A Perforect Book!

A Perforect Book!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Just got home. Big accident on the M11. Somebody was having a very, very bad day. Took a couple of hours longer to get home, but hey. Better late then never springs to mind.

Thank you to all of you who invested in Linda’s beautiful new Handbook. What a thing to prize it is. I have learnt so much and have had a real personal breakthrough in achieving some of that fantastic lacework we who love parchment art aspire to. Thank you to lovely Linda, too. She worked so hard to perfect this book – it is a masterpiece, created by a master of her craft.

And so, on to the next adventure. Quick turnaround here. Wednesday we head up to the NEC to set up for the Big Christmas 4-Day Exhibition.

Our stand number? C01. (See one – got to buy one!)

Let me leave you with a very simple Groovi demo which I didn’t get to yesterday afternoon, using one of our new Groovi Baubles. They sold out before I was even able to show them off!

  1. Emboss the bauble on plain parchment. Use the No. 2 tool where you want to do any whitework first. See the duller lineart?

2. On the back, do a little whitework on the snowman and the hearts. Colour in the row of houses with a black Perga Colour Pen. The Lightwave underneath really helps see what you are doing.

3. Add a border around the outside using the Nested square plate from the Starter Kit, and colour in some of the boxes black, too. A second layer of black really makes the black black! Colour in on the back. Black black on the back!

4. Add more colour on the back, using the Perga Colour pens. Pick a background paper first. I went with a Petite Topper from the Toscana Collection.

5. A coloured drop shadow on the lettering is always effective….

6. Now for some basic gridwork, using the – wait for it – BASIC GRIDS! This is the straight basic bold. 

Again, the Lightwave is brilliant for helping with Gridwork. No! We haven’t just has a lorry load delivered! I know, I seem to be harping on about the Lightwave a lot at the moment. Just happens to be an excellent piece of kit!

You can see here how just using the No. 2 tool from the Starter Kit and the basic straight grid can add such a bright and beautiful touch to your work.

7. Now for the Perforating. 1- Needle Bold tool required, for use with the Bold grid. Perforating from the front now.

This is very cool. See how, by perforating all the area outside the bauble, the bauble looks raised? Optical illusion. The perforating looks debossed.

Let’s look more closely….

This is something a complete novice could do very easily. So enjoyable too.

There we are. Designer card in the back. In fact, I even reperforated the card too, before mounting on the black cardblank.

Time to wind down. Cream crackered now…thanks again.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “A Perforect Book!

  1. Glad you got home safely. Well done on your TV shows, the stamps yesterday were great and I’m sure everyone who loves Groovi will have been ispired by Linda’s new book. Good luck for the NEC show. Xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Another great set of shows. I had word today that my book has been dispatched – how good is that? Can’t wait for it to arrive. I hope Linda was watching to see how brilliantly the book went down- she must be very pleased and proud. Sorry you had another long journey home. Hope you manage to chill out a bit tomorrow. Love and hugs,Alisonxxx

  3. I can imagine how tired you must be, especially after a longer journey home. A great weekend for you though and Linda must be impressed. I hope she is soon feeling better.
    I am taking my granddaughter to the NEC for the first time, so really looking forward to our day out on Saturday. Sleep well. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Pleased you got home safely. We never know what’s round the corner. I ordered my baubles straight from Claritystamp and am looking forward to playing with them. I’m getting on well with my Christmas cards. I’ll see you on Thursday at C01 and C03. I’m all prepared with my list, NDC card and newsletter. Good luck with the set up xx

  5. Not surprised you had sellouts. These baubles are lovely.
    I’m in the dog house !!! Bought the stamps, and the Groovi plates, then the beautiful book by Linda and the Bird set. Then discovered my list of other things I meant to order but they will have to wait now as there is not much room in this kennel to craft!!!
    You and Paul did so well standing in for Linda. The prep for this must have been very hard work and I am really looking forward to getting this book. The projects in it look fantastic.
    Glad you got home safely.
    Will not be able to get to the NEC, very disappointing but we just can’t make the journey at the moment.
    Have a good rest this evening.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Haven’t caught up with the shows yet as I didn’t get home from Oldham after watching my granddaughters in a Musical Theatre competition until gone midnight as it over ran by nearly an hour. Went to watch the TV programmes earlier to find that they hadn’t recorded as planned – then OH confessed that TV had a wobbily yesterday & had to be rebooted – technology is wonderful when it works !!
    I ordered Linda’s new book as soon as I got home without even seeing the shows as I knew it would be fantastic. Loving the look of the DT samples I have seen & your step by step above might mean that the bauble plates will be finding their way here.
    Sorry you had a longer journey home but as you say someone was having a really bad day.
    Now to make my shopping list for Friday !!

  7. Good evening Barbara
    Glad you got home safe and sound.
    I absolutely loved all of the shows I had the brilliant Linda Williams book in my basket and checked out three minutes after going to air and I have already had a dispatch notice from Hochanda
    Excited now.
    You and Paul did a fantastic job demonstrating all the delightful projects .
    Please pass on my best wishes to Linda and say thank you for sharing all her knowledge with us Hugs T

  8. There are frequent accidents on our roads which block the road and result in a sixty mile diversion or we get held up for a few hours as happened to you today. At some point, though, we get home which is more than can be said for some on our roads. The delay is nothing compared to the lives that are shattered.
    On a cheerier note, what a brilliant weekend you had. Loved the demonstrations and so looking forward to getting the stamps, groovi plates and books now. On holiday in a couple of weeks which will give me lots of time to play! I had already bought some fo the tools so didn’t order the bundle but delighted to see that there is a section devoted to each tool which means there will be plenty to keep me occupied till I buy more tools. Christmas sale order arrived today too! Thank you to all the team for their hard work and especially to Linda for being so generous in sharing so much of her knowledge with us. Have a good week. Hx

  9. As you say better late than never. Glad you got home safely, the motorways are a bit mad these days. Linda’s book looks amazing and of course I ordered it. I shall be at NEC on Thursday for a few hours with Fred then again on Saturday with my girls. Love that day. X

  10. The groovi work is so beautiful, but I just don’t have the patience! I crochet for mindfulness and it grows really quickly. How worrying for Linda to feel so poorly and not know what’s wrong. Please send my love and best wishes for a diagnosis soon and hope that she’s feeling better in the near future x

  11. Hello Barb, glad you got home safely, but I do feel for anyone involved in the accident. Love this step by step. Groovi and Parching is not my thing, but it is beautiful. Received my Club envelope, and all 3 (stamp, stencil and die, especially that die )are just sublime, can’t wait to use them! Take care all. Bx

  12. Wonderful shows at the weekend by both yourself and Paul,just had to order Linda’s beautiful book along with the tools,I am quite new to groovi and have become hooked just find it so therapeutic. A thought came to me on ordering the ODS,I don’t have book one so into the basket it went along with the tools to go with it !! Early Christmas present to myself.Hope you all have a good time at the NEC , can’t make it this time,but hey ho we can’t always do everything.

  13. Lovely artwork, had to buy book no.2. even tho’ I’m still working thro’Book 1. Just need to work out which tools I am missing. Thank you x

  14. So glad you showed this here. I was disappointed that it wasn’t shown on the show, so thank you! As an American, I am looking to see how easy it is to change “Happy” to “Merry” as my family would think I was silly using “Happy” for Christmas, LOL! Since it is the same amount of letters and, I have already done this on other plates, it shouldn’t be too hard.

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