Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in! Off up to London with Dave in a minute, to meet brother Steve and his Sheila. Hahahhaa! Sounds a bit Australian! While Dave checks train times, I thought I’d wish you a Happy Sunday and Hakuna Matata!

Meaning? No worries for the rest of your days. Sounds like a wonderful way forward!

So think of us at 2.30, four big kids at the Lyceum, in the stalls, Row P. Watching – yep –

Can’t wait. Went years ago when Grace and Mark were nippers. Love it. And as we know, any good book is worth a second read at least, as is a great stage production.

Happy Sunday – and Hakuna Matata! A problem-free philosophy x

Love and hugs

My inner child, Barbie… xxx

PS Watched the Disney video countless times with the kids; know every song off by heart! Feel sorry for the people in row O when I break into song! Also have sympathy for the kids in row Q, sitting behind us 4 – especially Big Steve and Dave! I’ve flattened my hair down. That’ll help….

26 thoughts on “Hakuna Matata

  1. Wow! Have fun. Saw it years ago and loved it. Off to have a late Christmas and early birthdays lunch with my sister and some family.X

  2. enjoy your well-earned day out, after you’ve been full on all week. I love The Lion King – it was the first theatre production I took my sons to, and they were blown away by it. Happy memories!

  3. Hello Barb, enjoy your trip, I have seen the stage show twice and really want to go again, it is absolutely brilliant. Take care all, have a great Sunday. Bx

  4. whatched this film last night loved it we all have a Big Kid in us some where enjoy and make the most of it Im sure everyone will be singing along to
    Frances xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Have a great time. I’ve only seen the film, but really enjoyed it and love the songs. Have fun, love Alison xx

  6. Oh one of my favourites! Seen it twice now, no children involved!!! I also got the New Disney one for Christmas! It is really good, but tissues are needed!
    Enjoy your day and Hakuna Matata. Xx

  7. Watched the film over the holiday. We are big kids too and love this story. Also watched Bambi, Dumbo, Jungle book and the original of Beauty and the Beast – made a change from all the Christmas films and general rubbish on TV.
    Cannot get to see the live shows in London any more but know you will have great fun.
    Hakuna Matata

  8. Oh what memories this brings back, of my two girls watching the film over and over. They are now both in their 40’s. The stage show is amazing and I just wish that theatre tickets were not so expensive, so that every child could have access to live productions. Making things ‘come to life’ would help so many children to understand and love literature. Sorry, I must get off my soap box, but it is something I feel really passionate about.
    Have a wonderful time and I hope the person behind you appreciates your flattened hair! 😂 Hugs. Annette X

  9. What a lovely afternoon treat for you all. You’re never too old to listen to your inner child and to have some fun! Enjoy x

  10. Hope the four of you have a great time Barbara, the songs are so memorable and who can resist the animals, and certainly not just for kids, but also us big kids…lol. x

  11. Gosh that takes me back to Maria’s wedding – if you recall during our chatting I challenged you to utilise the words Hakuna Matata on your Hochanda show. What a fab day that was – seems so long ago now. Looking forward to the Groovi Retreat and hope to see the new HO while we are up there. Enjoy the show and have a relaxing afternoon after all your hard work. Love Ali xx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Hope you had a good time and enjoyed the sing along. I’m sure the people around you appreciated it too, after all, if you were singing, it meant they could too!
    Love Diane xx

  13. Have a great time Barbara. I’m going to see the show again when it returns to our local theatre later this year. xx

  14. Loved that film, watched it so many times with grandchildren,probably the three in California. It brought back lovely memories .i wish I could have seen the show, I think it was in Manchester sometime.

  15. I can’t quite believe that we have the same mantra. Wishing you a wonderful life and so chuffed that you and Dave are married. Mwah & Love, Rosh xx

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