2 Blogs today! 2nd – Fantastic Groovi One Day Special TODAY at 6pm

2 Blogs today! 2nd – Fantastic Groovi One Day Special TODAY at 6pm

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Once again, a very special occasion, which merits a special mention. This evening, at 6pm. Paul, our lovely Churchy, will be showcasing a collection of the finest Groovi plates, designed by a very talented parchment artist, and member of the Groovi Family: Josie Davidson. You’ve heard the name many times I’m sure. Josie has been creating wonderful art work for Clarity and Groovi almost since the parchy beginning !

This set of clever designs is so versatile! So useful! The rectangle designs, apart from offering lovely card centrepieces for cards, are also perfectly sized to be ATC’s – (Artist trading Cards) or PTC’s, as we have called them. You can also see here on the plates, the personalising plaques on the plates. How useful is that?! And then we have an ABC plate with a really lovely tiny font, for writing your name, or blogname, or email address, or website – you decide!

There is a super useful ATC stamp on the show too….

Josie is a trad parcher, who saw the benefits of the Groovi system and embraced it immediately. One thing I have always loved about her is this: she has a good friend, Chris Walker. Wherever you see Josie, you see Chris. When they do Groovi workshops at Crafters Companion, they do them together. When they plan retreats for parchment and Groovi, they do them together. When they come to the NEC, they come together. Wherever you see one, the the one is never far behind. They have such a tight and close friendship, it is heartwarming. I love to see that.

Here are some lovely samples made by the ever clever Design Team. We are so lucky to have this talented team of parchers, we really are.

Josie DavidsonJosie DavidsonJosie DavidsonMaggie Byford
Karen JacksonJosie Davidson

Chris WalkerChris Walker

Chris WalkerJane TelfordJane Telford

Paul has some super ideas of his own to show you on HOCHANDA  too. So please join him this evening, for the 6pm launch.

Just in case you were wondering, these plates won’t be in the GRAY FRIDAY sale, and the ODS price is very good.

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9 thoughts on “2 Blogs today! 2nd – Fantastic Groovi One Day Special TODAY at 6pm

  1. What beautiful plates from Josie and gorgeous samples from the DT. Looking forward to watching Paul’s shows, as always. Enjoy your pottery class today. Annette X

  2. Reading the title you can guess what song I’ve got in my head now ! Lovely designs, look forward to seeing them later x x

  3. They are fantastic plates and so useful for small or larger cards or for making little pieces of art to share!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what Paul does in his demos.
    Have fun at pottery. Love and hugs xxx

  4. Just watch bit of Paul before bed on 10pm show need to watch first show tomorrow recorded. Loved meeting Josie at retreat greatlady and lots fun hope to come again next year !! Great art work ladies will get back to watching paul xxx

  5. Hi Barb, will have to watch Paul on catchup, I bet the show was as always superb and inspiring. Love the designs and well the artwork is just incredible. Super talented people. Take care all. Bx

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