Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Trying to get some order in the day here! Time to eat some laundry, empty the walk, go for a car and do some toast – but not before I write my shower and have a blog!

All at 6s and 7s today. Or is it 6s and 2s? Got too many windows open like a computer, and now they’ve all frozen. Best thing is to STOP, pull the plug out and reboot. After a very busy marathon on TV, with shows and meetings, then more meetings and shows, the head gets scrambled, it really does. Well, my old head does nowadays. Then again, there’s a lot more to consider nowadays, so maybe it has nothing to do with age!

Glad you liked the new Groovi plates and stamps yesterday! On dark days I worry that Groovi has gone off the boil and that we have lost our position in Stampworld. And then days like yesterday happen – and all fears are allayed. So thank you for the reassurance xx

If you’re not sure which products I’m talking about, here are the links:



Many thanks to Paul and the Clarity Team for helping us so beautifully again.

It’s a glorious day here. Frosty, crisp, but sunny. Time to unplug, find Dave, tog up and get some fresh air up on the forest.

Love & Hugs

Barb x

22 thoughts on “Unplugged.

  1. Great shows! Smashing products! Great team and a loverly day today what more could we want! ( the painting to be finished! 😀) Enjoy your walk! And the day. Thanks for sharing love J xx

  2. Morning Barbara

    It has nothing to do with age, more the extremely busy life you lead. Juggling all the balls in the air without dropping them!

    Enjoy your walk with Dave. Some fresh air will help sort the head out. Loved the shows, buying everything!


  3. Bought yesterday’s plates and love the stamps, I bought doodleology stamps and want the background ones too. So I don’t think anything has gone off the boil! If anything it’s the bank balance squealing! Clear your head and have a peaceful day x xx

  4. I absolutely love the nest lace frames Barbara and think they will be so useful.

    Enjoy your walk in the fresh air – you deserve it!!

  5. Good morning enjoy the chilly sunshine, nothing better. Love Clarity Groovi. I would love to become part of the design team (think i got that right). Have been converted from traditional to all things Groovi. Can you let me know if i could be considered. (niccit69@googlemail.com) many thanks and keep doing what you do best x x

  6. As you know I’m not a groover, but the stamps were too tempting! Ordered from you directly, so there will be one less set to move to the new building. Enjoy your walk – I’m off to the craft room to play! x

  7. Morning Barbara! Off the boil??? Nah! It’s more like boiling over!
    Just enjoy your day with Dave and make the most of this wintery sun!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  8. Oh Barbara, your sense of the rediculous is spot on, your next path must surely be an author. I would love to read about your life and how you became so succesful in business. Wish you and your family all the happiness in the world, you bring so much pleasure to us crafters with your stamps, Groovi, stensils, dies and demo’s.
    look forward to your next chapter in the craft world.

  9. It’s a tricky time after Christmas. I don’t do Groovi but love your stamps. I still have some in a box from when you were in California. It says the sleeve was hand stamped. Imagine if you were doing that now on all your products 😀

  10. We enjoyed the sunshine on our outing this morning. Made such a pleasant change from all the rain.
    The stamp frames are great. Could we have same or something similar as dies? Please?
    The Groovi lace circles are a wonderful addition to the borders. Will use these a lot.
    How you juggle so many things in your life I can’t begin to imagine, but it is reassuring that you do take the occasional day off for pleasure and have such a supportive team and Dave to help with the work.
    Enjoy the rest of the day.🍒🍒🍒

  11. Enjoy your walk. No need to worry, Clarity products are just amazing.I want the lot but need to be a bit selective. xx

  12. Hope you enjoy your walk with Dave chilly out there today but the sunshine is glorious. Missed the shows yesterday so will be catching up, love the look of the new stamps and these will go on my 2020 Clarity must have list! XX

  13. oh my goodness so not off the boil. I’m always amazed at how diverse the selection off products are that you bring to us and we never stop learning, it’s great.xx

  14. Hi Barbera, Groovi is definitely not off the boil. Neither are the stamps. They are all amazing. Will be putting in an order for the new plates shortly. They will be so useful. Hope all is going well with the move. Look after yourself. Xx

  15. Oh Barbara you do make me laugh but I know exactly what you mean. Haven’t seen the shows yet but will get them on catch up. Clarity will never go off the boil as you are constantly evolving & bringing in new products to tempt us with. Bank managers /husbands across the country must groan after the first weekend of every month!! Hope you enjoyed your walk & cleared your head. Xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    How you can think things at Clarity are going off the boil, I don’t know! My bank balance certainly feels under pressure with every show!! I absolutely loved the new stamps yesterday and also the Groovi plates , but I couldn’t stretch to both, so the stamps won. The plates are definitely on my wish list though. Hope you had a lovely stroll with Dave. I’ve been at aGroovi class with Linda Page which I always enjoy. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  17. Your products have definitely not gone off the boil, gosh 1/4 of the stock gone in the 1st 7 mins of the 1st show I watched over the weekend. Hate to add up what I have spent in the last month or so. Stop worrying, we love your products and will keep supporting you, but have to be selective sometimes and put the rest on the list of must haves, I never buy from Hochanda anyway, I prefer to buy direct. You work too hard, had so much on your plate lately, stop doubting yourself, you are amazing, but I’ll quote your own saying ‘this too shall pass’. Hope you and Dave enjoyed your walk and that it has helped clear your head at least partly. Love Pam xxx

  18. Hope you enjoyed your walk. A nice day here but very chilly. Watched the programmes yesterday & loved everything but need to sort out my crafty stash first to make room for some new stuff. Will just have to add some of it to my wish list & ration myself to the items that I really need. Clarity is definitely not going off the boil !!

  19. Hello Barb, I hope that you and Dave enjoyed your walk, and came home to snuggle by the fire. It was a lovely cold but clear day on Sunday. The shows were great. I think it is proof with the sales that Clarity has great products and great customer service. I have certainly just renewed my 3 clubs and look forward to another year of creativity. Take care all. Bx

  20. Missed the shows at the weekend so planning to watch them on catch up. Love the new stamps – the sentiments in your handwriting are beautiful, and I can feel them heading for my shopping basket! I just have one request – could you please start to include “new home” in some of your sentiment stamps – really nice ones seem to be difficult to find for some reason. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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