Let me introduce you…..

Let me introduce you…..

Hi everyone

I hope you are well.

Despite the up and down weather here in Kent, it has been another fun-filled day at Clarity Towers. With lots of meetings, lots of planning, both of which have proven to be very productive. As a result, there are lots of exciting projects on the horizon! (yes I know I am a tease!!)

Anyway, this week as part of the “Monday Meet Up” feature, the guys in the office had a chat with the lovely Lucy, one of our super talented in-house designers…………….

I hope you’ve enjoyed these short meet ups with our wonderful Clarity family!

Before I go, just a few things to remind you about……….

The Clarity storage sale ends this evening, so make sure you stock up on folders to keep all your Clarity goodies nice and tidy and organised – Click HERE

You have until midday tomorrow to enter the “Guess the Ingredients” Competition from yesterday’s blog to be in with a chance of winning the Β£20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

So until tomorrow!

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

11 thoughts on “Let me introduce you…..

  1. What a woman! It’s so nice to hear she is so happy at work and to understand some of the processes needed to make a design into a product. It would be nice to have a video of receiving a drawing from Barbara and following it to production. I do hope this feature carries on.

    1. That’s a great idea. I’ve wondered how the plates, stencils and stamps are made.

      It’s been fun meeting some of the Clarity team. Hope this series continues. It seems like a great place to work. So far most of them have chosen Groovi as their favorite product. I wonder if that trend will continue?

  2. Love this Monday Meetup, hope it continues when Barbara returns. Thank you for keeping things going on the blog, for the competitions, for the humour and the special offers.
    Re-watched the Pergamano shows this afternoon, Josie clarified a couple of things I wasn’t sure of.
    Will have to order more storage before time runs out on the offer.
    hugs πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  3. What a lovely person Lucy is. So good she is in a job she enjoys and helps to produce products in a format we can use. You have started something here Paul. I hope Barbara thinks so too and wants to continue them.

  4. So nice to listen and see the people who work behind the scenes. Lucy is a very interesting and important team member and it shines through how much she enjoys working for Clarity as much as I enjoy using the products especially Groovi.

  5. Nice to meet you Lucy. You probably have had a hand in most if my Clarity products. Nice to hear the way a design is made into the end plate or stamp we can then buy. Xx

  6. So insightful to hear from Lucy about how the designs become a usable product. She obviously loves her job! I’ve really enjoyed these little peeks behind the scenes and meeting some of the Clarity team. Thanks Paul x

  7. Great to put a face to the name, Lucy is obviously very talented herself and so interesting, love her passion for creating x

  8. Dear Paul. I have so enjoyed the chance to see some of the great people who work with you, such a good idea. Really nice seeing Jeannine, as I have spoken to her several times on the phone and she is always lovely. Thank you for keeping up with the blog. It is always something nice to read every day. X

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