Meet the Artist – Jane Telford

Meet the Artist – Jane Telford

Hi everyone.

I hope you are all well.

So, you may have noticed that the Blog has had a bit of a makeover!

It has been a work in progress for a while, with Mr Jim transferring all of the previous posts, images and comments over to the new site.

If you commented on yesterdays blog, unfortunately they were lost in the transfer, sorry.

It still needs a few tweaks, so please bear with us.

You will notice that the address of the blog has also changed but Jim has worked his magic and if you are using the old link, you will automatically be redirected here!

I will be continuing with the Blog until Monday and then it is over to Barbara.

I know that she has lots and lots of exciting things to tell you!

That means I have a few more days of being naughty and tempting you with even more 20% Blog Offers!

Today’s Meet the Artist is:

Jane Telford

So, let’s have a look at what Jane has done:

 Trace out the Frilly Square on a piece of A5 Parchment.

Add the Poppies from the Poppy Field plate and then add the landscape using the Hills & Mountains from the Starter Kit

Add some white work to the poppies and the frill on the frame.

To get a proper frilly look on the frame, you need to do white work on the back and the front.

Do the white work on the front of the frills shown as A

Do the white work on the back of the frills shown as B

When working on the front, it is best to place a cello bag (the packaging that the plates come in) over the parchment and this will stop the parchment from going shiny.

Use the Dorso Crayons to add colour to the landscape and the Dorso Oil to blend.

Take a Pergamano 2 needle bold tool and perforate around the outside of the frill.

Choose your weapon of choice (Exclusive, Ringlock or Pergacutters) and picot cut.

Take a piece of A4 parchment and trace out the frame from the Alphabet Frame A4 Square plate.

Emboss the diagonal dots from behind using the Basic Diagonal A5 Grid on the inside of 3 sides of the frame.

Turn the parchment over and perforate from the front, each side of the embossed dots and then picot cut.

Using a Pergamano 1 or 2 needle bold tool, perforate around the outside of the frame.

Use the Basic Straight A5 Grid to ensure that you get the perforations in a straight line and then picot cut.

Finally assemble your card using Perga Brads to attach your parchment to a piece of Designer Paper and attach to a 8″ x  8″ card blank.

If you are not sure how to do this, then check out this weeks YouTube Tuesday video where Rosie shows you how to!

Okay, since I have a few more days to be naughty, lets add the following items to the 20% Blog Offers:

Frilly Square

Frilly Square Friends


Frilly Square Bundle

Frilly Circle

Frilly Circle Friends

Frilly Circle Bundle

If you check out the Offers page on the website, you will see that the Perga Brads are also on special offer!

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Ok, another little tweak – when you post a comment for the first time on the new blog, it has to be approved.

Jim tells me that I only have to approve you once and then going forward, your comments will appear automatically.

So, if your comment does not appear straight away, it means that I haven’t approved it yet!

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

62 thoughts on “Meet the Artist – Jane Telford

  1. Hello Paul

    This card is beautiful. I love all aspects of it. I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us on Saturday.


  2. Love the new look blog. Maybe you can put an add on peace to Barbara on Monday and let us all know how much trouble you got into. There is no fun in behaving yourself

  3. Fab new look! I love Jane’s design, it’s beautiful! I just happen to be using the frilly square and friends in our dabble day on Saturday! So very apt.

    Glynis x

  4. Paul , you are doing a very good Job. I enjoy reading every day how those wonderful Cards are made and learned a lot of things. best to you all Gisela

  5. Have so enjoyed your blogs Paul, and not just because of the special discount. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got lined up for us in the next few days !

  6. Great groovi card. Loving all the different styles. Will look at the blog properly later as it never looks right on my phone. Xx

  7. Afternoon bloggy friends, wet here most of the afternoon. Hope everyone managed to avoid the showers. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Been quite nice here although chilly bit of rain this afternoon.Did manage to get all swimming gear dried before the rain came this afternoon. At least we haven’t had the downpour we were threatened with.

