The Statue of Liberty has had a new splash of Colour!

The Statue of Liberty has had a new splash of Colour!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. I got cracking this morning, on my LLOTTA (Long List Of Things To Accomplish). Whilst zipping around, I decided to spend the time expanding my mind listening to a new book. Now you may think this is a bizarre choice, but I went with James Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty”. He was the former FBI Chief, whom Trump fired. Well, when we were in San Francisco a few weeks ago, it was all over the US Headlines. People were ripping him up in the tabloid news from every angle for being a traitor, a liar and a weak link. But quite honestly, whenever I have listened to him in the past, he has always come across as a very fair man, with strong ethics. So I decided to make my own mind up and read the book myself. The first thing which I am happy about is that he is reading me his story personally. The book is narrated by the author himself. That makes a huge difference, because I am able to hear his side of the story  uninterrupted, and from him directly, with all the passion and authenticity in his voice .

Well, 4 hours in, I have to say, it makes for fascinating reading/listening! We haven’t even got to the Trump Adminstration yet! We’re still with George W. Bush, when Comey was Deputy Attorney General. Gives the word Corrupt a whole new meaning. In fact, they legally redefined the word Torture, to justify their illegal conduct! That’s like redefining the word Murder. Dead’s dead. Anyway, at that point he quit, because he couldn’t condone what was going on. So I thought I’d stop for a bit too, come and digest everything thus far, and make a bit of American art!

Ready for an inky break with me? I am really enjoying this technique with alcohol ink on a Gel Press plate at the moment….

Drip some alcohol ink on the 8×10″ Gel Press. I have gone large, because of the 7×7″ stencil I want to use.

Spread it gently over the plate with a brayer.

While the ink is still wet place the stencil. There she is!! Blot the ink inside her with a piece of copy paper.

Liberty Stencil

Dab black archival ink through all the cut apertures with a blending tool.

Lift the stencil and place to one side. Allow the alcohol ink to dry on the GelPress plate. Then spread white acrylic paint over the plate with a brayer.


Once the paint has been evenly spread all over the plate, flip the Gel Press on its Mega Mount and plant on a piece of our large cut to fit Stencil Card. Rub the back of the card, then peel your print. Perfect.


Trim the outer edges so that you can mount your art on either a canvas board or an 8×8″ card blank

Now. Big decision. White card blank?

Or black card blank?


I know. It’s a game changer, innit? Black or white card blank… Decisions, decisions, decisions. What do you think?

Fortunately, we cater to the likes of me who suffer from indecision, and have put both black and white in the same pack!

8×8″ pack

I bet Comey never faced this dilemma! He survived plenty of very colourful chaos though, he really did. The chapter on the Mafia is interesting too…

I’m off to join Jim on his journey during the Obama Administration now. And whilst I know we should never discuss sex, religion or politics – I LOVE OBAMA.

There’s another cool American Style Stencil in our collection: The American Heart 

So let’s have a little special offer, and put both stencils together for £8, shall we? I bet we could put a great photo in that heart!

CLICK HERE to investigate…

Just in time for the Royal Wedding, and July 4th is only round the corner too.

Love & Hugs,



PS. Have you seen all the BBC America Ads, where Grace is doing ALL the voiceovers ?!

The Royal Wedding is HUGE over in the States, and Gracie landed the Voice of the Royal Wedding! How amazing is that ?!? Let me see if I can add a link here….



How fantastic is that ?!?!?! Every time she facetimes me, she’s coming out of the BBC America building, having just done another voiceover for them!

#Truegrit #hardworkpaysoff #proudmum

27 thoughts on “The Statue of Liberty has had a new splash of Colour!

  1. We were listening to Grace early this morning. You should be so proud, beautiful voice and I hope it will lead onto lots more work for her. I have tried this trick on the Gelli plate and it worked lovely great way to use the alcohol inks that sit in our cupboards. Now back to your important lists. xx

  2. Love this technique i am going to try it tomorrow having spent this morning trying g out the new triple stamps. Trust me to start with the leaf where I spent ages trying to work out the right way for the background and always getting it wrong. Much easier with the seedhead why didn’t I start there first????

  3. Hi Barbara, glad you are enjoying your audio book, I love mine too. I’d usually go for a black background but in this case I’m choosing white this time, I just think it looks a little bit fresher for this print. Grace has a beautiful voice, she sounds like an English rose to me (whatever that sounds like!). She sounds so relaxing. We’ll be joining a cruise (a week on the Norwegian fjords – and we’ve got an upgrade from a balcony cabin to a superior deluxe cabin !) on the day of the royal wedding, no doubt we will catch some of it somewhere! Glad you’re working on your ‘to do’ list. Have a good weekend x

  4. Hi Barb,
    Sounds like an interesting listen! I’m really into my Audible books at the moment, really love them. Love the artwork today as well and I think the white card sets it off better than the black which for me is a bit heavy. Just listened to Grace – what a lovely voice she has. You must be very ,very proud of her. I’ve just spent a lovely 45 minutes ( also listening to an Audible book – Sycamore Gap) playing with my new dies! I absolutely love them! Made 6 cards in the time that it would take me to trace out one! It now means that I have some spare cards already done in case I don’t feel like making one when I need it. In fact Dave has just walked in and remarked on how lovely they are ( they are on the mantelpiece at the moment) which is amazing! I used my Gemini Junior today and they worked a treat. Enjoy the rest of your day. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Had a lovely afternoon playing with my new dies as I mentioned above. Brilliant! Stopped me doing the ironing but I know what I’d rather do! Hope you are all having a good day, love and hugs Alison xx

