76 Days to Christmas

76 Days to Christmas

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. 76 days to Christmas… Sounds like ages away yet. That’s actually 10 weeks. Ought to start thinking about it. Well, at least not dismiss it entirely!

We’re way, WAY too busy to be leaving ANYTHING until the 11th hour nowadays; you just never know what’s lurking in the shadows, waiting to trip you up!

Anyway, decided to make my first card of the season, and show off those very useful Christmas stickers that landed yesterday.

How about a step by step and a very special offer?

There are four in Mel’s Christmas Rounds Set: Santa, The Doves, The Stockings and The Deer. I tend to always reach for the Doves and the Deer, so it was refreshing to play with Santa for a change. So to speak…

Have just asked Steve at work to drop the prices for us on the website. From now until midnight Sunday, let’s take them from £39.96 to £25. Plus your club discount = BARRRGINN!!!!!! Click here to investigate.

They are available individually, and are also reduced from £9.99 to £8. So the best deal is on the bundle, but if you only want a couple of them, that’ll be a good deal too.

I really like these designs together with the typewriter stickers style. Very cool.


We’re not on telly for a bit, so now’s a good time to make a few cards! Oh and grab a few bargains online! www.claritystamp.com

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “76 Days to Christmas

  1. Terrific technique! These dies with the words would also work for the rectangular cards that the post offices here in the US prefer. (Square cards won’t go through the machines, so you have to pay extra postage)
    Can’t believe it’s only 10 weeks until Christmas. I’ve got my cards planned, but I’m usually much further along by now. Got to get creating.

  2. Just back from the hospital, Ray’s scan showed all is good so happy day today. 😍
    Love your Santa – going to see how this works with the other dies in the set bought last year. Inspirational !
    I will miss you on the telly for a while but my OH and the bank manager have heaved sighs of relief. Haven’t told them that Maria may have “must have’s” on her show.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. Off to Portugal on Sunday , when I get home will have my craft room back , kids move out this weekend, although I’ll miss them like crazy it will be nice to have all my craft stuff to hand again , so can really crack on with Xmas cards . Brilliant offer thanks barb x

  4. Is there any time on offer on the website or have you all used that up already? Lol. Love the Santa die. I have two of them and will give this a go. Ten weeks. I daren’t count how many days that leaves for me between now and then! Never mind, one day at at time. I have spent the whole day doing emails as I have been locked out of my work email for a good couple of weeks as they changed server and then my account got hacked – my work account that is, not the one I use here. It has been great getting no emails but as they say, all good things….. Anyway, I had better get back to it. Have a good evening folks. Hx

  5. Good thing I’ve been making Christmas cards this week then! I’m using the candle, Madonna and peace and love window dies. Thought I’d make the cards window shaped too…how many do you think I’ve cut right through? And how many times have I put the dies the wrong way up? My magnetic sheet is like a patchwork! 😊Xx

  6. I have been making Groovi toppers which having done the embossing & white work I need to add some colour then mount. I think I will have to turn to my dies & stamps to speed things up a bit if there are only 76 days left to go until the big day as that means only about 65 making days to allow for posting. Last dates for posting to UK addresses are Tuesday Dec 18 for 2nd class & Thursday Dec 20 for 1st class.

  7. I always leave Christmas preparation until the last moment. Will it be different this year? Having the dies will make such a difference – I have the whole set. The step by step was so easy to follow and I could read all of the text. Coincidence or what. I like the new stickers. I will order soon. I hope you have time to draw breath Barbara. xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Love this set of dies(&Groovi plates), have used them loads in the past. The only thing is, I can’t remember who I sent each design to! I’ll have to try and organise myself and make a list of who gets what so I don’t replicate cards for people. Been doing a couple of the new embroidery plates – they took a lot longer than the original ones- and am super pleased with the results. I think they will be for my sister and special cards as they take so long. Great offer on the stickers as well. Had email to say my Sunday order is on its way so I’m hoping it will arrive tomorrow morning. Brilliant service as ever. Looking forward to playing with Cherry’s stamps. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Hi Barb, inspiration to start mine, because time is going to whizz past. Love these dies, and quick and easy to make cards with them. Mmmmm, when is payday again? Take care all. Bx

  10. Love that card design Barbara! So simple but really modern and funky. Made about 2 dozen cards before my holiday using the treescape die and some glitter card in the background – definitely doing quick and simple this year. Promised myself I would use up supplies lurking in my stash so I’ll need to get my thinking cap on!

  11. Hello folks!
    My Christmas stickers are en route, as I am told by your very efficient dispatch emailers this morning!! Now, I have to plan where I am going to stick them!!! I too am going to find (!) the Christmas window dies OR the Christmas bauble stencils from the stash piling up at my side! Probably both…. to make for my local hospice charity shop. Keeepppp crafting!
    Luv….theuva Barbara x

  12. One year I made my first Christmas card Jan Ist. Then another year it was Aug. Bank holiday….this year lost it….interest had gone, but just ordered a lovely new stamp on Hochanda, which may get me moving again, can feel some crafty feeling returning!!
    I do luv it usually!

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