Coffee needed!

Coffee needed!

Hi there

Thanks for joining me. Here beginneth the early morning blog – one day at a time. I have a meeting up in Peterborough this morning, so it’s extra early! But a decision is made: our little Blog rises to the top of the daily list.

You’ll forgive the absence of a step by step. But how about a little early morning challenge? Let’s get you going, too! I’m going to show you a card – and perhaps you can answer me these 3 questions:

Who designed the die?

Which Designer Collection is the background paper from?

Where are these stickers from?

There’s a £20 gift voucher to be won here! Just add your answers 1.2.3 below. All the correct answerers will go in a pot – and a random lucky winner will be picked. Come on! Got to be in it to win it!

Winner to be announced friday xx

But now I really must hit the road, Jack!! Dartford Tunnel traffic is savage at this time of day!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

40 thoughts on “Coffee needed!

    1. Home now! G & T time!
      1 Mel Turner
      2 Shenandoah
      3 Barb’s sticker book
      Hope you had a good day. I had a lovely cuddle with a 3 day old baby girl, all 10 lb 4oz’s of her !👶👶😘😘

  1. Good morning,
    Beautiful card and I will have to have a go at recreating it. I did get the Craft-a-long kit but have still not had time to actually get down to playing with it. I have the recordings though.
    Will have to research your questions.
    Have a good day.

  2. Good morning Barbara, what a lovely start to the day. This is great as I didn’t get to read your evening blogs until the following morning so now right up to speed! Have a safe journey hope the meeting goes well. Will now try and work out the competition over breakfast. Just love your daily blog thank you. X

  3. Morning Barbara, sitting here with my porridge reading the blog. Well done one day down, fingers crossed the tunnel isn’t to savage this morning! I think that my answers are as follows…
    1. Mel Turner
    2. Shenandoha
    3. Barbs sticker book
    Have a good day. Xx

  4. I hope your meeting goes well this morning. Two fab shows with Maria yesterday with those gorgeous stamps etc. Gorgeous card.
    1. Mel Turner
    2. Shenendoah
    3. Barb’s sticker book.
    Safe trip. Xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, up at the crack of sparrows as you would say, lots going on today.
    A lovely card will try to have a go at this one it looks lovely.
    Have a good day with your meetings, and a safe journey there and back.
    1 Mel Turner
    2 Shenandoah
    Barbara’s Sticker Book
    Just love your designer papers second to none.
    Lynn xxx

  6. Hello from Austria,
    these are my answers.
    1. Mel Turner
    2. Shenandoah
    3. Barbara’s Sticker Book
    Have a lucky day.

  7. Good morning Barb,
    Hope all goes well with your journey and meeting. The early bird catches the worm – hopefully I can catch the prize with these answers!
    1. The amazing Mel Turner
    2. Shenandoah
    3. The Clarity Christmas and Celebrations word sticker collection.

  8. Morning safe journey. Hope your not stuck in too much traffic.
    1 Mel Turner
    2 Shenandoah
    3 barbs sticker words
    Have a great day xx

  9. Morning Barbara
    Safe journey to my neck of the woods.
    I agree with everyone else.
    1. The talented Mel Turner
    2. Shenandoah
    3. Barbara’s word sticker collection.

  10. Half your day is over and mine just seems to be starting! Nice to have a quiz in the morning to get the brain going.
    1. Mel Turner
    2. Shenandoah
    3. Clarity Christmas and Celebrations Words Sticker Collection
    Have a good day. Hx

  11. Didn’t get to bed till nearly 2am so slightly overslept.
    1.Mel Turner
    2. Shenandoah
    3. Barbs sticker collection
    re: yesterdays blog – In order to be more organised and change some habits I decided to make a ‘to do’ list of 5 essential jobs each day, and have found this to be very helpful. Sometimes I get more done 😀 and sometimes none 😰 but it helps a bit to keep things on track. My aim is housework am while still fresh, crafting or art pm to relax, reading or other pastimes in the evening.
    Reading your blog over breakfast is good and gives me something to think about while I work. I can catch up on comments in the evening.
    Hope you had a good journey to Peterborough and that your meeting goes well. You certainly cram a lot into your days – such energy is enviable.How do you do it?
    Now fully awake I must get on with my list.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  12. Good morning Barbara. It’s lovely to read your blog early in the day. Maria’s shows yesterday were inspiring. I couldn’t resist those beautiful stamps. Have a safe journey to Peterborough.

