Yay! Blog Candy Competition!

Yay! Blog Candy Competition!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.

Where is this week going? !

One minute you’re in the TV bubble, and pedalling like a lunatic to keep up with all the hours; the next you can’t rightly remember what you were even doing! So can you help me ? Dave and I are down in beautiful Rye, having a day away from it all, and he will do his  nut if I spend 2 hours blogging now!

I have a photo of a Groovi card I did at the weekend, during the One Day Special. Let‘s have a competition. Write out the steps I took to make this simple piece, and then email them to me at barbara@claritystamp.com

Then at the weekend, I will read through all your instructions, and the person who gets it closest to right will be sent a £30 Clarity Gift voucher. Remember: got to be in it to win it! And if you are prepared to go to the Hochanda website and rewatch the show to get it absolutely accurate, then you deserve to win!

But there can only be one winner, so in the event of a few masterminds I will pick a random winner! Fair?


Better go. He‘s looking at me over the rim of his spectacles…..


love & Hugs,



16 thoughts on “Yay! Blog Candy Competition!

  1. Good on ya Dave getting Barb away from the madnessfor a few days. Time goes by too fast for us not to take full advantage of down time.
    Hope the pottery class went well yesterday – are we going to get a peek at what you made?
    Keep well.

  2. Oh dear Barbara Dave looking over his glasses you better go. Hope you had s wonderful day chilling together was another beautiful October day for day out have fun Joy xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    Hope you and Dave enjoyed your day out, seems a shame to be inside on a glorious day. Love the card, I will have to think about how it is done, I’ve spotted some different plates.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. I will be checking out the tv, but not to work this out. I am still trying to catch up from last week, having seen only snippets of the programmes for many reasons. Good luck to those sending their emails as I write. Make the most of every second of down time. both of you. You deserve it after a very busy time. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  5. Hi Barbara
    Just been catching up and read your last blog of Meet Charles. – Oh my, what a man, I love him. I have been wanting a piano for years. So many people give them away on “Freecycle” these days and I am determined to get one, even if my husband does totally disagree with me and just keeps asking “where are we going to put it?” – I just know I will find somewhere!!!
    Anyway back to todays blog, excited about the competition, I will have to write it all down first to make sure that I don’t miss anything out.
    Wish me luck xxx
    Go and spend some quality time relaxing with your wonderful, understanding husband.
    Love & Hugs

  6. That’s good, Dave getting you away from work, you both deserve a break away. Enjoy Rye hope you had sunshine there. Xxx

  7. Just catching up as I’m stood in the kitchen preparing Sunday lunch – you know multi tasking! I’ll definitely have to look back to do this and will if I get time today! Glad to know you got a break xx

  8. Hello Barb, (playing catch up) I had to laugh when I saw Dave was the first to respond. Love the card, and I am sure there were a lot of clever people who could give you the steps. Bx

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