Fresh Cuts Die Club – Join Today!

Fresh Cuts Die Club – Join Today!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. 3 hours in the dentist chair this morning. Just keeping your mouth wide open for 3 hours is bad enough, without all the drilling and cold water spray. I HATE the cold water spray. On sensitive teeth, it’s like torture. Now the drugs have worn off, I really don’t feel that great, so how about a quick step by step from the TV shows last Sunday, using one of those beautiful new Fresh Cut dies, inspired by Tina Cox?

Also available individually – click HERE

Cut a sheet of our 7″x7″ Clarity Stencil Card into 4 equal 3.5″ quarters. Draw a pencil line diagonally from corner to corner. The die here is from the Happy Birthday Set, isn’t it? See how you position the edge of the die on the pencil lines?Cut the first one, then cut the next one opposite, like so:

One at a time…

If you get little whispers of card, as you can see here, that’s fine. We can trim them off afterwards.

Once you’ve done all 4 corners…

…you end up with a lovely mandala.

Trim the white cross, or you could even leave it in certain areas, if you kept it uniform. Up to you.

Layer up on picot cut circles and squares, cut out of one of our lovely Designer papers, and add an ornate brad in the centre, to give it a little je ne sais quoi.

Very effective way to change a corner die into a mandala. And you can do this with every single one of those corners above – little AND large.

If you’re into our Fresh Cut dies, then you really ought to consider joining our brand new New Design Club for Dies. 12 instalments starting this month.

Each instalment includes a beautiful new 3″x3″ aperture die, together with a full colour, step by step double project brochure. The projects are created and written by Paul Church and myself.

I write a newsletter each month, too, with all the latest gossip and whatever I think you ought to know!

As a Clarity Club Member you also receive 10% discount on anything you buy from Clarity directly. So that’s worth having too, if you are shopping with us regularly. It’s a proper loyalty scheme; we deduct the 10% everytime you make a purchase with us.

The cost? It’s £10 per month. For the die, the tuition, the newsletter, exclusive member sales, the 10% discount, and free UK P&P. You can pay in monthly instalments, or pay for the year up front, and only pay for 11 months. Why not call the office tomorrow, (01732 868215) and join in time to start with the rest of us in January? New Year – New Club!

You can join online too, if you’re just joining the one club. Here’s the landing page on our website:

If you want add the Fresh Cuts Die Club to other existing clubs, then you should call the office, because they can streamline the clubs for you. 01732 868215

I just had a chat to Jeannine, to see how they are getting on with processing all the new subscriptions, and getting all the paperwork in place ready to stuff parcels and send out. They reckon next week they’ll be ready to send all the thousands of envelopes out. It has been a mammoth task! Please bear with us and be patient. There is so much to do!

One more thing I wanted to flag up. You know I always use the Gemini Machine, right? It really IS the best thing. If you are joining the Die club, you do need a die-cutting machine. If you want to invest in one, then join the club, wait till your club discounts are applied to your account, then come back and get 10% or 15% discount off the machine, plus postage paid (UK). That makes sense.

Anyway, gotta go. Feeling like I’ve done a few rounds with Cassius Clay.

Love & Hugs



32 thoughts on “Fresh Cuts Die Club – Join Today!

  1. Ouch Barbara. Hope your mouth settles down soon and you feel better. I signed up for the new die club back in December. Can’t wait for the first beautiful installment and projects. Thanks for the German YouTube video too, it helped me with some technical vocabulary.

  2. Hi Barb,
    Ooh, you have my sympathy! It’s not just the cold water spray I don’t like – it’s the whole dentist visit! I really don’t mind going to the opticians ,but the dentist – no! It absolutely terrifies me! I’m a blubbering wreck from stepping over the outside threshold to getting home. Last time I went ,I only had to have a check up done and when I went to sign my name, I was shaking that much that Dave had to do it for me – what a wimp eh!!! I’m really looking forward to getting all my club goodies and the die looks fabulous ( although there’s nothing like the surprise when you don’t know what’s going to land on the mat). Hope you feel better tomorrow, sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. It was a stay at home day for us today because the road outside us is in the process of being dug up for some electric upgrade ( or something) and it is a nightmare to get out – they haven’t even got to our hammerhead cul de sac yet. Heaven knows what they are going to do there as there are 4 drives that all lead onto one end of the “hammer” , so I think we might just hibernate then!!! Love and hugs to all, Alison xx

