It’s a Scramble!

It’s a Scramble!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Mega scramble here this morning. Piling more stash than I will ever be able to demo this side of the General Election (Ugh) into boxes, ready to add to the van for the NEC set-up. Have also packed enough clobber to last till Christmas, should I feel the urge to stay in Birmingham!

So yeah. Carefully mapped out strategy, to be employed over the next 5 days. It’s an old favourite of mine. See if you can work it out…It’s called TEATYWFA.

Gotta go. Dave’s revving up the car outside, so that could be an indicator that he wants to leave.

Tell you what though, before I shoot. On a purely feminine note here. I decided at 6 this morning that I’d not bother with eye make-up on Set-up day. Sod it, I thought. Got too much else to do before we leave. So, bundled all the bags and suitcase into the kitchen, ready to go. Then I reconsidered. Mmm. You never know who you’re going to bump into, do ya? (That deeply seated thought process stretches right back to this old yarn, I reckon: “I hope you’re wearing clean underwear. Imagine if you get hit by a bus on the way to school.” Like I would be worried about my knickers if I got mowed down by a double-decker!). Back to the make-up… And you do look better with a little mascara and lippy Gray, I convinced myself. Even Dave agreed (walking on very thin ice there, matie) I rummaged in the hold-all for my make up bag, to go back upstairs and slap it on. AND. I hadn’t even packed it!!! Yikes!!!! That could have been a calamity. An expensive one, if I’d had to re-buy that lot in Birmingham! The older I get the more I need! There was a time I managed admirably with a lippy in my back pocket. Now it takes two well fed males to lift it. The make-up bag, darling, the make-up bag!

Right. Best go, before Dave leaves without me. Mmmm…on the other hand….

See you there I hope!! Stand C01 x Make it your hub. Make it your meeting place. Come and hang out with Clarity!

Love Barb xxx

PS . Don’t forget: TEATYWFA. What does it stand for? xxx

25 thoughts on “It’s a Scramble!

  1. Sorry I can’t make it to the NEC but only just returned to spain, but Take Everything And Then You Won’t Forget Anything

  2. I can hear my old mum saying, have you washed and got clear knickers on.
    They were the days!!!!
    A friend of mine always says no matter how you are feeling always try to do your hair and put a little makeup on and you will get by !!!! There’s a message in there somewhere.
    See you on Saturday will come by and say hi.
    Have a good one.
    Lynn xxx

  3. Have to think about that sentence. Well have a great time suns out so hopefully a good journey keep safe up set up goes well. Wish was coming are you on tv over weekend have to look don’t want to miss you lots love x

  4. Or does it stand for the fact that I can’t be there so I’ll be missing my…..
    Thoroughly, Encouraging, Absolutely Terrific, Yummy, Wonderful Family Abroad… Birmingham?🤔
    Drove on the M6 yesterday (N&S) taking my mum to my home town of Wolverhampton, so I suggest you take a few games to play for the journey, and go with the flow🥳

  5. It was a clean handkerchief with my Nan, and we had to tidy up and hoover the sitting room each evening before we went to bed in case the doctor had to be called out in the night! Not that he ever did! Have a fab time with Dave skating on thin ice xx

  6. I presume it is my mantra Take Everything, And Then You Won’t Forget Anything.
    As for the make-up – seems your inner psyche was telling you something at the last minute.


  7. Take everything and then you won’t forget anything. Sounds about right and where clothes are concerned… well, you just never know what the weather will be like so you need to pack for all eventualities! Hope you have a great time in Birmingham. Sorry I can’t there but I can spend enough sitting at home!! Safe journey. Will look forward to seeing you demo on Hochanda. Hx

  8. I stopped wearing makeup everyday, straightening my curly hair and recently stopped dying my hair too. Mostly the decision related to worsening allergies but I have gained back at least 20 minutes a day so it feels worth it! Noone seems to notice, or they are too polite to say. I’m still the same person and that’s the important thing to me x

  9. Together with the bright sunshine you have cheered up my day.
    Never wore a lot of make up, couldn’t afford it, but when I had chemo the oncologist told me “only wash your face with water, no chemical cleansers and no makeup”. My spotty skin cleared completely so now all I wear is lippy if we go somewhere posh. At my age I don’t care what people think and so long as my hair is clean and my clothes are appropriate for the occasion I’m OK.
    Must admit though that although I wear tatty knickers indoors best ones are worn every time I go out, even shopping, just in case!!!!! You never know!!!
    Hopefully your journey was uneventful and you, the van and the team arrived safely. Will you be doing a TV show as in past years? Do hope so.

  10. I think others have already solved it and it does tend to be how I pack on occasions!
    Do you remember those cotton bras, with circles stitched on the cups, so they ended up pointed? I am older than you, so maybe not. Anyway, if you leaned against anything (or anyone!), the ends got dented. I used to shove socks inside to pad them out, then spent the whole evening worrying, in case I had an accident and got taken to hospital. I still have a laugh at those sort of memories.
    Hope the journey and set up went well. See you on Saturday. Hugs. Annette X

    1. That takes me back 50 plus years!!! Lovable Valencia, slightly padded, a girls favourite for shape. Remember them well.💓💓💓

  11. Take everything and then you wont forget anything.
    Good idea though. Every single time I go away I always forget something! So annoying!
    Have fun at the NEC! X

  12. Oh how I wish I could come. Haven’t even managed to watch Sundays programs yet. But on record.i had two days in hospital a couple of weeks ago after I damaged my eye in a fall. The first morning they gave me a pair of disposable knickers. Definitely not very nice. Hope you have a great time and safe journeys. XXX

  13. Hi Barb,
    One day I will get to the NEC but I might have to wait until I’ve won the lottery judging by how much I spent at Leyburn! My Mam always instilled in my sister and I that we had to have clean underwear and a clean hankie in case of an accident. I remember when I fell in the garden couple of years ago and dislocated my knee replacement all I could think was I had my old pants on!! Then when I had my knee revision last year I put on good underwear only to be given horrible paper knickers to wear during my op!! Can’t win! Anyway , have a safe journey and a fabulous time at the NEC. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  14. Oh I’ve had a good laugh out loud at your comments this evening!! My mum always said make sure I had a clean hankie and clean knickers before I left the house – one day as we crossed the road my mother’s knickers fell down, she carefully stepped out of them, picked them up (the elastic had gone!) and went straight into the ladies’ underwear shop for a new pair!!!! I don’t think I was allowed to laugh at the time!!! Have a great time in Birmingham – shan’t be there this time.

  15. I always reach for the mascara, don’t feel dressed without it but use a lot less make up these days. (Can’t see very well without my glasses to put it on) Hope set up went well and I shall be dragging Fred along in the morning, well someone has to carry the bags. I have spent most of today playing with smallest grandson on the floor, getting a bit creaky in the joints for that now but he has made me smile so much today. See you tomorrow. xxx

  16. Hi Barbara & the Clarity Crew, Have a great weekend up in Birmingham, sorry I cannot make it this year,
    but I have just come back from holiday. But I am sure I can find plenty on the website to buy to make up for it.

  17. Take everything the you won’t forget anything must be my motto when I travel too as hubby always complains about the amount of stuff I need to take with me …lol. I hope the set up goes well and that you have a wonderful show Barbara. x

  18. Hi Barb, well you can’t forget the make-up now can you! Hope the trip was good. And that set-up got off to a good start. Take care all. Bx

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