I’m all of a flutter!

I’m all of a flutter!

Hi everyone.
I hope you are all well and had a chance
to enjoy the sunshine today!
It is amazing, how a big yellow thing 
in the sky can change things!
Smiling, happy people!

Although, I am guessing that today’s One Day Special 
will have made a lot of people happy as well.
I wonder how many will be left at 8pm?
A brand new collection of plates in our 123 Series,
designed by the super Linda Williams
and being showcased by the super lovely Rosie.
Bumble Bee, Dragonfly & Butterfly designs:
A4 sq. and A5 sq.
Available as a complete collection HERE
A4 sq. collection available HERE
A5 sq. collection available HERE
Also available individually HERE
Here is a small selection of artwork from
some of the talented design team:
Josie Davidson
Karen Jackson
Amanda Williams
Jane Telford
Chris Walker
Glynis Whitehead
If you are looking to top up your parchment stash,
then we have a fantastic bundle, with a massive saving
(I am not being that naughty – honest!)
Available HERE
Don’t forget to join Rosie at 8pm this evening
and then at 9am, 1pm and 5pm tomorrow
for some great demos, hints, tips and inspiration.
Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

30 thoughts on “I’m all of a flutter!

  1. Just watched the 6pm show. Wonderful. I really like the new plates but knew I would before I saw them. Been a beautiful day here lunch outside as well. Hope it stays. X X

  2. The samples from the design team are stunning, I feel that the plates will be falling in my basket. Loved the concept of the first 123 plates so these will just add to ever growing list of ideas. Thank you Linda for yet more wonderful plates, Rossella told us last week at the Evesham workshop that we would want them but would not divulge any further information. How right she was !!

  3. The plates are just perfect and I'm not surprised that they are selling so quickly! So very usable and versatile!
    Keep going Paul… You're doing great!
    Love and hugs! Xx

  4. Stunning plates and beautiful samples! More to add to my wish list!
    You're right about the sun Paul – it's been a wonderful sunny day, and everyone has been smiling! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends, I hope that you have all been enjoying sunshine today! Good news from here – Neill is now on his third day of the higher dose and so far his heart is being very good. Fingers crossed that it will continue. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly.,
      Oh that's brilliant news! I'm so pleased for you both. Let's hope it continues and that Neill really improves. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxxxx

  5. I really like these plates with the little windows in them, just right for a quick groovi session or they can be expanded to a wonderful piece of art work. Will catch up with the shows so I can see all the fabulous demos and samples. XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      It will come as absolutely no surprise to you that these just happened to fall into my Clarity basket! Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  6. Love the original 123 platest and these new ones are just as good, Needless to say they're ordered! Simply couldn't resist! Great samples from the fab Design Team as always! Just going to watch the 8pm on my tablet as only have freeview on the telly. Xx

  7. What a beautiful day! Will be catching up with the shows later as didn’t get a chance today. They look lovely plates – no doubt they’re a sell out ?! X

  8. Hi Paul,
    Caught the launch show and just had to order these superb new plates direct from Clarity. Well done Linda! I really loved the first three and these additional three make up a fabulous set (& in two different sizes as well!).
    I rather like it when you are being naughty Paul! Love Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope your weather has been good – the sun finally came out here just after lunch and it was lovely. Tomorrow is supposed to be a lovely day so after swimming. We are heading up to Northumberland coast ( Bamburgh, Holy Island, Alnmouth or Amble, haven't decided which yet) to try out new cameras and to just enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery. Really looking forward to it. Diane hope you've had a good day with Maureen and the gang – did Fenwick's survive?! Sending love and hugs to you all , Alison xxxx

    2. Have a lovely day tomorrow Alison, theceeather is set to stay good as far as the weekend so far, so the forecast says. Lovely coastline that, a friend of mine moved up there from Branham a few years ago. Safe journeys, love and hugs, Pam xxx

    3. Hi Alison well there's a bit of a tale there, guess who tripped over the raised mats at the top of the metro escalator! Yes me, I left quite a dent in the floor, luckily the lovely Maureen was there to meet me and rustled up a couple of young policemen to help, you know what she's like. 6 hours in A&E, I've got stitches in my lip and a bruise the size of England on my very painful arm but no bones broken thank god. Julian jumped in the car and drove 7 hours to get there, took us across to Carlisle where the hotel room was booked for me so he could sleep, met all the gang and drove me home yesterday. Maureen and George are fine, I'll let her know you are asking. I'm going to watch Rosie's shows today as I've been told not to do anything. Sending hugs xxx

  9. Great new plates as always and the design team have worked their magic again. Haven't seen the programmes but hope to catchup tomorrow, Been busy clearing out some of my craft stuff. Put an order in to Clarity this morning so will have to wait a while now, but there's always the wish list.xx

  10. Hello Paul and Barbara
    What beautiful plates and samples from the design team. I'm just about to watch Rosie's show, I'd better put them on my wish list as I don't think there will be much crafting for a while. Great offer on the parchment Paul, you are being naughty aren't you.
    Love Diane xxx

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