Who did this work?

Who did this work?

Hi there! Thanks for popping in. Been sat staring at the partition wall for the last half hour. You know, that glassy eyed stare, when Old man Time is telling you to call it a day…

But then I refocussed, and looked at what was actually in front of me…

My buddy Linda and me in Slovenia, a great Groovi Crossword, and a fab Groovi poem.

So I took the time to kiss the photo, as you do, then checked to see who had made the crossword (clever Lynne Lee), and finally, read the wonderful poem.

FANTASTIC!!! But no author?!?!?

So if you are reading this, and it was YOUR brilliant handiwork, then please raise your hand, so we can give you a big pat on the back.

And you you are familiar with our Groovi plates, then perhaps you could list below the plates which were used in the making of this masterpiece!

Yep. It sits next to me every day at the office, along with Lynneโ€™s crossword and Linda! Itโ€™s a keeper!! I ought to frame it, to keep it safe! Mmm…I hope she gets back from Florida safely today.

Anyway, now I think itโ€™s time to go home.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Who did this work?

  1. I have lots of moments like that usually when I am crafting and my mind goes blank Not that there is much in this old head anytime lol
    You know Barbara I was in a art gallery in St Ives on Tuesday and I found myself reading a poem and I thought of YOU. So I bought the poem that had been made onto a card for you .
    I will give it to you when I see you At Leyburn
    You have a wonderful evening Theresa ๐Ÿค—

  2. What a lovely poem and what a shame the author is unknown. I think at least 5 different plates have been used, possibly 6. Hope the person gets in touch with you soon.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the Pergamano shows today (in between the 3 visits to the dentist with Ray!!!) and have already been advised my 8am order is on the way.
    Have a good evening.

  3. Well you could knock me down with a feather! You just made me cry (in a good way!). I wish I could claim the poem was mine too, it is stunning and must have taken hours. Thank you for your kind words – you made my day xxx

    1. Dear Barbara
      I think you will find the beautiful poem was by Penny Nuttall. You blogged in 6th June 2017.
      Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. Hi Barb, what a real shame the person didn’t own her art, like you try to tell us to have the confidence to do. I hope the person still reads your blog so you can find them.

    I was thinking about you saying about your glassy eyed stare, do I do that. Guess what? Nope! Not with my non stop busy autistic head!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰Even when I’m struggling to keep my eyes open, my head is still busy, busy, busy… Guess that explains why I can stay up all night if I let myself!!!

    Fingers crossed Linda gets home safely. It’s awful what’s going on over there. Global warming is the cause I guess! I can’t imagine what it must like, the scary hurricane force, then the devastation of losing everything, and not even having fresh water and food. So sad.

    Hope you get a rest this evening, and a good sleep tonight. Love you xxx

  5. I hope the author is not too modest to own their piece of work, it is beautiful and a lot of thought has gone into it . Beautiful. xx

  6. Nope can’t claim the poem either but do remember having seen/heard it on TV (if memory serves me correctly), shown as a sample on one of the Groovi shows. Do hope the author claims it as it’s a lovely piece of artwork. Re the glassy stare…oh yes I totally get that more or less on a daily basis at some point of the day…lol! xx

  7. Beautiful art work & a beautiful photo, showing great friendships & love.
    Dwell on these things & the things of earth will grow strangely dim.
    Take care Barbara. ๐Ÿ’ž

  8. What a beautiful piece of art. It is a lovely poem and I am so impressed with how straight and evenly spaced the lettering has been done. It must have taken hours.

  9. Hi Barb, I hope Linda got home safely. My heart goes out to the people affected by Dorian, especially in the Bahamas. I pray that they can recover. Both pieces of work are beautiful, and the poem is absolutely brilliant, I do hope the poet/Groovi artist gets in touch. Take care all. Bx

  10. Thanks Barb for another thoughtful inspiring blog, love reading all your thoughts and musings, glassy eyed, this year has felt like this ๐Ÿ˜ข for me as have had lots of problems, Groovi and all the lovely inspiration and Groovi worldwide FB and blogs really do help me to keep going. God Bless you all xx

  11. Whoever wrote the poem and created that piece of art should be so proud of their work. You really should frame it! I’ve had that glassy eyed stare all week, but have got to the end of the week, and after my awards evening tonight I’ve got a day off tomorrow, and boy do I need it. Hope you get some time to yourself over the weekend to just chill a little – even for an hour or two! x

  12. Great poem and lovely artwork on both pieces. I do this stare sometimes trying to think of a crafty idea…then I walk away and usually the idea comes. Xx

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