Step by step

Step by step

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Sunday’s blog a step by step today. Here is one which shows you loads of little tricks and ideas, from making your own matching glitter paper to using every last scrap of the die cut!

The Fresh cut dies I used here are one of three very beautiful dies illustrated by our ever clever Mel. I love them, not only because they are so classy and quirky cool, but also because they are so versatile! Here I have used them in a Christmas setting, but they can just as easily be used beyond the 24th December!

Available at a great bundle price (click here). Or individually too. In fact, if you fancy a little look at the papers and the dies, then head on over to our website – they are all here

Time to crack on with tidying up my art room! Been listening to a great book all afternoon (The Binding, by Bridget Collins) and been having a right old clear out at the same time. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, if you’ll pardon the expression; both exercises, clearing out and listen-reading, are good for the head at very different levels.

But now I must get back to The Binding! It’s just getting reallllly gripping!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Step by step

  1. You’re getting started early on your Christmas card making Barb!!! Lovely cards too. A clearout and something to take you away to a safe other world in your head sounds a good plan for a Sunday. If you’d advertised it, there’d have been a queue of folk outside your door willing to take the clearout stuff off your hands, I’m sure!!! Hope your working week is a good one. Love you xx

  2. Love the step by steps, beautiful dies of the birds. Nice tidy artroom now them. Have you been watching Glastonbury? Enjoy the rest of your

  3. I will have another look through that lot in a minute ! Thank you. I’ve just checked on the book you’re listening too, I think I’ll download that as hubby was a bookbinder by trade and did his apprenticeship so might be interesting ! Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve got a few lined up for holiday on Tues ! Going to Crete with eldest son and his family, our first holiday together in about 10 years I think ! X

  4. I have spent the day picot cutting, whilst listening to the cricket. What a match that was! Have just watched Kylie at Glastonbury and now have square eyes so need to have a break. At least I have a ready stock of cut lace borders, ready for when my new Tina plates arrive, hopefully tomorrow.
    I don’t have any of the dies, but still enjoy your demos. Thank you.
    Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette x

  5. The dies and papers are on their way to me. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to give this a try. I tried my making my own glitter paper using two different mediums, one has turned out better than the other. Trouble is, I can’t remember which was which medium. Oops! Every time I clear out my craft room I promptly mess it up again. I have a stable half full of the stuff I cleared out of my tardiness. It still seems very full. Rob is building me a new ,much bigger craft room. Enjoy what’s left of your evening.

  6. Another very hot day here – our conservatory (aka the art studio) was over 100F so no painting today. The craft room was cooler so did some prep on some Groovi projects.
    Love these bird dies (and the step-by-step) as they are not too fiddly for paper piecing, hoping mine will arrive shortly as they were dispatched same day I ordered.
    Had a play with the Harlequin set and have lots of backgrounds ready, now all I need is a Pierrot to go with them. Stamp or die (or both) I’m not fussy. Can do?
    Have a good evening with your book.

  7. I’ve been having another play with the Craftalong stencil today and hope to finish my projects this week. Love these new dies and I will purchase when I can, love the step by steps too – Barbara thank you for them xx

  8. beautiful designs, love the nature themed dies and I always try and do the scrap trip too so I can get a twofa. Bit cooler today, well not ovan warm anyway, watched Kylie at Glastonbury this evening and will be watching The Cure too. Don’t think I would like to be there in the weather this weekend. Enjoy your book. XX

  9. Thanks for this latest tips Barbara
    Have to say I thought the best thing about The Binding was the cover!! In fact I’ve cut and folded the book for a gift for my sister ! So depressing a story but now it looks lovely and was much appreciated by my sister 😊

  10. Hello Barb, a fabulous step by step, love the bird dies. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the book. Take care all. Bx

  11. All my mates, who meet for a weekly craft Friday, agree that you, Barbara, are just the best at showing us such a wide range of demonstrations. Thank you to you, and your behind the scenes workers obvs!
    Also thanks for mentioning your “good read”. I immediately popped it onto my Amazon wishlist and blow me this morning it has been reduced by 82%, so onto my Kindle it now goes. Result ;o)

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