It’s Dee-Day!

It’s Dee-Day!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Just on my way out to the TV studios at HOCHANDA. The day has finally come to launch lovely Dee Fitzsimmon’s enchanting Character stamps, Faith, Joy, Hope and Brave:

When I first saw the finished artwork, I fell in love with her artwork. It is so gentle, yet so empowering. So she and Lucy, one of our leading Clarity designers, set about turning her coloured illustrations into stamps, so that others could play with them and get arty too.

I must admit, although I knew that we really just needed the outline, and had to empty out the eyes of pretty much any lineart, the naked stamps were a bit haunting! So we decided to add Dee’s colour artwork with each set, so you too could see the potential. These are a very new style for us, a young style. The A5 size is great for cardmaking, scrapbooking and smaller art. The A4 size is what all the mixed media artists and journaling peeps are calling for. #bestofbothworlds.

Each stampset comes with a sheet of very poignant, meaningful and uplifting words, which Dee composed. I think they make it. They take a little character, and turn her into a very strong message of art.

These are the demos I have planned for the show. I think it’s Dee-Day though. She is going to teach us how to do the eyes, how to colour the lips etc. Let’s watch that, eh!
So if I get to it, great. if not, I’ll blog a step by step next week.
Barbara Gray. Piece of cake!
Jane Telford
Jane Telford
Carole Panksztelo
Carole Panksztelo
Anne Dimitriou

I hope you have time to celebrate with Dee and myself at 6pm this evening on HOCHANDA. We have been working on this project for months, and it is very exciting for Dee, because she always wanted to have her own range of stamps – and now she gets to showcase them herself on TV. #dreamcometrue. Warning: they are very VERY addictive! When I started playing with these little characters, I couldn’t stop!!!

Right. Gotta go. See you on the other side.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

36 thoughts on “It’s Dee-Day!

  1. They are beautiful, I’m still chuckling as when I saw Faith I didn’t realise part of the stamps was a mermaids tails and could only think of a pair of boobs! Once I saw the mermaid I realised ! Have a great launch Dee – you can’t go wrong with Barb at your side x x

  2. Wonderful looking forward to watching Dee and how she brings these amazing stamps to life, I’m taping the shows as well for future reference – Good luck Dee and Barbara xx

  3. Eeek – the wait is finally over – looking forward to watching the shows and how you and Dee team up and create. 🙂

  4. Oh my word, these are fabulous. I love the cards that just use the extra elements just as much as the character ones. Jane Telford – love that you did pink hair!! Lol. They are brilliant, each and everyone one of them. All set to record.☺☺☺

  5. I shall have to watch carefully for the colouring on these. It will be out of my comfort zone, I do like all the little added extras with each stamp. Good Luck with the shows. xx

  6. Ive been waiting impatiently for these. Love them but will have to sit on hands and enjoy the shows as have to be a grown up and wait for pay day.

  7. Good Luck to Dee. The stamps are fab and so useful in many ways! I loved playing with them!
    Have a great day Barbara. I am sure you’ll enjoy showing these off on TV along with Dee!
    Love and hugs xx

  8. These are a new style for me & see what you mean about the haunted look of the outline but love the way the colouring adds depth. Will watch with interest.

  9. Good luck for your launch Dee, you and Barbara will be fantastic I am sure. The art work looks amazing. XX

  10. Watching the show now and loving it.

    A plea from me however. Would the very talented Dee consider producing similar artwork but for women’s faces rather than a child or young girl? That would be so good!

  11. Hello Barb, what an awesome set of stamps, love the artwork. Hope Dee gets on ok on the telly. Take care all.Bx

  12. These are so up my street that I’ve been waiting for what seems ages for their release. A great addition to the Clarity family. Can’t wait to play!

