Marathon Weekend

Marathon Weekend

Hi there.

Good of you to join me.

Blogging in the car on the way home, so forgive the typos!

No, I‘m not driving and writing simultaneously! Dave took the train up to Peterborough to bring me home. What a guy. My problem is driving after 2 full on days of live TV. I get as far as Cambridge, then the Adrenalin wears off and I start nodding off at the wheel. Even me singing at the top of my voice doesn’t help! Trying to stay awake for 2 hours to get home is excruciating.

Don‘t like parking up in the dark for a kip, and coffee gets me no more than 5 miles further. Couldn’t I stay another night? Yes, I guess I could, and lose Tuesday to traffic too. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed, eh. So thank you Dave, for being my hero.

However, it has been a very good TV weekend for us! Thank you if you watched and cheered me on and made a purchase.

Some of the demos were better than others, but when you are trying to squeeze 3 to 4 demo’s into an hour with Groovi, Stamps, Stencils and Dies, that is the way it had to be! I will be blogging some of them in more detail over the coming week once I have recharged the batteries a bit!

Right, time for a little snooze otherwise poor Dave will have to listen to my singing!

Love & hugs,

Barb xxx

33 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend

  1. Poor Barb (and Dave) I have to open all the car windows if I feel sleepy – but it only helps for a little while. Safe journey home and up the wooden hill for you my girl!!
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie!

  2. I loved watching all the demo’s learnt a lot. I could watch you all day Barbara. Only been doing Groovi for a few months but love it.

  3. I’ve had a lovely couple of days watching you on Hochanda so thank you…….your exhaustion was worth it! 🙂
    Love the stamps (and seriously thinking of buying), have the dies and will def buy the stencils…….I’m doing my best to avoid groovi as there isn’t much cheaper than baked beans to eat!!!!!

  4. Dear barbara. You must be shattered after all that. They were wonderful shows and so many demostrations. Lovely to watch you. I am sure you will sleep well tonight. Also have something good to eat. Thank you. Xxx

  5. Fabulous shoes Barbara and brilliant demos too. I love hoe enthusiastic ALL the presenters are about the products and the demos. Placed my order last night direct with Clarity. 😘😘Good old Dave coming to drive you home – what a guy!! Best not subject him to the singing after such a gesture eh? Enjoy your snooze and hope you get home safe and sound. Xxxx

  6. You did a wonderful job Barbara, I actually managed to see nearly all of them. Enjoyed them a lot. You deserve that snooze and well done to Dave a very caring husband. xx

  7. Well done Dave ! Haven’t seen all the shows but a good bit so will catch up a.s.a.p. In the meantime I’ve just come on here for a bit of inspiration with the air balloon plates, got to do one for a man incorporating happy birthday and congratulations ! Safe journey x x

  8. I know the feeling when you have a long drive. That was much of my week, last week. Meant I missed the shows but we have Rewind! Love watching you craft. Glad the shows went well. Dave is definitely a hero!

  9. Enjoyed the shows Barbara. Loved the demos, especially the stencil and texture paste one. Put the recording on again later, and pressed ff to get to it – made me laugh to see you going like the clapped! You need a fast forward button for when you are prepping!

    Rest up xx

  10. We all need a hero in our lives !! Dave has also had a busy weekend with Port Sunlight on Saturday so hope you both manage some down time this week to recharge the batteries. Loved the shows, so many stunning pieces by the Design Team again.

  11. Well Barbara it was brilliant… I got to watch all the shows and loved the demos immensely! You never fail to inspire me or teach me a tip or 3!!!
    Dave is a Knight in shining armour coming to the rescue of his princess!! How wonderful… You certainly have a keeper there!
    You’ll soon be comfy and asleep in your own bed… Can’t beat that feeling when you’re so tired but happy.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  12. Great showsBarbara, I managed to watch them all but still have them recorded. You did a stirling job as usual and I am sure you are cream crackered. Your Dave is definitely a superhero and deserves a medal for looking after you so well.
    I placed my order (with Clarity) for the bird Groovi plates just after 2pm on Sunday and by 10am today was advised they were on their way to me. What service!!!
    Spotted Paul in the studio but didn’t see your shoes. Someone must have eagle eyes.
    Have a nice meal and good nights sleep.

