Fresh Cut Die of the Month

Fresh Cut Die of the Month

Hi there!

Sorry to be posting so late. Been paddling today at Hochanda with Paul. Thank you again for watching and supporting. It was certainly busy! We broke tinternet!!

Went out for supper with Lovely Leonie. Ooh she does have a wicked sense of humour. So we laughed a lot, made some cool plans, laughed some more, and put the world to rights. Long days up here and long shifts, but when you can spend quality time with a friend, go for a walk with her and her dogs and be yourself, totally authentic, then that‘s a good thing.

March already! How is that possible?! NEC next week! Good grief! Stop the train! It‘s hurtling through this year!

The Clarity Products of the Month this March are all animal-themed. Let’s start with the Hare and the Owl Fresh Cut Die!

Hare and the Owl Fresh Cut Die

Check out our Offers page here!

Designed by Mel and such a delight to use! Let me find some art for you….

What a wonderful collection of papercuts!

Time to call it a day.
Tooth ache. Banging headache. Bed

love & hugs
Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “Fresh Cut Die of the Month

  1. Nite nite Barb… sorry you’re not feeling great… weekend shows were a smash, congratulations!!!! Sleep tight xx

  2. Great shows, and the dies look fab. Sorry to hear you have toothache – hope you can sort it soon ! Sleep well. X

  3. Such a fabulous weekend. I am now broke!!!
    Sorry you are feeling under the weather, hope that the toothache doesn’t keep you awake.
    “Tempus fugit” as they say – unfortunately time is passing too blooming fast. Is it because we are all such busy bees?
    Off to bed now so good night.

  4. I think a lot of us Claritystamp devotees are going to have a lean month or two, financially wise but not art wise lol! Rest and get yourself to a dentist if you need it Barbara, there’s nothing nastier than a rotten tooth ache! Can’t wait to see what you and the lovely Leonie are brewing lol! xx

  5. Hope you have a good night’s sleep, you certainly deserve it. I’m drinking a nice hot cup of dreamtime time from whittards (honey,apricot and vanilla), hoping it will help me to sleep better tonight.
    I just wanted to take a moment to say I really appreciated your very kind comment about the sad loss of my dear Dad. I know how manic your schedule is right now and I just appreciate you taking a moment. The love and kind thoughts we have received is helping to lift my tired heart, giving me strength to help my Mum and sister, thank you.
    I have still have the pleasure awaiting me to watch todays shows, got my order in pronto last night xx

  6. Hope your toothache doesn’t keep you from having a goodnight’s sleep after a busy last couple of days. Looking forward to getting some tips from the colouring shows on Thursday with you & Linda.

  7. Morning Barbara, hope you had a good night’s sleep and are feeling better today! You’ve been so incredibly busy recently and under quite some pressure too. Just loved your shows on Sunday (well, always do) and oh how those stamps and groovi plates just flew our of the door! Didn’t they just? Not surprised though, all are just sooo beautiful! Was so tempted to buy the stamps though I knew I couldn’t afford them (not at the moment) but then good old fate stepped in and before I got weak the stamps were sold out! Then they were back in stock, made myself a cuppa and oh no, that stock was gone too! Well, the stamps are now on my wishlist for Ally Pally. So need to save my pennies. Hope that with all the stress lately (even if it’s been fun, too) you will find some time to relax and recharge your batteries. Take it easy Babara. Hugs xxx

  8. I hope you managed to get a good night’s sleep and feel better this morning. As others have said, great shows and great products. I finally sorted out my order for the Kings, and the flowers are on my list for the NEC. I know things are going mad for you, but plenty of liquid and a walk in the fresh air will help to de-stress you and stave off those headaches. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  9. I hope you slept well and are feeling the better for it this morning? Hope to catch up on a couple of the shows today if time allows, but glad they went well for you and you managed to have some fun with Leonie along the way. x

  10. Loved that show. You and Janice were superb, even when the overwhelming demand broke the site and you had to write down prices and numbers for the viewers. Grace under pressure.

    Really looking forward to the next Pergamano show. I’m brand new to Parchment Craft and the last show was really helpful. Linda Williams is a superb teacher.

  11. Hi Barb, shows were great, glad you spent time with Leonie. I do love watching her on Hochanda, not only does she make you laugh, but she inspires you as well. Love the dies, and am really enjoying my club dies too. Bx

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