  13. Great idea!!! Could we please develop the family with different generations? Would love children as well as parents and grandparents to cover art for all occasions. However that will keep me poor !!! Loving the look and potential. Thank you Dee and Barbara
    Gill b

  14. Love the stamps ,even though I’m on my jollies in Majorca I managed a sneaky peak of the 6pm show 😉and managed to order them. I will be watching all the rewinds too. The stamps are just gorgeous xxx I love colouring

  15. sorry to hijack the blog page with a question!
    I have a collection of Groovi plates that I don’t use. I have been a Groovi club member since the beginning but just cant get my head round it and am unlikely to start now – although I have also bought loads of other plates in anticipation!! I have offered this collection on the clarity facebook page – a shoebox full – to anyone for the cost of postage but haven’t had any replies. would anyone out there like them?

    1. Hi Gillian

      I would be happy to pay the postage for your shoe box full of plates, and I would happily try and sell them on for you and send you some money for them too.
      Just let me know
      Love & Hugs
      Penny xxxxxx

      1. hi Penny, I am just waiting for a reply from one of my WI friends – although I think she will be too busy to start a new craft project!! I’ll let you know as soon as I hear. (she is away line dancing this weekend!!)

        BTW, some of the plates no longer have their ‘sleeves’

          1. That’s fine Gillian,
            I will wait to hear from you as to whether your friends wants them or not.
            Take care
            Love & Hugs

  16. I think I estimated about £15 – the box weighs over 9lbs. But I will check before I send them!

    1. Hi Gillian
      It might be better if you took them out of the book and put them in a couple of padded Jiffy bags or something like that.
      Where about are you Gillian?

        1. Hi Penny,
          Im not going to wait for my friend any longer so if you would still like the Groovi stuff you are very welcome! The entire collection fits into a large shoe box – actually a boot box!! – and I think the postage cost will be about £23 although as I said I will double check and let you know. Ill also investigate the Jiffy bag option!!
          I’m in Essex – between Colchester and Chelmsford.

        2. I’ve just checked splitting the box into two smaller parcels – comes out at almost the same – just slightly more.

          1. Hi Gillian
            If you can give me the measurements of the box, height, length & width and the weight of the package and also your address and I will see if I can arrange for a courier to collect it from you.
            Also you better let me know if there are any times that would not be convenient for you for a courier to collect it.
            I thought this might be better than you having to struggle to get it to a post office.

        3. Good morning Penny, I have just had the box weighed at the local post office. They recommend sending it via Parcelforce and estimate the cost to be £15.
          Please let me know if you are still interested.
          FYI there are 13 border plates, 27 square plates and 41 mini design club plates. Plus most of the design club leaflets.
          best wishes, Gillian
          email address

        4. HI Penny, the box is 42cm x 30cm x12cm and weighs just under 5kg. The post office weighed it yesterday and estimated £15 for Parcelforce delivery. Its no problem for me to get it to the PO – we still have one in our village!!!!
          If you are still interested please send me your address to or contact me via email so that I can give you mine!
          Just FYI I think there are 13 border plates, 27 square plates and 41 regions club Groovi plates!



          1. Hi Penny, I have just heard from my friend that she would like a go at parchment Work!
            Sorry to have taken your time.
            Best wishes,


  17. Watched the first show, recorded the rest. Watching the second one now. Dee is doing very well – is it really her first time on TV? Love her take on colouring faces. Also intrigued by the story of the characters.
    All for now. 🍒🍒🍒

  18. Been so looking forward to this day from when Dee said she was joining you and reading a bit of her story she is so humble she is so talented soon as first show started I ordered mine then see the A 4 one and want them too have to later x

  19. What a fantastic and talented lady is Dee, she makes them come to life with her colouring, just had to have them, maybe bring out a dvd on how to colour as wonderful as Dee xx

  20. Thank you to everyone for all your lovely comments. I was so nervous about going in the telly, but you all welcomed me and put me to ease. I hope you enjoy playing with the stamps as much as what I did. I have opened a group on my Facebook page if anyone wishes to share their crafty makes. X

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