  13. Hi Barb,
    Caught the first show this morning and have the others on record so have them to watch later. Really enjoyed yesterday’s and this mornings and my orders are in. How lovely of Dave to drive up to Peterborough to give you a lift home. There must be something in the name as my Dave took me to Darlington and then proceeded to buy us a new car! Didn’t even know he was going to do that! Mind you, it has just dawned on him that it was only £9000 less than our house! That was 31 years ago mind you!! Anyway , lovely anniversary present – we will definitely be on baked beans for a while!! Have a good night’s rest and well done Daves, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  14. Hi Barbara and everyone.
    Well it was a weekend and a half for you, what a star Dave is .
    Watched you this morning on the 9.00 o’clock show, you are brilliant all the hints and tips were great telling the husband about them as he watched the 2till 4 and 6 till 7 yesterday . the dies are my thing now with Groovi you can do so much with both , but it is the dies which i love even though i still craft with my Groovi.
    Looking forward to the Nec in November so will come and get some advice then .
    Sleep well.
    Lynn xx

  15. Hi Barb, marathon weekend indeed, you did an amazing job, loved everything and learnt a lot from you, so once again a huge THANK YOU. Xxx

  16. What a smashing weekend……again. And Hochanda seem to be getting to grips with close ups too🔎
    All the designs were perfecto & beautifully orchestrated. Thank you & the whole team for sharing the wonderful work. Now to decide what to budget for this month.
    I too wondered what your shoes were like!🙃 😂🤗

  17. Hope you have got home safely. Caught a couple of the shows and will watch the rest on catch up. Absolutely lover the stamps and dies – my Christmas list gets longer by the day! Thank you for all the fab inspiration

  18. Well done Barbara, fantastic shows. The DT did you proud as ever. I managed to catch some of each. I will have to catch up on rewind. Well done Dave for being the chauffeur. I know only too well that horrible feeling of being tired and the eyes being droopy.
    Good you will be tucked up in your own bed tonight, nothing like it xx

  19. Sadly wasn’t home to see shows but after nearly two months home with bad leg was great to get away leg still not healed but getting there. Sounds like another successful weekend lots lovely goodies looking forward to watching in catch up all shows can feel temptation coming . You must be shattered and there’s nothing worse then trying to drive tired and dark bad enough in day light nights drawing in fast Dave is wonderful bless him he must be tired to after busy weekend hope both get lay in or an easy day bit of you time during week but know all go for you both big Hugs will do my marathon catch up tomorrow while Bob at work and waiting on nurse to change my dressings big hugs sleep well know place like your own bed and home glad to be back in mine tonight slept well xxx ps got some blog catch up to do to xx

  20. Hi Barbara
    You are amazing!! I don’t know how you kept smiling through it all. All of that amazing knowledge that you shared with all of us was brilliant.
    Dave is definitely your number one special superhero. I just hope he didn’t have his underpants on over the top of his trousers!!! 🤣🤣
    Make sure you get a lay in tomorrow morning in your own bed at home. Maybe if your lucky your superhero might just bring you a lovely cup of tea/coffee in bed!! 😀
    Love & Hugs

  21. Well done amazing shows and amazing products. Can’t wait tyo play. Hope you have a rest day or two on their way! Xx

  22. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone enjoyed the shows as much as I did. Looking forward to playing with my new stamps. Xx

  23. Hello Barb, the shows were amazing, so glad that you had the lovely Dave to come fetch you and get you both home safely. Hope you had time to relax together. Take care all. Bx

  24. Morning Barb, hope you feel refreshed this morning what a weekend. Just love the Birdie Fresh Cut Dies and have ordered the set of Groovi plates can’t wait to get started thank you for all the lovely demos, you are an amazing demonstrator. Xx

  25. Busy weekend for you but so appreciated by us! Good to know there’s still some gents out there, sadly I don’t have the option of handing over the car keys as my OH doesn’t drive! Hope you had a good journey home (traffic wise!) and slept well once home. Xx

  26. Hello.
    I’m still catching up with your shows but loved the demos. Hopefully you will bring those dies to the shows at the NEC Birmingham. Saving up till then. I hope your journey home was ok. You are so right about sleeping in your own bed.

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