Dress in layers…

Dress in layers…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Many thanks to Paul for covering for me whilst I stepped away from the plate for a couple of days. Back from a mini break with Dave in London. Went to see Hamilton for a second time. Yep. THAT GOOD!!! Pretty blimming brilliant actually. Expensive. Not as expensive as in New York. But worth every single penny. The power and talent oozing from that stage was absolutely staggering. When you think USpolitical, historical, hiphop rap musical, you do have to wonder. But it was the best thing I had ever ever seen on stage when Grace and I went in New York , and dare I say that last night’s London performance was even better. Yeah. It was.

In addition, we took in the city sights, walked miles, and when we got weary, we climbed aboard a bus! Beautiful weather, blue skies – but very brass monkeys!! Cor blimey! It was just a little too fresh riding around the Westend on the top deck of an open roof double-decker! Fortunately, I had dressed in layers, and wasn’t fussed about being fashionable! So as long as Dave could handle sitting next to a huddle of scarves, gloves and a windsheeter with the hat on and toggles pulled tight to expose just a nose, we were fine!! Err.. that’s right. No snapshots today!

Speaking of layers, here’s a little piece of art which I rustled up just now, using layers of paste and paint. I got myself all stressed at work this afternoon when we got back, but a painty session helps clear the head. Not taking all that into the weekend with me, that’s for sure! No no no. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I love these stencils. I think it’s time to get them out again….

Great price too. Click here to buy

The Viva Decor Paint that we stock is good for this job. You can apply it concentrated, as I have here, but it also moves very well watered down slightly. Here is the link to the paint and the texture paste. 

Rinse your brushes under the tap when you have finished, and let them dry ready for next time. I have actually got a set of our brushes just for paint now. They used to be my ink set, but they do get a little rough after being run across stencils thousand of times. So then they go into the painty brush set….click here for brushes.

Time to stop for the day. It’s all go, innit! We’re all gearing up for the Parchment Retreat at the Spa which commences on Monday. So lots of prep and counting here!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Dress in layers…

  1. A trip to the theatre and a bit of sightseeing is good for the soul and a great way to empty your head. Glad you and Dave had a good time.
    My granddaughter’s birthday tomorrow and she has a friend for a sleepover, so with the excitement of the new puppy not having worn off, it should be a fun weekend. I love it. 😂
    I am looking forward to the ENGG meeting on Monday and a chance to catch up with my Groovi friends, although several of them will be joining you at the retreat, the lucky things!
    Have a great weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  2. Lovely demo and glad it helped you sort your head. Glad you had a good couple of days away and if you love something why not see it more than once – I’m like that with Blood Brothers ! Have a good weekend xx p.s. bet Paul hasn’t told you what he got up to while you were away ! 😉

    1. Me too, I have seen Blood Brothers 3 times and would go again tomorrow if it was anywhere close by. It makes you laugh and cry xx

  3. Sounds like another busy weekend and week and lots fun glad you and Dave had a great couple days and oh boy is it a cold wind out there enjoy your evening xx

  4. Very arty, just right to get you back to a calm head space. I do love going to the theatre, don’t go as much as I like as it costs so much. Have a great weekend. Xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Glad to hear that you and Dave have had a good time in London. I haven’t seen Hamilton, didn’t really fancy it, but having heard you singing its praises , I might have to try to get to see it. We had a trip to the Lakes today and got to see an Osprey but blooming heck. It was very cold when out of the sun! Couldn’t believe how busy it was either, took us ages to get to Brough! Lovely canvas you’ve created for us today. I’m looking forward to Linda Page’s Grooviclass on Sunday.
    Love and hugs Alison xxx
    PS – my floral alphabet plates arrived today – blooming gorgeous!

  6. Glad you had a few days off with Dave to relax and enjoy the theatre. Judging from your comment it seems like when you got back it felt like you’d never been away. Pleased that your painty canvas got your whizzy head under control.
    Been having fun with the floral alphabet this afternoon, was so engrossed I forgot the pain, UNTIL I MOVED!!! However the pills are working so I should be fit for the retreat which I am really looking forward to.
    Hugs to all 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Hi Barbara
    Good to hear you and Dave had a lovely few days, just what you deserve after the busy time you’ve had lately. Yes it’s been sunny but quite chilly here too, not really topless top of the bus weather! Love this canvass, it’s amazing how much depth you can get using a dry brush from one side isn’t it. I’m so glad it helped your washing machine brain and youcan relax into the weekend.
    Love Diane xxxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Good to hear you and Dave had a lovely few days, just what you deserve after the busy time you’ve had lately. Yes it’s been sunny but quite chilly here too, not really topless top of the bus weather! Love this canvass, it’s amazing how much depth you can get using a dry brush from one side isn’t it. I’m so glad it helped your washing machine brain and you can relax into the weekend.
    Love Diane xxxx

  9. Sorry to hear that things were a bit out of kilter when you got back from your break in London. I don’t know much about Hamilton, need to look it up. Your piece of art work looks fantastic, nothing like diving into a messy crafty situation to clear the mind of all the things that shouldn’t be there.
    Have a good weekend before the Retreat starts on Monday. I think from what I have read on FB there are some very excited ladies getting ready to pack their bags.

  10. Glad you and Dave had a few days relaxing and having a break in London. Cool here too yesterday but lovely in the sun. Why not see Hamilton again if you enjoyed it, don’t blame you I think second time around is always better. Loved les Mis lost count of how many times we saw that one. Have a relaxing weekend if possible, probably not though if you have lots of prepping to do for the retreats.xxx

  11. Hi to all you lovely craft friends, hope you have a good weekend and manage some craft time. I had a little go doing some backgrounds today, not very successful this time, so hoping to have another go on Sunday. Lovely seeing you Diane at Ally Pally, wish we were able to have a longer chat.xxx

  12. I’m glad you managed some time in London with Dave and a chance to see Hamilton again Barbara and even with lots of layers you were brave indeed to go on the top of an open top bus. x

  13. So good to hear you have managed to relax for a few days. I also went to the theatre last night, but it was at the Minack open air theatre!! Blooming freezing but worth it. We wrapped up in layers and blankets and watched The Secret Garden and took pasties and a flask of tea. The children who took the leads were fabulous and the animal puppets were so believable. Such a lovely experience to go to the Minack if any of you visit Cornwall especially on a fine summer evening when you can sometimes see dolphins passing by. Xx

  14. Hi Barb, sounds like you had a lovely time with Dave in London, so pleased that you got time to relax with your man. Love your layered artwork. Take care all. Bx

  15. Hi Barb..
    Glad you had a nice trip…I always find that a crafty session clears my head and calms me. Loved the layered artwork & might give it a go myself. Won’t have much time to craft this weekend because getting sorted for the retreat next week..I’ve never been to one before but can’t wait..

  16. Love how you, have created a beautiful piece of art. Thank you for the tutorial. xxx
    The London weekend sounded brilliant.

  17. What fab artwork.

    Last time we visited London we went to see Motown the Musical, what a show indeed and we did the open top bus tour as well, you learn all sorts and it certainly saves the feet. Glad you had a nice break.


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