Raku Joy

Raku Joy

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. I’m watching our Paul on telly whilst writing the blog here. He’s doing a cracking job. Do join him on HOCHANDA while he showcases Tina’s layering stamps. Great price.

What glorious sunny weather we have had down here in Kent today! Dave has gone off for a cruise on his Harley before it gets dark, and I am playing catch up, having been out all day.

Can I share my day with you? I have had such a BRILLIANT time at a Raku pottery workshop !!! The raku process is fascinating. There are so many variables, from which glaze at which temperature, to where your piece is placed in the kiln,you really don’t know what you’re going to get. So 10 of us spent a happy day in a beautiful garden, in complete anticipation of what might result, and total acceptance of what did.

This was my little stash of pots which I have been preparing over weeks. Threw them and turned them on the wheel myself. These have been fired to bisque, ready for the next phase….

6 hours later, here they all are – each one now has its own character. I was very fortunate that they all worked. We did have some casualties; a few pieces cracked when they were submerged in the water. But that’s the name of the game: no guarantees. I was fortunate.

Let’s move in a little closer….

Turquoise glaze on the outside, white glase on the inside.
See the thin black lines? Fine masking tape applied before dipping in the glaze.
This was Green glaze – see the amazing crackle?
That’s what you are trying for with the raku process.

There was one happy accident. I had painted on a cobalt blue glaze, but it bubbled up and blistered in the kiln. Maybe too hot. Maybe painted on too thickly. Bit different. At first glance, I thought yuck. But apparently, this is all the rage in pottery world right now! This really gritty, crater texture is where it’s at! So I will sit with it until I love it.

There is a great German expression which perfectly describes how I feel every now and then : wunschlos glücklich. Literally translated, wishlessly happy. In other words, there is nothing that I could wish for which would add to my life or make my life happier. That’s where I’m at right now.

Ahh. The Harley is growling in the drive. I do like that sound. I really ought to get mine out too, fire it up and ride out behind Dave, or accept the fact that I’m never going to, and sell it. But that’s not something I have to decide today, is it.

Time to go and cook tea.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

27 thoughts on “Raku Joy

  1. Oh my word Barb they are fabulous. Really really beautiful. No wonder you are happy. It is lovely to see you getting so much enjoyment from this pottery. Xxxx

  2. Wow so beautiful Barbara. Remind me of your designer patterns. Doodle on them maybe. As for the Harley big decision we still have our goldwing. Will never ride it again but loathe to sell it. Miss the riding out. So relaxing. Dave should take you on his. Have a great weekend. 2wks and counting down. X

  3. Wow they look great bet you had a great day what great results and Dave had a great drive out. just watching. Paul bit be hind but loving stamps more to my list xxx

  4. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Love your new pots, they are really different and glad you get to do something you enjoy.
    Well caught up with your doodle programme today ,what can I say amazing made my mind think !!!! You always come up with such amazing things for all of us th stretch our minds etc.
    Thank you for the downloads , will have a go at this.
    Lynn xx

  5. Love your pots, I can see why you are pleased with them. Glad they all worked out, even the blue one, you will grow to love it I’m sure. Really enjoyed the ODS with Paul at 6 and I’m going to watch the 8pm show after this. Fantastic stamps from Tina. XX

  6. Hi Barbara
    WOW what beautiful pots you have made. You should be really proud of yourself.
    Love & hugs

  7. Great pots, glad you had a good day.
    Watched Paul at 6. Already have the Grovi plates but will wait till the retreat to do more buying. Recording the 8pm show.
    Have a good evening.🍒🍒🍒

  8. These are beautiful. Glad you are in a much better place today and that the sun shone on you in Kent. It was shining in Argyll too but there was still a slight chill in the air. However, blue sky, hills and loch – you cannot beat the views! Hx

  9. Stunning pots. Glad you had a dry day in the garden. You could get some amazing texture effects by wrapping the blue pot with cling film and tissue part of the way and letting it dry, ink and rip strips for a card.

  10. Your pots look amazing, that blue one will grow on you I’m sure, pity it cracked the glaze inside as the outside is beautiful, you wont notice that if you put a small potted plant inside it. Great that you are doing something for yourself to relax you today. Gorgeous weather here today too. Must catch up on your shows tonight, loved the doodling yesterday. Xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    They have turned out brilliantly. I like how each one is different — I like the blue one and I’m sure it will grow on you too. It’s wonderful that you have found something else that you absolutely love doing and that you can do to switch off from work. It’s funny isn’t it that we all switch off to Clarity and you do the opposite! Hope Dave enjoyed his cruise on the Harley. Just watched Paul’s first show which I enjoyed. DT samples gorgeous. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. Fantastic pots Barbara! So very pleased that you have found this very fulfilling new craft – it seems to suit you perfectly.
    Don’t sell your Harley – Neill thought about selling his some years ago before he had his knees done, as he couldn’t ride it. I wouldn’t let him & he is thankful that he didn’t. We now intend to get a sidecar for it, so that he will be able to ride it again and I quite fancy the idea of the sidecar now. Love and hugs, Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – it’s a very long time since I popped in here! So much has happened that it would fill up too much space for me to tell you. I hope that you are enjoying this wonderful weather – we are still living in our motor home and we are on a beautiful and peaceful site now, lots of birds here. Also we get daily visits from a pair of ducks and this afternoon when we were sat outside we watched a vole – such a beautiful little face. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  13. What amazing pots, especially the blue bubbly one. I love it. I would be over the moon to have made such lovely utensils. Paul was ace on the programmes I watched.
    still waiting some instructions from you Re my e-mail and talk to your telephone operator – lovely lady – not Jeannine. ?
    Love Anne

  14. Gorgeous pots our Barbara! They remind of the ones that hubby and I used to purchase whenever we went to Hastings, we would visit the pottery there and come back with a little something lol! We now have a couple of lovely sets they we truly treasure because they were created by a proper artiste and that’s what you are.
    I love your mixed media grungy pot lol! That texture is gorgeous! Have a lovely night xx

  15. Hi Barb, I for one think you should fire the Harley up and go for a little country ride with the lovely Dave. Your pots are lovely, very unique and creative. Take care all. Bx

  16. Wow what lovely pots. Glad you enjoyed your day doing something different from your day job !! We all need to have something to go to so we can switch off from the outside world & for most of us its Clarity !!
    This in turn makes your day job busier !!

  17. They’ve turned out beautifully ! I think I’d sell the Harley – not that I’d be able to get my leg over it let alone keep it upright ! LOL ! X

  18. Hello Barbara, those pots are fab! Love them! Glad you’re enjoying the pottery. Good for you having had a rest day yesterday. I’m.havi g one now and it just feels so good! Looking forward to seeing you next Saturday at Ally Pally. Xx

  19. Your Pottery looks amazing, I’d be pleased too. I’m still catching up on the shows, busy weekend x

  20. All beautiful pots but love at first sight with your blue crater-ish one. What’s not to love!!!

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