  8. Hi Paul
    What a beautiful card today, Jane you are so clever, the ruffles are amazing. I like the new look blog, very stylish, although I struggled to find the comment button but got here eventually. Just how naughty are you going to be Paul, haha, I’m glad you are having fun, so are we 😊.
    Love Diane x

    1. Hi Diane,
      Pleased it wasn’t just me then!!! Hope you are fully recovered from your fall now. I’ll look for dents in the floor at the Metrocentre tomorrow! Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  9. Hi Paul! Ooo lots of naughtiness again! But the new blog looks fantastic!
    Have a great evening! Love and hugs! Xxx

  10. Hi Paul,
    Ooh goody, another few days of your naughtiness! Love it! Like the look of the new blog although I do find it a bit ” fiddly” to use – will get used to it though!!
    Jane – absolutely stunning piece of work . The frills are gorgeous , must have an attempt at this. The cutwork down the sides is beautiful too. I bet Barb was thrilled to bits with this card.
    Love and hugs Alison xx

  11. Liking new blog and goodies hope Barbara and Fsve arrived home alright. Well this is second try at doting first one didn’t work here goes xx

  12. Love Jane’s card, it’s beautiful. Oh Paul you are really naughty again, I have all toďays bar one, so be rude not to get it. Xx

  13. Love the poppies on Jane’s card, looking forward to a few more naughty days from Paul but intrigued as to what Barbara has to tell us about next week. Need to go & check my stash against what is on the offer list before I forget & miss the bargains.

  14. Good evening all, beautiful inspiration from Jane, I haven’t attempted to emboss the Frill so I shall make that a priority x

  15. Another beautiful card ! Good tips there too for the frill shading but I know there are some good ones on the Groovi page too. X

  16. Love this card, and all the rest you have shown us while Barbara has been away. All these ‘offers’ though – my collection of Groovi plates, stencils and now stamps are growing fast – but hey ho! Beans on toast is nice………

  17. I love the card Jane! That must have been a marathon task transferring everything over from the old blog to the new, so well done all round. I like the new header too.

  18. Love the new blog style. Also enjoying the ‘meet the designer’ blogs as they are really easy to follow.
    Been playing this afternoon with 2 of my granddaughters ( aged 8 and 9 ) using gel plates, stencils and paints a la Sam Crowe. Great fun but very messy.

  19. Beautiful card, such talent, something to aspire to. I took advantage of the special offers and sent in a small order today but I am liking that frilly square so maybe I will have to place another order. Thank you for all these special offers, I hope you don’t get in too much trouble when Barbara gets back!! xx

  20. Love the new look blog. Hope you don’t get into too much trouble Paul! Look forward to hearing all Barbara’s news next week.

  21. Love the new blog. Paul you do realise you will be joining a lot of us on the naughty step on Monday.

  22. I read Barbara’s blog every day and get a great deal of pleasure from it. Has been lovely seeing every bodies beautiful work Well done Paul taking over from Barbara, really enjoyed everything. Like Barbara you have a way of writing that appeals to my sense of humour. I think your naughtiness has rubbed off on me. Love the new look blog. Love and hugs.

  23. Wow, I thought I had come to the wrong place. Love the new look though.
    What a beautiful card Jane. I will be a happy bunny on the day I can make my frilly circles look this good.
    Annette X

  24. Another beautiful card from Barbara’s birthday collection. Loving the new look blog, well done to all who have made it look lovely. 😘

  25. Please may I join the group. At 91yrs next month I am rather slow but must say Groovi has given me a new lease of life.I even went to NEC this year after a 5 year lapse.Helen Brown x x

    1. How lovely to hear that you are enjoying crafting and visiting the NEC at 91! I would love to think that I may be able to do the same. There seems to be something new to enjoy every week, so we need to keep going to experience so much more. I hope to see comments from you for many more years to come Helen, as I am sure many others on this blog will too.