      1. Hi Alison – sounds like you have had a fun day, and using dies is a much quicker process. Ideal for when time is short. I saw your comment on yesterday’s blog. So pleased that you both had such a good time away and yes, I do think that your naughtiness had rubbed off on me! I really just couldn’t resist the fabulous dies. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

        1. Hi Alison I’m waiting until my birthday for some Dies, they look lovely and it’s good to know they cut so well. We’ve bought a new iron today, how exciting is that. What a shame my arm isn’t up to ironing just yet! Enjoy playing xxx

  5. Been listening to Grace. BRILL! I am going to have to play and do this technique. Haven’t got the big Gel press – yet, but reckon I shall have to invest. It looks so cool!

  6. Hi Barb – glad that you have had an enjoyable and productive day. Your book sounds very interesting. I have just listened to Grace and she really does have a lovely voice.
    I would go with the white background on this occasion. It’s yet another beautiful piece of art! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – sunshine here today, and just a short heavy rain shower – but the sun has come out again now. Another day of rest for me. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

        1. Hi Gilly,
          You’ll love your dies when they arrive. Pleased to hear you’re resting up. Just try to make sure that you don’t do too much too quickly. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  7. Great step by step, I think the white has the edge over the black on this one. Just listened to Grace, she has a beautiful voice as well as lovely personality, it’s no wonder that you are so proud of her. Haven’t tried a talking book since they were on tapes, glad you are relaxing and enjoying yours.xx

  8. Evening Barbara, interesting technique. One to try. Sadly I couldn’t get any sound on the video clip. Good luck to Grace. It has rained all afternoon here so no gardening. Grandchildren visited so no crafting – maybe tomorrow. Enjoy your audio book Barbara, it is not something I have got in to. xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    That sounds an interesting book, I love listening to audio books, and hearing the book in his own voice must be fascinating. Love the artwork today, I must try alcohol inks on the geliplate, the effect is very different. I quite liked it on the black card. Well done Grace that’s such a great job for her to get and will hopefully lead to bigger things. She’s got such a lovely voice. Will she be coming over to do tv coverage for the event too, now that would coincide with the other wedding of the century. Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends it’s cold and wet here today, not what we expected when we put the washing out! Hope you are having a lovely weekend xxx

      1. Hi Diane,
        At least you have another good excuse for not ironing! I was going to ask for the full set of dies for my birthday but as Dave bought my camera and then took me away on holiday and has spent an absolute fortune on me I didn’t dare ask! I’ll save up and get the rest at Leyburn instead. Love and hugsAlison x.

  10. Hi Bloggy friends, a quiet day for me today, only been out just to get a little exercise. Hope you are all ok. I had an appointment with the chiropractor yestèrday he says I am seizing up, going twice a week for chiro then physio privately, my NHS treatment hasn’t seemed to help so thought I’d try this before thinking of having a risky op. Been advised to walk around with a freezer pack on my back several times a day, it definitely eases the pain for a while, it supposedly will take away the inflammation. Love to you all, Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam,
      Oh that sounds painful for you! If you are going to have to walk around with something so cold on your back, make sure you wrap it in a dampened towel first. It’s worth a try though if it helps. Hope you do start to feel better soon. Love and hugsAlison xx

  11. Another great piece of art. I’m so pleased you’re finding time to listen to, and enjoy your book. I always find biographies are a bit like having a peep behind the curtains of people’s lives! Hope the list is getting shorter, and that you get some time to bask in your proud mum moment. Well done Grace, and I hope this opportunity will open some very big doors for your lovely daughter x

  12. I think like the black card best. I am definitely going to try this technique. You must be so proud of Grace, she sounds so professional and accomplished. Of course, you taught her everything she knows! 🙂 Let’s hope this opens lots of important doors for her.

  13. Hi Barbara and everyone
    Glad you are enjoying your audio book and the inspiration you gained from listening to it
    Your artwork is as always stunning
    And you have every right to be a very proud mum
    You enjoy what’s left of the evening . Xx

  14. Hello Barb, great artwork, and a technique I want to try but have not had a chance to yet. I think I need to start with audio books, glad you are enjoying yours. And how great about Grace doing the voice overs, Proud Mom moment. Take care all. Bx

  15. I love the fact you can give us a pointer to an interesting book/audiobook, throw in some of your humour/irony, give us a crafting technique, and share your pride of your much loved daughter with us. What more could we ask for. I’ll also share the fact that Grace is the voice of the Royal Wedding, with my American pen pal, who told me “it’s all about the Royal Wedding at the moment”, she said she just needs to ‘get the hat’ !

  16. The alcohol inks work well with the stencil Barbara, and using the gelli plate, and I love mine too. Great to hear Grace’s voice over and much more to come I’m sure! x

  17. Your mind and heart is still in USA I think, can understand why. Haven’t tried anything like your print, but looking forward to getting some of the dies. Love your daughters voice, it’s lovely, I must tell my family who is the one talking . They watch bbc America.
    Hope your getting some rest before your big day. Love. Xxxxxxx

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