Clarity Matters.

Clarity Matters.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Long day today. Been a day of meetings and forward planning.

It’s Show time soon. And I mean GLASGOW SECC here we come! Haven’t been to the Scottish show for years, and am really looking forward to it. The NEC falls a week later than usual, so we can do both for once.

SECC Glasgow. March 5th-8th

NEC Birmingham. March 19th – 22nd

So Brother Steve, Tom, Paul and I were going through spreadsheets of Groovi Plates and stamps, deciding which designs to take and which not to take. There are many hundreds of designs now, and the Luton van just can’t take the weight, so we have to get selective. Steve needs a list of what to make to take.

We pretty much decided to take the newest and the most popular, and then take orders on the day for anything anybody wants that we didn’t load onto the van – postage paid. Can’t do fairer than that, eh.

Had a very funny moment. Picture the scene:

I’m reading down the Groovi list,

“Kimono plate?” says I. “Nah” says Paul. My brother stares at me.

“What’s up?” says I.

Steve “What’s a Kimono?”

Me: “It’s that coat thing that Japanese people wear”

Steve “Ahhh. That makes sense. Gotcha. I thought a Kimono was what you get in a hospital room when you can’t get to the toilet!”

“That’s a COMMODE, Steve, a COMMODE”

Steve: “Mmm. Who would want a Groovi plate of a commode though?”

Barb: KIMONO!!!

Suffice it to say, Kimonos are NOT coming to the SECC with us!

On another family Note, it’s YOUTUBE Tuesday

Grace has done a fabulous blog on the other side CLARITYMATTERS Inspirational.

And today’s YouTube is a neat spin on how to use those fabby Texture Stamps.

Grace has also done a really neat little infomercial for you, which is beautifully simple and well worth knowing. Check this out. LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

Must dash. Time to eat!

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “Clarity Matters.

  1. In chuckling away at your brother, that really tickled me. Off to read Grace’s blog post and watch the YouTube Tuesday video x

  2. Plenty ‘Kimonos’ in Glasgow, thanks. Best keep them down south! Lol. Looking forward to your trip north. I think we all are! It’ll be good to meet the Scottish Clarity family as well. Hx

  3. I am very sorry that you won’t be at Farnborough (that is where I met you many years ago) or Ally Pally this year and I know you don’t go to Sandown – such a pity.

  4. Hope you are feeling better today.
    Kimono’s? Yes please – would compliment the Geisha I’m sure is around here somewhere.
    The floral arches look great. Will be n my shopping list.
    Off to bed now, major dental treatment has left me shattered.
    Night night

  5. Your brother’s take on Kimonos really gave us a good giggle. Mind you, a commode behind the scenes might come in handy…… just saying LOL!!
    I hope you have a great time up there. Pack your long johns in case it is a bit more parky oop norf!

    1. What has happened to Ally Pally? Used to be the high spot of my year; struggling to find any craftshops in the London area (apart from one near the British Museum)……..

  6. Hope your feeling better today. I remember having a similar conversation with a friend quiet a few years ago , Bob was working for a removal company he was working a over night removal to Bath any a friend came around said could she talk to Bob I then said he is in Bath she said I will wait I replied no he is in Bath she still replied I don’t mind waiting went in for about half an hour later finally got her to realise he was away in Bath not washing in our Bath always makes me laugh how we only hear part of what people say. Haha 😂

  7. Hope you are feeling better. Thank you for the utube it was great. Gosh Barb you will be busy 2 shows in one month. Be lovely for your Scottish fans though. I wondered about Ally Pally, no show in September now non in April. Do you know if that’s for good? Or even the reason they are stopping the shows? Will miss that one especially even though there haven’t been as many stalls for the last few years. It was much less to pay out than the NEC, no parking payment and a bus to the door meant more money to spend on

  8. Hope you are feeling better our Barbara. Your conversation made us chuckle. It sounds like your brother exasperates you as does mine frequently xx

  9. oh my word – I’m a nurse and I’ll never be able to say “commode” again now without a mental picture of a kimono!! It must be such hard work planning for all the shows and getting your products up there. Am hoping to get to the NEC this year, now that the Ally Pally shows aren’t running

  10. Hi Barbara,
    Had to chuckle at the kimono/commode mix up in your brother’s part. I’m sure his talents lie elsewhere, it was something a lady I once worked with used to often say.
    I’ve never been to one of the big shows, maybe I will have to do so this year xx

  11. I wasn’t going to go to the SECC show this year – I find a lot of people around me a bit scary – I am a bit of a slowcoach as I walk with a stick, but if Clarity are going to be there, well……! See you there Barb! xx

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