Wet n Windy

Wet n Windy

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Wet n windy here darn sarf today! Not nice at all at all!

Christmas is looming, isn’t it? Are you in the festive mood yet? I’m not feeling it yet, although I have been putting together a little box to send to the States, as our Mark can’t make it home this year. New job and all that.

Talk of the devil! Must be my witching powers! He just Facetimed! Nice to catch up. Ribbed him mercilessly about not coming home for Christmas. But I do get it. Gives us an excuse to fly out to San Fran in February perhaps…

There’s no point – ABSOLUTELY NO POINT – in dwelling on it or being sad about it. Can’t change it. An dear old friend of mine, John, who is sadly no longer with us, always used to say, “turn it round Barb, turn it round.” So whatever happens, I just try to find a positive in it. Mark can’t come home in December, and I’m guessing he’s unhappy about it, too – but we can certainly go see him in February!

But Grace and her Mark are coming home, so that’ll be good. And I’m definitely stocking up on Lebkuchen! Lidls rocks! I remember years ago, somebody saw me leaving Lidls and started mocking me, saying they’d never have believed I shop at cutprice Lidls. Are you kidding?! They have the BEST selection of German food in the country, apart from Fortnum & Mason – and I’m not chasing up to Picadilly just to buy Sauerkraut and marzipan when local Lidls have got it all in abundance! If you know what you are looking for, it is quite the emporium of fine food! Last week, when I was at the new Lidls in Edenbridge, I couldn’t believe the selection of German delicacies. One for me, one for Mum, one for me, one for Mum – all along the aisle!

This week on Youtube Tuesday, Simon has dug out the Elf n Appiness Video from last year, the shrink plastic gig. It’s on the Claritymattersblog.com Do check it out. It’s great fun x

But now I must press on. Presents to wrap, cards to write, etc etc etc.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Wet n Windy

  1. Just finished the tree so Christmas is slowly appearing in my house. Received my Gray Friday order yesterday so thank you Clarity elves for getting it to me. Xx

  2. Lidl has some great stuff! Horrible, wet and windy here too in the North East, but just got to grit our teeth and get on with it haven’t we? Anyhow, Christmas cards are written and will be delivering them end of the week. Pity that Mark can’t be with you, but as you say it’s a great chance for you to have a break to visit him.

  3. Watched the shrinky elf youtube this morning. What a hoot!! Made my day 😀. I’m going to make myself a pair of earrings at the weekend.
    Good you have some family arriving for Christmas but I’m sure Mark won’t seem too far away as there is always facebook and skype for keeping in touch.
    It has been very dreary here today, wet, overcast and very windy. Much milder though. Wonder if we’ll get snow for Christmas?
    Never been to either Lidl or Aldi. We keep promising to drop in, there are 2 big stores near here, but we never seem to get round to it. Others have told me that they are worth a visit if not for the prices definitely for the variety of products not stored by the big 3.
    Sleep well. 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Hi Barb, I’m sorry to hear Mark can’t make it this year. Another positive is that he wants to come home, and would if he could. It isn’t like that in all families for various not nice reasons. And, once Grace departs and you are feeling the sadness, you’ve got San Fran on Feb to buoy you up.

    As for wet and windy. I live on a wee hill. I’m used to seeing heavy rain causing a river to flow down the street. What I’m used to seeing is a river flowing UP the street! Aye, the rain was hard, nd the westerly wind was that strong that it was pushing the rain and river it was creating UP hill! Crazy eh!

    Nope, not festive here in the least. Not a good time for me, and with things going on it’s feeling impossible to get cheery about anything never mind Christmas… But I have put up some decs, got cards all written, and half the presents wrapped. I even put up some tinsel, high up, so far my cat doesn’t seem to be bothering to try reach it this year. And, I even started sewing another Christmas dec I’ve had an idea for. Mind you, that’s more about the Mindfulness from hand sewing!!! At least I’m still alive to see this year out, and hopefully many more too.

    I think one of my support people used to bring in german biscuits from Lidl, they were so good, but onoy available in the run up to Christmas, like gingerbread. Mind you I couldn’t eat them now with all my allergies/sensitivities. Those shops don’t do online shopping and home delivery, so not an option for me. I bet your mum is happy. Much easier than the annual trip to Germany you used to do to stock up!!!

