Show Stoppers and Last Minute Shoppers

Show Stoppers and Last Minute Shoppers

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in!

Well, the FREE stencil idea has certainly gone down a storm again! Just as well we made 500 for starters this time! We remembered what happened last year, and how many of you came back shopping – never saw it coming! I had asked Clare, Jim’s Mammy, to make 50 – and we ended up needing 650!! This morning we need a lot more already!

That’ll keep the Clarity troops hopping today !! The Stencil freebie offer still stands right up till midnight tonight, so if you fancy another rummage for a Clarity bargain, maybe a gift for a friend, or a treat for yourself, then get in there before the prices all go back to normal!

I haven’t really shopped this year in the sale. Been too focussed on YOU!!! I did buy a couple of electric toothbrushes . His and hers. They were 60% off on Amazon. Who pays 150 squids for a toothbrush ?!?!?! Good grief! If I do shop in a sale, I tend to go for things which are beyond my price range usually. I remember buying a fab Gerry Weber leather coat a few years ago, which was down from £700 to £300. Barrrrgin!!! Still wear it, although I really ought to do something about the shoulder pads.

Mind you, I hear they’re coming back into fashion, so maybe I should just wait a bit…

With that in mind…

Here are a few of the larger bundles that are in the sale:

1. Twas The Night Complete Collection

Emma Burns

Twas The Night Complete Collection

(Usually £90.83)  £60.85 in the sale, before your club discounts.

2. Autumn Collection Three Way Overlay Stamps & Stencils

Janet Pring

Autumn Collection Three Way Overlay Stamps & Stencils

(Usually £104.93)  £70.30 in the sale, before your club discounts.

3. Floral Friends Aperture Collection & ii Book

Dee Paramour

Floral Friends Aperture Collection & ii Book

(Usually £100.93)  £67.62 in the sale, before your club discounts.

4. Christmas Rounds Aperture Collection

Dee Paramour

Christmas Rounds Aperture Collection

(Usually £39.96)  £26.77 in the sale, before your club discounts.

And don’t forget! Place an order over £20 (after discounts) by the end of the day, and you’ll receive a brand new 7″x7″ Perspective Pines stencil, absolutely FREE!

Simply place your order and we’ll do the rest at this end.

(check yesterday’s blog for the step by step project on how to turn your stencil into a stamp!)


Time to go. There is so much to doooooo!

Thank you for keeping us busy!

Love & Hugs,



17 thoughts on “Show Stoppers and Last Minute Shoppers

  1. Hello Barb, there were so many great offers, it’s a pity you could not do anything about our bank balances. Anyway, have done a little treat for myself, and am looking forward to getting and using my stencil. The big day is not just creeping up, it is galloping up. Take care all. Bx

  2. Popped back in yesterday for some stamps that I had been eying up for a while so a stencil is on its way to me. Loved visiting the Clarity sale, thank you for all your hard work. Xx

  3. Good last day of the sale morning. I’m sure that your new machine will be well and truly paid for by the end of the day, fingers crossed. Have a good day and then a well earned relaxing evening with theuva arf!! 😍😍

  4. Hi Barbara
    I was so busy with my head down yesterday that I missed the blog about the pine tree stencil, isn’t it lovely and such a good offer. Hubby put my order in last night so there’s an extra bonus gift for him to give me. Oh you do make me laugh, oh I remember the shoulder pads, still have one or two offending items and yes they seem to be coming back. I also spotted a bat wing jumper the other day, they were always a favourite. Hope the doughnut supplies are holding up. It’s good to hear Jim’s mum is back up and running after her fall.
    Love Diane xxx

  5. What a week with the Blog Blitz and Gray Friday!!!
    All spent out now, all I have to do is reorganise my storage to make room for everything. I have also got plenty of new things to play with on these long evenings.
    Winter is not my favourite time as the dark afternoons make me want to hibernate but crafting keeps me going. However I love Christmas as for me it is a sign of days lengthening and Spring is on the way. Putting up the tree this week, only four weeks to go to the BIG DAY.
    Hope you can have a rest when this rush of orders is over – you and the team are the best.

  6. I put my sale order in last night, and have just been catching up on the blog over breakfast this morning, to discover I’m getting a free stencil as well! You are so generous, Barbara, and that ethos makes Clarity the company it is. I hope you all manage to get a rest over the next few days after the weekend’s hectic activity. I’m gearing up to get back to work in 3 weeks time, which will mean I’ve been off for 3 months following my fracture. Crafting has been a great therapy and has really helped me start using my arm again.

  7. So glad we’re keeping you busy Barbara….any time……no really, any time at all🙊
    I said ‘Get behind me Satan” to which he replied “Hey, there’s some great offers I can see from here too”. I never stood a chance! 🤗😉
    Next clarity event for me is joining a Design Club but which one this year I wonder? 🤔

  8. Hi Barbara, I’ve completed my night before Christmas stamp and plate sets now, I’ve got the Christmas Rounds set too, and I’ve ordered some more papers so I must stop, stop, stop. Like everyone I’ve got enough to keep me going to infinity and beyond ! But…. we always need …… x x

  9. I’m so glad you’ve had a successful sale as that means that machine will soon be making more goodies for us to play with.
    Have a great day! Love and hugs to all. Xx

  10. Hahaha do love a sale , put another order in yesterday .Went on Amazon black Friday bought set of 120 Faber Castell polychromo pencils been on my wish list for years , thanks to my redundancy money and the sale could finally great myself 😁😁😁

  11. Now, what I found out recently was that if you set up a Smile Amazon account, it links to your normal Amazon account, but they donate 0.5% of what you buy to your nominated charity. It can even be a little local charity if they are listed with Amazon Smile – no extra cost to you, and someone else benefits from you shopping. I only found out because the small charity I work for is listed with them (Befrienders Highland Limited)!

  12. Love the stencil so guess what ? yep put in another order can’t look again can I? Thanks to all at clarity.
    By the way I think shoulders pads are coming back in 😊 Xxx

  13. Just going to put in my second order a beautiful stencil thank you for your generous offers and to all at clarity towers for the hard work they put in .
    Crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

  14. The Clarity Elves are amazing.
    My ‘big’ Grey Friday order arrived today. Such a big box! Don’t know how I’m keeping from opening it. So only my Sunday order and my Monday order(suddenly thought of having a personal stamp made) to come. Yay! What bargains.
    Thanks so much
    Happy Days

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