Meet the Artist – Alison

Meet the Artist – Alison

Hi everyone
I hope you are all well.
A busy day at Clarity Towers.
A bit of desk moving with some additional
phones and computers installed
Here is card no.5
from Alison (aka Alimecca)
Okay, so time to work out how Alison has created her card:
The composition of this card really does speak for itself.
I would say that Alison started with the
and then used the Art Nouveau Alphabet plate
to spell out Happy Birthday.
Used the Nested Squares Extension plate
to create the outside frame.
Infilled with the Art Nouveau Floral Spacer plate and
Detail has been added to the corner panels
A little bit of Picot Cutting to reveal the 
Sweet Dreams Designer backing paper.
Coloured on the back with some Perga Liners.
Then attached with some Perga Brads.
We already have some of the Art Nouveau 
products on Special Offer:
So today’s 20% Blog Offer is on the following plates:

(Currently Offer of the Month)
Enjoy your evening.
Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

49 thoughts on “Meet the Artist – Alison

  1. Wow! What a stunning piece of work. That's why you are Pergaburga Man Paul – all that shifting about you do! More stand building coming up soon too!

  2. I love this card Alison and Art Nouveau is a favourite. Each Groovi card I see adds even more to my shopping list! I don’t think I shall ever catch up. Have a good evening. Annette X

    1. Thanks Pam. Sorry to hear that you don't feel any better, I hope you get some relief soon. Pleased to hear that Pete's shoulder is doing ok though. Sending love and hugs to you both, Alison xxxx

  3. Thank you Paul you are doing excellent work. Alison the card is beautiful. I've finally caught up with the blog! I hope you actually get your op it must be so frustrating for you. Love Chris x

    1. Thanks Chris, Pete is getting there with his shoulder, I'm no better, but forever hopeful that I'll get there eventually. Hope you are both well. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    2. Hi Chris,
      Glad to hear you've finally got caught up with the blog! Thanks for your comment. If they dare to postpone this op WW3 will be declared! I found out on Thursday that someone who has only just been referred is having her knee done in a month – God I was livid when I heard that!! Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  4. That's a really pretty card!
    Sounds like you've had a busy day Paul! More desks ay? You'll need another unit soon!
    Great set of instructions with the accompanying offers make for a great blog today.
    Love and hugs xxx

  5. Wow – what a stunning card Alison! You really are a clever girl! Well done and thanks for your comments. Love and hugs to you, Paul and everyone on the blog, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly,
      Thank you, I really enjoyed playing with these plates. Hope you and Neill are feeling better, I know how frustrated you must be personally. Sending love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

  6. Are you moving everything around Paul whilst Barbara is away, she will have great fun trying to find things when she comes home. Beautiful card Alison. Very colourful. xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thank you for that lovely comment. Hope your first couple of days back at school haven't been too bad. Is Phoebe fully recovered now? I hope so anyway. Also hope your sister is coping. Sending love and hugs Alison xxxx

  7. Hi Paul,
    Well this was a surprise! I wasn't expecting to see my card here, I thought there'd be loads of better ones than mine to showcase – so thank you! I absolutely love these plates and the original Art Nouveau poppies and lilies with the corresponding border plates. This was the first time I've ever tried to do a card like this ( sort of a bit of a sampler) and it did take me a while to do but I really enjoyed making it. So much so, that I made another 2 along the same lines but mixing up the plates. Sounds like you have been busy at work! Thanks again, love Alison xx

    1. Hi everyone,
      Thank you for the lovely comments – very kind of you all. I can really recommend these plates if you haven't already got them & the stamps ( haven't got the stencils but that might have to change!!) . Much better day here, sun has been shining! Sending love and hugs to everyone, Alison xxxx

    2. Hi Alison beautiful card you have worked hard on it, your picot cutting is really good. I'm meeting the lovely Maureen tomorrow in Newcastle then we are heading off to meet up with the rest of the gang for 3 days of fun and laughter. If you hear of a riot in fenwicks that's us having a coffee and a catch up! Sending hugs xxx

  8. Yet another fabulous card. Barbara’s house must have looked like an art gallery with all those lovely cards displayed. I haven’t got any of these plates but I think they might have to be added to the wish list (which is getting longer by the day). Dreary day here with a chilly wind and the boiler has gone on the blink, think it’s the pump so I will be on the phone in the morning. xx

  9. Paul you're doing great job in showcasing Barb's lovely birthday cards while she's having a break. Great card from Alison – lovely colours and some of my fav plates too! It's smashing to see all the effort that goes in from 'us shoppers' as well as the very talented design team. Hope moving the desks around doesn't cause too much chaos when Barb returns – it always seemed to 'unsettle' us when we used to do it in the office I worked in, then again we always played a trick on someone unsuspecting by turning their desk around the wrong way and then tying the chair to it so by the time they actually got the chair free they were beyond noticing that the desk was back to front too! Naughty but good for a laugh and we didn't move things around too often – lol!

  10. Hi Paul and Barbara
    Wow Alison what an amazing card, it's a real labour of love isn't it. I love the plates you have used, I bought them for my sister for her birthday. Thank you Paul for letting us see these beautiful cards and for the great offers. Remember to bend your knees when you lift the desks!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thank you. Enjoy your time with "the gang" & especially Maureen – hope she and George are well – haven't seen any comments from her for ages. I'm sure Fenwick will wonder what's hit them ! Xxx

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