    Hope you can get to pottery tomorrow. Love you xxx

    1. That should be “what I’m not used to seeing…”. I’ll leave the other typos, head has pulled the shutters down early this evening!!!

  5. Foul here today, too. Tipping it down. Not good for my job today as I had to be outside – not for long but long enough for everyone to get soaked to the skin! First of the Christmas dinners tonight too and a cold developing very nicely. Off to Glasgow tomorrow to get my hair cut. I could audition for the Dulux dog part at the moment! Hope the roads are ok and open or my hair will have to wait. The detour takes too long so won’t be happening. It will be what it will be. Anyway, Lidl’s is great for German Christmas goodies – all low fat too! Lol.Sorry Mark won’t be home but I’m sure you will have a lovely time and as you say, a good holiday to look forward to. Tired tonight. Let’s hope for a drier day tomorrow. Sleep well. Hx

  6. Hiya Barb… Wet and windy is an understatement for the weather here today.
    I went out this afternoon to our local hobbycraft to meet up with friends for our Christmas get together and when we came out of the shop it was chucking it down… Well more like horizontal rain the way the wind was blowing it. Then as I was driving home we had rain and hailstones the size of small sprouts being thrown at us and the road in places resembled a river! Made it home and thankfully it had eased enough to get from the car to the house without getting too wet!!!!
    Forecast for tomorrow is more heavy rain so I think I’ll be spending time doing the ironing then crafting in the afternoon!
    It’s a shame your Mark can’t make it home at Christmas but I’m sure you’ll make sure he has a little taste of home packed in the box and you can look forward to a trip to see him in February! It’ll soon come round.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  7. Rain and winds here today as well, think most of the country is getting it. Really bad visibility coming down the motorway early this evening. Sorry to hear you wont have Mark joining you all for Christmas, but what a lovely trip for you to look forward to after Christmas. Loved the video of the shrink plastic Elvis the elf, you do give us a laugh you are so funny. Love your antics Barb.xxx?

  8. Hi Barb, as you say it is sad that Mark cannot make it home for Christmas, but a trip to look forward to does make it easier to bear. We all look forward to spending time with family and friends, but if that is not possible at least we can stay in touch. Lidl is great, they have some really yummy food, and other great stuff sometimes in the Middle of Lidl. If someone says that they cannot believe you shop there, they should come round a couple of our Lidl and Aldi stores and see the big posh cars that pull in there to get groceries! Take care all, hope the Christmas prep is going well. Bx

  9. Hi Barb,
    It’s been horrendous here. Last night the wind and rain were so strong ,I thought the patio door was going to shatter! Thankfully it stopped about an hour later, but I believe that it is forecast for similar today – yuk! Sorry Mark can’t be home this year for Christmas but at least you can still Skype or FaceTime him on the day and then get to see him in February. I would think he’s sorry not to be with you all as well, but these things happen. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Lidl or Aldi. They have some fantastic bargains. I bought some lovely merino wool thermal tops a couple of years ago from one of them and they are so warm and were only about a fiver each! Lidl do a fantastic range of wine too! Hope you get to pottery today. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    Sorry this is so late but out last night and then shattered when I got back – but better late than never!

  10. Hi Barb, wet n windy oop norf too. Still seems a better day today. I too shop a Lidl’s you can get great stuff from there, I love their cranberry roulade on cheese, unfortunately they didn’t have it in last year and not seen it yet. My stamps are on the way woohoo a play over Christmas I’m thinking. We were forces and very rarely made it back home for Christmas with the duty rosters FaceTime would have been excellent back then. There’s always an up side to every thing you just have to look for it.

  11. We do have Lidl and Aldi in the town but the car parking provision for both of them is seriously limited, so it is not easy to get there. I am really trying not to buy the Christmas goodies anyway, and get back to my really healthy diet. Sorry Mark can’t make it this year, but at least it gives you a good excuse (not that you need one) to make that trip to see him in the New Year. I hope Grace is going to do a lot more of her beautiful book reading. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  12. We’re also having a different kind of Christmas celebration this year – an early family get together down South, and back home for just a quiet time together over Christmas and Boxing Day. We’re looking forward to it though! The wet and windy weather has finally made it to the far north today and it’s freezing too. Wonder if we’ll wake up to some snow tomorrow? x

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