  3. Poor you. I know from bitter experience what that is like. I remember my mouth went into spasm and I couldn’t stop it. Hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to the monthly goodies arriving. Xx

  4. Hope you heal and feel better soon. I have a dentist appointment next week. I don’t like the drill or the cold water. A beautiful step by step. I have been umming and arghing over the dies and after the fabulous shows have decided to go for it.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Linda xxx

  5. Oh poor you, have you had a new set of teeth, three hours is so long. Hope he gave you refreshments. I have joined the die club, well it had to be done. Also got the Gemini last year at the Open Days, Fred talked me into it and it really is the best. My arm appreciates it, my old one hurt my shoulder. xx

  6. Oh Barbara I do feel for you! I don’t think I could cope with a 3 hour treatment at the dentist. A 15min checkup is bad enough. I hope your treatment has done the trick! But also that you are not in too much discomfort tonight!
    Loving these dies… I can’t wait to get the one I’ve ordered and have a go at this trick!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  7. I am so excited to get my first installment of the die club but I don’t mind waiting as I know you are very busy. The bird design looked lovely on TV. Hope you’re feeling better soon, hate the pain after having dental work done. Hope you have a quiet evening planned. Xx

  8. You have my sympathy as I too hate dentists, too many bad experiences in the past. Hope you feel better soon.
    Received my ODS order today together with other items, have booked hubby to cook for the next few days, and plan to craft, craft, craft for as long as I can. Housework can wait for now!!!☔️ Nothing can rain on my parade, no phones ☎️, No alarms⏰, no 📺 Tv, no computers 💻 – wonderful!!!
    Have a good evening.

  9. Hello Barbara
    Oh dear, poor you. My commiserations as I hate going to the dentist. Even though my dentist is lovely, I would rather go to the doctors. My teeth are sensitive too. No problem day to day as I use the toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. But, oh, that cold water!
    I am eagerly awaiting the first clubs of the new year, especially as there will be four free gifts in my parcel! Wonder what they will be? Exciting.

  10. Don t envy you the dentist, since my teeth became sensitive i hate even an examination because of The cold water spray. It’s horrible. Looking forward to the new clubs couldn’t resist a sneaky peek at the first die on Hochanda. It looks great

  11. Poor you🙊 Hope you’ll be feeling better very soon.
    I’m often confused by my dentist when health experts say eat oranges & fresh fruit and my dentist says don’t. I’m sure the menopause has a lot to answer for…….
    I’m a happy bunny today as I’ve received a Tim Holtz glass media mat & ruler. Probs dropped off Santa’s sleigh so a little late. (or no one took my hint so I bought it myself😉) The best thing is that I was able to fit the Clarity non-slip plastic onto the ruler, that I had left over from my Clarity Light Wave. It works a treat, I’m well chuffed. 🤗🥳💕📏💝

  12. Ouch! The dreaded D word brings fear and terror for me, so you are very brave, coping for 3 hours! 😳
    I am in the Groovi Club and can only manage one at present, but will still enjoy seeing what everyone produces with the monthly dies. I just love to admire all the beautiful creations and finding inspiration, especially when my mojo has gone on one of it’s regular holidays! Hope you feel better this evening. Hugs. Annette X

  13. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you all have had a good day.
    Sorry to hear you had a not to good day at the Dentist to say the least.
    I had to go yesterday just like most of us I hate going, hope you will feel a little better very soon.
    Well I have also joined the Die Club , so looking forward to a new challenge .
    Have bought quite a few of Fresh Cut Dies they are so brillant , I am sure we all agree we are able to make some very different cards with these dies a little different from the norm.
    Lynn xx

  14. Hello Barbara – not the best way to spend a morning, the dreaded dentist puts the fear of God in me, but make myself go. Not good when your teeth are hyper sensitive. Joined the Fresh Cut Die Club before Christmas. So looking forward to receiving my first club goodies of the New Year. Hope you feel better soon Barbara, lots of love Donna X

