Open Day Podcast with Elizabeth Finch

Open Day Podcast with Elizabeth Finch

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Please allow me to introduce you to Elizabeth, a young lady I met for the first time at the Open Days in Ditton.

Elizabeth is an avid Groovi fan. She came to Ditton for the day, to meet us all, and to tell me how much Groovi art has changed her life. Simon Green, another old buddy of mine (Oi! Less of the old!) and I had a chat to her. Listen to what she has to say….

Here is a little gallery of Elizabeth’s lovely art.

You get in the groovi, and you stay there.
Even if you jump out, it doesnt matter!
I get lost in it for hours….
I invested in your nursery rhymes
I make for friends and family…
This is the tray Eizabeth works on. She says the Groovi Plate Mate sits in it perfectly.
Meeting Elizabeth was a game changer for me. A real lightbulb moment.

The point is this: at Clarity, we pedal away, designing and making all sorts of arty crafty products for arty crafters. We have known for a long time that the Groovi System is great for focussing the mind, and that a lot of us relax into it and get lost for hours, don’t we? We know that it works well in the mindful process of staying in the NOW. I have certainly figured out personally that once I get in the groove and concentrate on what I’m doing, I can switch off beautifully. Elizabeth has cast a whole new light on Groovi art for me. To think that – as a result of the Groovi Plate Mate and Groovi Plates and Groovi Tabs – this young woman is able to craft for the first time WITHOUT ASSISTANCE – now that never occurred to me, did it you? We take so much for granted, don’t we?

Please share this podcast where you can. We will load it onto Youtube next week.

Thank you Elizabeth, for opening my eyes wide again.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

34 thoughts on “Open Day Podcast with Elizabeth Finch

  1. Elizabeth you are amazing , love your Groovi artwork, so pleased you’ve found a way to get crafting again x

  2. Well done Elizabeth. What an amazing and inspirational lady you are. Keep up the good work. Dee xxx

  3. And that makes everything real!
    How heartwarming for you Barbara that in a small way you have made such a massive difference to Elizabeth. And I bet she is not the only one!
    Have a great day. Hugs xxx

  4. You are an amazing young lady Elizabeth, I am so happy for you to have found Groovi.
    Keep in the Groovi.
    Best wishes to you.
    Sonia x

  5. Groovi is amazing as i too found out last year when I shattered my shoulder joint. I was used to crafting a lot on a daily basis and was incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t do what I normally did, as my right, dominant arm was immobile and very painful. However, I decided to try groovi with my left hand, and I could do the lines! It felt amazing, and with practice it got better! It lifted my out of the useless feeling, what is the point thoughts and made me see that I could still do things that were what made me me! I still do the line with my left as my shoulder titea quickly.
    Groovi is incredible as it gives hope and independence to less physically abled crafters and I wishe Elizabeth lots of crafty hugs to keep creating lovely projects.

  6. Elizabeth you are an amazing and inspirational young lady and your cards are beautiful.
    Barbara you must feel so proud.
    Just need a tissue…….

  7. Barbara, thanks for sharing this story, it is truly inspirational. Gives us all food for thought !
    Congratulations, Elisabeth, on your lovely artwork. I hope you have lots more joy with this great craft.


  8. It was so lovely to meet you Elizabeth and I am glad you put your work on to share. Brilliant that Groovi makes you more independent. It is my therapy too xx

  9. Lovely to know it can help this sweet lady. It’s true it does relax you. In fact sometimes I have a job not to fall asleep. Hope all going well with USA launch. Love xxxxx

  10. very well done Elizabeth
    Your work is beautiful, it sure can take you out of the moment and all worries and cares disappear for as long as you are doing it I’ve only just started and not doing extremely well but enjoying trying keep it definitely going to try to go to open day next year that is my promise to me and hopefully I will see you there “keep on grooving

  11. Very well done Elizabeth! Groovi makes you happy and able to achieve lovely art works.
    Be forever thankful friends, we take so much for granted until we meet amazing folk like Elizabeth.
    Two of my lovely grandchildren, brother and sister,had heart transplants at Great Ormond Street a few years ago. They were fit and healthy until the age of 14 then disaster struck. Thankfully, very thankfully they are both amazingly strong and fit and very busy. We are truly blessed.