  26. Being a ” fanatical” collector and user of Clarity stamps for the last twelve years I thought the Groovi system was not for me. WRONG! last year after watching the Groovi Go plate being demonstrated, I decided to give it a try. Needless to say I was hooked and surprise, surprise, I seem to be acquiring a nice collection of plates. to go with my stamp collection.
    I also have a “must have/need/ want/desire” list of stamps and plates for the future, which I will never get to the end of, as Barbara and the team keep bringing out yet more fantastic stuff.

  27. Beautiful card from Jane, love the ‘frilly’ plates as you get such dimension with them.

    The new blog style is fab, will take a little time to get used to scrolling all the way down to comment but, on the upside you see what everyone else has to say!

    Enjoy your last few days of naughtiness Paul xx

  28. Love the new blog. I have just scrolled down to Barbara’s first one on the 29th October 2013. This was the Serenity Prayer stamped on a Polished Stone background. Barbara, at the time, was debating whether to demonstrate the technique. Well Barb, five years on is there any chance of you resurrecting this technique? SOON!

  29. Trying to leave it for as long as poss before I order from the lovely accumulation of lush stash, as I’ve spent this month’s budget already. Hopefully you’ll approve of me Paul, even though my hubby doesn’t approve of your offers I’m sad to say🙊

  30. Love Jane’s card. I will have to go through the steps slowly, something to aspire to. Keep on being naughty Paul, it is great fun.

  31. Love the new look of the blog. There are always a few things that need to be worked out. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  32. Looks great. Jane does such lovely work. I am looking forward to hearing from Barbara. Thank you Paul for looking after the blog.

  33. New look blog is great, especially the gorgeous banner background! Great job Jim, and you too Paul over last wee while. Groovi suspended here for another 11 days due to incurable snooker addiction.

  34. Gosh I’m loving the new format, and I’m not sure whether to be pleased or not !!! Because I already have all the plates to create the card that Jane so beautifully created !!! My goodness I’m just a real Groovi fan/addict !!! Xxx

  35. The new blog is easy to read, with lots of tempting ideas and offers. Thank you Jim and Paul. I hope Barbara returns fresh and relaxed.

  36. Hello Paul, the makeover looks good, Barb is going to be surprised when she gets back. A lovely creation from Jane, the frilly plates really give you a lovely effect. I am sure everyone is making full use of the discount offers. Bx

  37. Hi Paul when I saw the new blog yesterday I thought that I had gremlins in the system – but no it is the magic of Jim and all at Clarity who have designed the new blog and transferred all over, well done to you all, yes there is a little bit of tweaking but no worries. Now you have given us all these great offers Paul will you be on the naughty step when Barbara comes back. Looking forward to the new things coming out.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  38. Oh thanks for explaining the frilly edge I am new to this groovi lark and I had a go at it looked ok but now I know that tip I will try again I haven’t dared to do the cut work on the edge yet not enough hours in the day have to do washing and ironing and fit in cooking at some stage

  39. Well done Paul for keeping the Blog going in Barb’s absence. Fortunately for my bank balance I had most of the items on the naughty trail but it gave me a chance to accumulate some pennies for all the new and wonderful things I am sure are coming soon. The samples shown in the Blog are inspirational – my mojo has been asleep for a while but is now waking up with a bang.

  40. Beautiful card today too. The new blog is very clean and simple, and comments are much easier to read.

  41. Hi Paul, the new blog looks interesting but can we still access previous dates, I don’t always check the blog each day but can’t see where it says older posts is this another tweek.

  42. Yay!! An easy way to find the blog. I couldn’t leave comments before so this is awesome!
    Loving the frills and poppy combination, and wow, there is so much neat cutting.

  43. A beautiful card from Jane and love the look of the new blog but haven’t been getting the posts don’t know if this is due to the change of address. Thank you Paul for keeping things going in Barbara’s absence. x

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