  15. Hi Barbara, I think I must be an odd one out as I don’t mind dentist’s visits. Three hours is a very long time to hold your mouth open though, how your jaw must have ached!
    I joined all the clubs in December and am eagerly awaiting this month’s delivery. I love the fresh cut dies and would love to buy last weekend’s new ones. Unfortunately I’m on a very limited budget this year so I think I’m going to have to ask for them as birthday presents. It seems an awfully long time until May!!
    Hope your jaw soon feels better and you get a good night’s sleep xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    I know just how you feel, I have just parted with 6 of my teeth, and have a mouth full of stitches, the only consolation is that it wont happen again, cause that’s the lot now. Never again still at 82 I was lucky to have hung on to them that long. Take care hope you will soon be feeing yourself again soon. All the best from Dawn McCall

  17. Sorry to hear of your trip to the dentist. I am plucking up the courage. Too busy to do anything but work and cuddle our new baby grandson – 9lbs and called Jack

  18. Poor you Barbara. Hope you soon feel better. I love your idea to use a corner die to make a mandala. I would never have thought of doing that but its made me look at my dies in a different way now.x

  19. I’m looking to buy a Gemini as I have an e bosser which I’ve had since they first came out with my club discount it comes in at a very good price would like to see what comes in the box as it just says 16dies .crafters companion gives a list of the dies but only has 4dies just don’t know which one to choose.
    So looking forward to the new club dies each month

  20. I haven’t managed to write for the last couple of days, Love the typewriter, you should definitely write a book, your blogs are wonderful. You must be so thrilled that it has that connection with your Mum. Lovely Dave for doing that. Hope your ok this evening, very brave sitting that long in the dentist chair. I am a coward and only go when in pain. Really scared. Looking forward to my new die. Love them, and the shows at the weekend were great. Such lovely ideas from you and Paul. Thank you xxx.

  21. Oh poor you, I hope you are being coddled at home! I am so tempted with these dies but think I will have to wait a while,

  22. Hi Barb, Hope you feel better soon, the dentist is my Nemesis. I am absolutely terrified. Love the use of the corner die, and I really do think your aperture dies are very different. Looking forward to my Club envelope dropping through the door. Take care all. Bx

  23. Ooh! That takes some guts. Just sitting in a dentist’s chair for three hours would be horrible without the rest. It sounds the stuff of nightmares. Hope you recover soon. Treat yourself to something nice to take your mind off it.

  24. You have my deepest sympathies Barbara, I loathe the dentist especially for that reason! I have sensitive teeth and that cold water spray is horrid, almost as painful as the drilling lol! Rest well sweet lady, I’m trying to work out if I can finance being in the stamp club and the stencil club and maybe even the die club too lol! Thank goodness I’m not into the Groovy or else I’d need a mortgage every month lol! Have a restful weekend xx

  25. This is a very clever way of making a circle from one corner of the square die Barbara and it looks great. Sorry to hear you have had an horrendous time at the dentist today and hope everything settles down nice and quickly. Perhaps you already know this but it helps quite a bit if your mouth is very sensitive and uncomfortable to rub some sensitive toothpaste onto your teeth and gums and get rid of the residue from your mouth but don’t rinse. It does usually work quite quickly to calm it down. x

  26. Hi Barbara
    Hope you are feeling better this morning, I know how much you love the dentist! Love how you can change the Dies to make something different, it’s like the things you can do with the corner stamps, we can do thesewith the Dies too. I was lucky enough to get a Gemini for Christmas, my lovely husband saw how much I was struggling with a normal die cutting machine. I used the document pocket trick and oh boy it’s brilliant and will save my plates.
    Love Diane xxx

  27. Good Morning, hope you’re feeling better today. Fantastic project , another wonderful way of using these lovely dies, I am a huge fan of the Fresh cut dies and steadily building up my stash. Great for quick cards that pack a wow. I wasn’t able to take advantage of the show offer but might just treat myself to one to start with. I’m already signed up to the new die club and look forward to receiving my happy post when it lands, received my new folders yesterday, thank you 🙂

  28. Hope you feel better soon Barbara. Its not much fun going to the dentist is it. I went before Christmas and had a wisdom tooth out. I love the new dies and can’t wait for mine to arrive.

  29. Ouch – 3 hours. I suppose at least it’s behind you now and not in front. I’m so afraid of the dentist and I can’t bear the cold water. It’s so good of you to blog after such a nasty experience. The dies look so lovely and versatile but I’m more than a bit “spent out” so I must try to show some restraint – at least for a little while where Clarity is concerned. I’ve joined all the Clubs though so I’m looking forward to my gorgeous goodies and more lovely blogs.

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