Time to join the Club!

Time to join the Club!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Today i want to talk about the Clarity New Design Clubs. All 4 of them. Stamps. Stencils. Groovi Parchment and Fresh Cut Dies. Are you a member? If not perhaps it’s something you might consider for the New Year. New Year, new guided tour!

Every month you receive a full colour double tutorial sheet through your letterbox, together with the pertinent stamp, stencil, plate or die. All of which are always brand new designs – hence the name of the NEW DESIGN clubs. Yours first, so to speak.

In addition, as a Clarity Clubs Member, you receive 10-15% discount on all purchases made directly with Clarity throughout the year.

Why not head on over to the website and have a look? There’s a new landing page, with loads more info about content, costs and payment options. You can spread the load and pay in monthly instalments too, if you prefer.

CLICK HERE to investigate…

We’ve also made all the past issues available to all now, too. Just enter New Design Club in the search box on the front page of the website, and have a look at the calibre of design you can expect when you join. Claritystamp.com

Here’s a simple stencil demo I have done, using a club stencil and a club stamp from ages ago. The clubs mix n match beautifully too.

Stencil back issue No. 36. Stamp back issue No. 130

We also make sure they are timeless. Here’s another stencil demo I have done, using the club stencil from January 2017. I love it as much now as I did the day Mel drew it!

I started the Stamp Club back in the 90’s. The other clubs have been added by and by, as the product strands have been added to our range.

I think they are a great way to improve your papercrafting game. Every month you receive step by step inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. If you follow the course month by month, you’ll be amazed before you’re halfway through. Who writes the projects? Dee Paramour, Maria Moorhouse and myself mostly. Sometimes Paul helps with the Dies too.

I also write a newsletter every month, keeping you abreast of all Clarity Towers news. You get to hear all about retreats and workshops before anybody else too, and in addition, you are privvy to 2 big members only winter and summer sales.

Yep. It’s a big part of Clarity. It’s a mammoth task every single month at Clarity, designing, writing, manufacturing, printing and distributing to thousands of members. It must be good. We’ve got thousands of members! And most of them are in 3 or 4 of the clubs. Now is a great time to sign up for the New Year. Check out the special enrolment offers online today xxx

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxxx

16 thoughts on “Time to join the Club!

  1. I love the Clarity clubs. I look forward to the post every month and I am usually inspired to try out the ideas. They are great if you are new to Groovi and you learn so much from them. The sales are great – far too tempting! Thank you Barbara and team. 🌻

  2. Renewed my membership this week ! Was going to drop the stencil but when it came to it I didn’t LOL !!
    Look forward to all envelopes dropping through the door ! X

  3. Hi Barb, I love your clubs. Most months my happy post coming through my door is the highlight for that month. I signed up for 2013, intending it to be for one year, to help me through an especially hard time. 7 years later, I’m in all 4 clubs, never missed a month, and I intend to resubscribe to them all again for next year. I think it’s very good value for money, especially when you add on all the perks of being a Club member. I’d recommend any, and all, of the clubs to anyone thinking about it. Try it out for one year, and if it’s not for you, you don’t need to subscribe again next year, although why you wouldn’t I don’t know…!!! Being given a design, rather than only buying those in your comfort zone, makes you stretch yourself and think differently, learning new skills, and ideas, and widening your crafty scope.

    Hope you’re having a good Sunday Barb, love you xxx

  4. They are indeed great value for money and a constant source of inspiration. There are occasional months when the design doesn’t “sing” to me straight away, but I’ve been a member since those days when you used to stick a photo onto a photocopied instruction sheet, and I have learnt such a lot in those years! Love the members sales too!!!

  5. I’ll be signing up to all four clubs again this year before the big rush! I love the monthly mailing although I still have to use much of what I have been sent! Story of my life!! Anyway, it won’t stop me joining again. I have been challenged on occasions to try something new with varying degrees of success but it has been good fun. It’s good to be taken out of my comfort zone now and again. Anyway, enjoy the rest of Sunday. Hx

  6. I soo very much look forward to my envelope dropping through every month. At the moment I just belong to the stamp and stencil and I know I’m going to be renewing it next year too – I love it! I’ve also been buying back issues this past year when I can so that I catch up on the issues I’ve missed when I had to stop. Have a good week coming and a lovely evening x

  7. Did think of cutting back but how does one decide which one to drop? They are all inspirational and I have had fun with them and learned new skills so already signed up for 2020, all 4 clubs.
    Went to Sainsburys this morning, it was packed and it is still a couple of weeks to Christmas. Judging by the piled up trollies I dread to think how much food will be wasted over the holiday. It’s not as though the shops will shut down for more than the 1 day. Popped into the Range too, the queues were unbelievable. We decided to go for a relaxing drive through the countryside and get some fresh air.
    Overall a happy day.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  8. I am happy to say I joined again last month. Joined the die club this time for something different.

    Looking forward to my next instalment


  9. Definitely recommend the club’s gain so much knowledge from them , so much better than the magazines I used to buy . Keep up the great work

  10. My friend and I share -2 clubs each but all under one name to get the discounts! I don’t do Groovi now so my friend has the Groovi and stamps and I have the other 2. We have a craft morning together so we can try out the different ideas and help each other as we also share some supplies. Will be renewing all four I think. Easy Elf hunt today -thanks!!

  11. I really enjoy that club envelope dropping through the letterbox. Sometimes the item stretches my imagination but the design sheets help so much then. You all make a wonderful job of those. So I would definitely say to anyone thinking about joining just go for it, you will not regret it. xx

  12. Have just renewed my clarity membership stamp/stencil/die ,was also thinking of trimming it to two or one but I agree with Linda much better value than magazines one buys and such quality too. Now excited to see what clarity comes up with in 2020! Love the new texture stamps and eagerly awaiting delivery of my order . Warm regards Carmel

  13. Will be renewing my membership too, love to see what’s inside when I open the envelope each month, plus the newsletter is like catching up with a good friend!

  14. Hello Barb, I love my 3 Design Clubs, every month I look forward to the envelope dropping through the door. I normally put the projects and their items aside and read the newsletter first, and then look at the new design stamp, stencil and die, one at a time, read through the projects, and decide if I have time straight away to try one or all 3, otherwise I file it all away, and leave myself a post-it of what I want to try as soon as time and the day job permits. I think it is fantastic value for money, and will be renewing. Take care all. Bx

  15. Hi Barb. I used to be in the stamp NDC from the early days but then lapsed. Now that retirement beckons, my lovely sons have re-enrolled me in the stamp club (my Christmas present) and I’ve added in the die one for good measure! I’m looking forwards to a very crafty New Year 😁

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