The Clarity Catalogues are here!!!

The Clarity Catalogues are here!!!

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by.

Last year we launched our wonderful Stamp, Stencil and Groovi/Pergamano catalogues for our trade customers.

After the trade show, we had a few left so we loaded them onto the website to see if anyone was interested.

Boy oh boy were you interested! They flew off the Clarity shelves; the uptake was amazing.

So, this year, we’re doing it again!

We’ve combined the Stamps, Stencils and Dies together in one catalogue, and the Groovi and Pergamano in another. The lovely Lisa has been busy working her magic and has created – in addition – a supplement of all the newest and latest products that have been launched since they were printed, together with a sneak peek at upcoming releases too.

So not only will you have a comprehensive and up to the minute reference manual of everything we’ve got – you’ll even find out what you don’t even know you haven’t got yet!!!

What’s great about them is that we have included tick boxes next to each image, so that you can go through your crafty stash and tick off the items you already have, or discover ones you may have missed!

Each of the two catalogues (Stamp/Stencil/Die and Groovi/Pergamano) costs just £6.00.


When you receive your catalogue, you will receive a gift voucher to the value of £6.00 with a unique code, which is redeemable on all single orders over £20.00 (after your club discounts) either placed online at or by placing an order over the phone 01732 868215.

Your voucher will look very similar to this, only with a unique discount code (XXX-XXX-XXX will not work!)

Stamp/Stencil/Dies Catalogue

Pergamano/Groovi Catalogue

So there we are.

I actually think this is a really good idea. You can take them with you to the shows too, so that you don’t double-buy plates and stamps! Because lots of us definitely do, don’t we?!?

They are available on the website now, so do go on over and get yours today. One thing I can promise you.

When they’re gone – they’re gone! We only have a finite number, and this is one occasion when we won’t run a reprint!

Love & Hugs,



21 thoughts on “The Clarity Catalogues are here!!!

  1. Oh goody, the catalogues are such a great idea and I have loved mine, so will be getting an updated one. I only managed to catch a bit of the show this morning, so will watch them all tomorrow, when I will have time to enjoy them. After a horrible appointment with the dentist in the morning, I will feel like indulging myself! The plates are stunning, as are all those Tina designs and the samples by the DT are amazing, as
    usual. There is just so much I want, (sorry, need!) 😂
    Love to all. Annette X

  2. Wonderful. Just ordered mine. Missed out last year as waited too long so wasn’t going to repeat that this time. The shows were wonderful and as always learned lots of new tips and tricks. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  3. Hi Barb,
    Just ordered mine. Bought them last year and thought they were a brilliant idea. The addition of the tick boxes is an excellent idea. Also ordered new plates last night and received email today to say they have been dispatched – brilliant! Something else to play with in hospital next week! Got a couple of shows to catch up with, but loved the two I’ve seen so far. Samples awesome as ever – well done DT . Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone’s ok. Had a great day today. Started with swimming, then a couple of friends took me out for coffee and scones, then my sister took me out to a garden centre and then something to eat. Lovely day! Gilly, couldn’t resist plates!!! Love and hugs to all, Alison xxxxx

    1. Click on it from Barbara’s blog and it takes you straight to it. Can’t find it on the website.

  4. Ordered my catalogues as I also left it too late last year.
    Looking forward to browsing through them, getting my stash in some sort of order & finding out what I have missed but need !!!

  5. Great shows today, caught up with a few, and a few still to go. Had such fun with my catalogue last year ticking things off, I even numbered my stencil folders and wrote which folder they were in beside the picture! Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hope you and Phoebe are ok. Bet you are looking forward to holidays next week! Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. Just ordered my catalogues, loved the ones last year, so enjoyed perusing them, and spending the vouchers! Enjoy the 5pm show with Paul, have recorded the earlier shows, looking forward to Maria’s shows on Saturday. xx

  7. Hello!
    I’m a newbie to commenting on Your blog Barbara but have ordered my catalogue . I have been telling everyone how much I love your card which I bought with the lovelyDies! I already had some matching stencils. Many thanks. It’s lovely to see names I recognise!
    Love Myra xx

  8. Ordered my catalogue straight away as left it too late last time. looking forward to browsing, planning and spending!

  9. Brilliant, Barbara! I have though of this for ages and wondered if you did one. I am one of those people that like to study something (sometimes for ages!) before I buy and a catalogue will allow me to do this at my leisure. I will definitely use the tick box too. Thank you. One in my basket straight away. See you at the open day. I tried to say “Hi!” On Saturday but it was too busy so next time I will do better. Xx

  10. Hello Barb, the catalogues are a brilliant idea, I got them last year and they are worth it. And then of course the bonus is you get the gift voucher. Bx

  11. Oh, Clarity and Barbara, you are such kind, sensible, talented people.

    Didn’t craft for all of last year as I was too exhausted. However this year I’m deliberately making time for craft and I’d compiled a handwritten list of what I have. No longer needed, catalogues ordered.

    Love you all xxx

  12. Might just need one of those! I’ve organised all my stamps and stencils into folders, but don’t really have a system to find where they are, so this would really help. Thank you x

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