  12. I am in awe of this wonderful, inspirational lady. Elizabeth you are amazing. When you launched the Groovi system Barbara you opened up this lovely craft to so many people. I am typing through tears. X

  13. Hi Barbara and welcome to groovi Elizabeth
    To be honest Barbara I am not surprised at all by Elizabeth’s story. I worked with people with cerebral Palsy for twenty years and I know the issues that are faced on a daily basis.
    So all I will say is we’ll done Elizabeth and I look forward to seeing your beautiful artwork on groovi worldwide hugs 🤗

  14. Barbara, it is so lovely to hear how much Groovi means to Elizabeth. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her work is beautifully done. Very best wishes for her Groovi future. xx

  15. What an amazing young woman. You should be very proud of yourself Elizabeth. You are a great example to us all and you never know, you may encourage other people to take up groovi when they see the amazing work you are producing. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing all your creations on Facebook. Hx

  16. Wow! It is so good to see someone find that thing that sparks their creative journey. Hope Elizabeth has many more happy Groovi years. XX

  17. So lovely to see you Elizabeth. I taught Elizabeth when she was 5 . Loving how groovi has given you crafting independence. Lots of love xx

  18. So wonderful that you have found a way of being independently creative using the Groovi system Elizabeth and your art work is really beautiful. This must make you so happy Barbara to know that people with dexterity problems like Elizabeth can get into the groove too. x

  19. Elizabeth you are so amazing. I love your artwork, so pleased that you have found groovi and I look forward to seeing more of your lovely artwork on groovi worldwide. Finding groovi has been a miracle for me too, I have constant back pain and using groovi takes me to another place. Your interview was so touching, I hope you continue to enjoy your new craft. Thank you so much Barbara for putting the podcast on, I will share it in the hopes that it helps a lot more people that have dexterity problems and people like me who get so absorbed in their lineart that it almost takes the pain

  20. Your work is truly amazing Elizabeth. I love the hot air balloons! I’m so pleased that you have found something that gives you so much pleasure. Never, ever struggle with your self-esteem. You are an incredible woman, an awesome artist and an inspiration.

  21. Hi Barb,
    How lovely that Elisabeth has found Groovi and that she can create such wonderful pieces of artwork independently. Well done Elisabeth, your creations are wonderful and you are inspirational. I know how mindful a Groovi is – when I was in hospital a year ago( can you believe it), I took in with me some of Linda’s 1,2,3 original plates already traced out and practiced my white work and colouring whilst recovering from my op. I did find that the time passed really quickly and it took my mind off the pain of my knee!! Elisabeth keep working on your creations. Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  22. Elizabeth they are awesome and you are would give you a hug cause you are a wonderful young lady so pleased you have found some you get so much pleasure from it makes so much difference to you as a person and others to have ago you made me shed a few tears listening to your words and the passion in your voice for groovi and the pleasure its brought in your life and how much it means to Barbara and team hope to meet you one day very soon x

  23. Elizabeth, I am so pleased that you have found something that allows you to craft. I know how much it means to means to me to be able to make things and I am able bodied so it must mean the world to you. So pleased you got to the Open Day, hopefully I can get there next year and join the queue of people who will be saying hello to you.

  24. How inspiring. I’ve long thought you might try to get mental health services or occupational therapists to try your Groovi system as a therapeutic tool. Doing something purposeful as well as mindful makes much more sense and would really help folk to stay engaged with the activity as they see their own improvement. Once a rehab nurse, always a rehab nurse heh?!!! x

  25. Hi Barb, a huge well done to Elizabeth and it is a testimony to you and the Clarity team and family, proving you make a difference to many people. Bx

  26. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely chat today. I think it is wonderful how the Groovi system is helping so many people to be able to craft by themselves.
    You invent the coolest of gadgets
    Love & Hugs

  27. What amazing ladies both Barbara and Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing the story Barbara and thank you Elizabeth for sharing your work.

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