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  6. Great shows, smashing plates and lovely samples by the design team. Have had the fine grids since they were first released as, while I agree they’re a little more tricky to see, I love the more dainty results. Re the traffic, I often wonder how some people passed their tests and agree that common courtesy has totally evaporated and not just on the roads!

  7. Baked tats with cheese and baked beans was our grub this evening. All I could manage as mouth is still so sore.
    Great shows today, placed my order for the arches but my eyes don’t get on with fine grids although I have to admit the results are definitely worth the effort.
    Some Drivers seem to be in such a hurry these days, they forget to signal, pull out without looking, and on our country lanes seem to assume nothing will be coming in the opposite direction. Don’t envy you having those frequent drives to Peterborough.
    Hope the lurgie has disappeared and you are feeling better now.
    Have a good evening. 🍒🍒🍒

  8. Spent way to much as usual! Barbara and Paul are so fun to watch! The design team is amazing.Thank you so much for your help and ideas, also great products,I can’t resist!❤️

  9. Great shows. One of my ladies bought the plates after she saw the demo of Linda’s little envelope. Think I feel a class project coming on!

    We have been up and down the motorway between York, Harrogate and Notts for a month, sorting out a funeral etc etc. We’ve been alarmed countless times! We encounter road rage because we keep to speed limits!

    That spud sounds delicious!

  10. Lived the shows . Selling as shares at the moment so I can buy more goodies when the payment comes through . Maybe you Should invest the next proceeds from gray Friday in a small property near hochanda to save travelling and hotel costs , or get all your followers to donate £1 , then you could buy a mansion lol lol

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