    Mel Turner
    Barbara’s and Christmas Word Sticker Bundle

  13. Hi, hope Dartford Tunnel was not too much of a nightmare and meeting OK. The answers to your questions are:
    1. Mel Turner
    2. Shenandoah
    3. Barbara’s Words Sticker Collection

    1. Hope you didn’t get delayed this morning with the traffic and got to your meeting safely. Here are the answers to your competition, as you say ‘ have to be in it to win it.’
      1, Mel Turner.
      2. Shenandoah.
      3. Clarity Christmas and Celebrations Word Sticker Collection Bundle.

  14. Hello folks!
    I’ ve not been up early this morning!! so have waited for those early morning bloggers to answer the questions first!! I have done ‘my bit’ though and re watched the July Craftalong for some answers! Checking the website for the item does not give an easy answer to the incredible designer!! so here we go…
    1 Mel Turner
    2 Shenandoah
    3 Clarity Christmas & Celebrations Words Sticker Collection!
    Bye for now…have a good day x

  15. Think my answers are:
    1. Mel Turner
    2. Shenendoah
    3. Barb’s sticker book (Xmas/Celebration Words)

    GL all entrants

  16. I’m late to the blog, but that will be the case from now on in as you’re up too early for me lol!

    I think:
    1. You designed the die
    2. Shenandoah
    3. Clarity Christmas & Celebrations Words Sticker Collection.

    Safe travels lovely lady x

  17. Hi Barb,
    Hope you had a successful meeting up at Peterborough and that the journey wasn’t too horrendous. Love this piece of artwork and will have a go at it. My answers are :
    1 Mel Turner,
    2 Shenandoah
    3 Words Sticker Collection by Barbara Gray
    Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  18. Oh blimey, just been to website to see what the stickers are called and have just seen the next One Day Special – shoes my favourite things !! After I’ve just spent loads (more than the voucher I got for my birthday ha! Ha! – don’t tell hubby, as it is I’m already going to have to tell him it will come in two parcels cos I also made another order !!) you come up with these ! And I liked yesterday’s plates and stamps…. I’ve been good for so long I’ve just splurged ! Just got one of my work pensions – that isn’t going to last long, I might have to take the other one early !

    Competition answers:
    1. Mel Turner
    2. Shenandoah (just used this one)
    3. Barbara’s Words Sticker Collection.

    I need to use up some peel offs before I can treat myself to no 3 and I’m adamant about that – for now anyway !

    Hope your meeting went well. X

  19. Ps just read yesterday’s blog ! Now I see why today’s was so early – that will be good for me as I wont have to keep checking 🙂 Please don’t stress yourself though ! Going back to ready yesterday’s properly now ! X

  20. You are starting bright and early Barbara, and hope your journey to Peterborough wasn’t too horrendous and that the meeting went well. Answers to the questions:
    1. Mel Turner
    2. Shenandoah
    3. Words Sticker Collection by Barbara Gray

  21. My busiest day of the week, so read your blog this morning and waited until now to answer the questions. However, I am now shattered, so haven’t researched to check and have seen the answers in the posts above, so I will not enter this time.
    I hope your meeting went well and that the traffic wasn’t too bad, especially with the heavy rain showers.. have a good evening. Hugs. Annette. X

  22. Haven’t time to look up the answers -but it made my day to see a birthday card at the top of your blog -Happy birthday to me!!
    I know it’s not really to me -but I can dream LOL

  23. Taking it easy in Portugal at the moment hope meeting went well.
    1 Mel Turner
    2 Shenandoah
    3 Barbara’s Christmas and words stickers

  24. Nice, simple clean card and quick to make for those rush jobs!
    My answers to your competition;
    1= Mel Turner
    3=Barbara ‘s Words Sticker Collection
    Fingers crossed!😉

  25. Hello Barb, hope the trip was worthwhile and you did not have too much traffic. My answers are;
    1) Mel Turner
    2) Shenandoah
    3) Barbara’s word sticker Collection.

    Take care all. Bx

  26. Good luck to everyone with the quiz! Managed to tidy 3 things off my work desk yesterday but the craft desk had to wait until today, although I did do some crochet in the evening. I love the idea of setting an intention for daily practice! The trick will be not beating myself up if it doesn’t get done!!!

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