Youtube Tuesday and the Heels are alive!

Youtube Tuesday and the Heels are alive!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Greetings from Frankfurt. Still here, but
that’s it. All done and dusted. Show’s over.
And I have to tell you, we had the smoothest, fastest, easiest breakdown for a show EVER!
We got the golden ticket for van placement on the roof, and were in and out before most of the others could even get their trucks on site. What a result. 
I had secretly been dreading the breakdown, because it is usually gruelling and just gutty. So I had been saying to myself, ‘This too shall pass, this too shall pass’ every time it crossed my mind.
But nay! It was a breeze. German organization mixed with a bit of luck, a good connection and balls of steel behind the wheel!
Was it worth coming? I should say so!
Quite aside from all the new contacts and customers we have gathered, that one little-massive meeting yesterday will change the course of history for Clarity. You will see. 
So yes. Very very excited.
And today is You Tube Tuesday!
So here’s a really neat little demonstration on the Lightwave, our lightbox. And there’s 20% off till next week, plus your members discount. Can’t be bad.
And all the other things Rosie reaches for and talks about…

20% OFF

Light Panel Bundle + FREE piercing mat
But now, I am going to kick back and take the weight off these poor feet of mine. The damage was done on the very first day actually, you know, when I rammed the stand wall with my head. I had already had to go buy blister plasters round the corner, because I had worn the wrong boots/socks combo (when will she learn?) And there was no coming back from that really. We have walked at least 15,000 steps each day, sometimes as many as 25,000, and I have just had to walk through the pain. What a state.

You know that song in the Sound of Music?

Well, Dave wrote an alternative verse just for me.
Romantic sod that he is.

My heels are alive 
from the constant friction;
New boots are to blame
but that’s my addiction.

My feet have a pulse
which is all of their own;
I can feel my heart beat in my feet
right to the bone.

But it has been a super week.
Quite aside from the business benefits, 
great company, and so much hilarity with Clarity!

Schlafi schlafi xx

Love & hugs,

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19 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday and the Heels are alive!

  1. Oh dear, you are a martyr to your feet. Try Hotter shoes and boots – I rarely wear anything else now after years of plantar fasciitis and morton's neuromas and bunions. Too many years of walking the wards! Love Dave's little ditty and glad you have all had such a fun, and productive show x

  2. Bless you! Well your all done and dusted another successful trip under your belt. Time to chill have s good nights sleep and a safe journey home! Love and hugs to you all! Wxx

  3. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely song just got you, that's why you love him. Haha. Oh your poor feet, I do feel for you, but did those new boots make you feel a million dollars and as though you could kick a***? If so the pain was worth it. Safe journey home, get the comfy slippers on and have a smile that you've cracked the deal. I'm sure you will tell us all about it when it's signed and sealed.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. Ouch what a great verse Dave can kick those shoes of relax on your way home I guess tomorrow so sleep well relax ready for I guess the next stage of clarity and Europe night night xx

  5. Safe journey home! Sounds as though you've had a great week for business! But a harsh one on your poor feet! You now need a good massage with olive oil to make them feel better followed by a soak in warm scented water!
    Love and hugs xxx

  6. Don’t we all do it with our feet! Must admit it’s been a long time now since I got a blister though! Yours will heal (no pun intended!). Have a safe trip home and look forward to hearing the news ! Xx

  7. A clever ditty from Dave but joking apart your feet must be shredded Barbara, and you need to take it easy for a bit. So pleased that it was everything you wanted it to be and more by the sounds of it! x

  8. Hello Barb, so pleased to hear that it has been a productive and worthwhile, if somewhat painful trip, with great company. Have a safe trip home, maybe Dave can sing the song to you. It did make me laugh. Bx

  9. Safe journey and congratulations. Sorry to hear about the feet, I used to always carry blister plasters til I discovered a certain brand of walking sports shoes, not the most elegant and business like but literally life saving as far as foot comfort

  10. So glad your week went well – looking forward to what's coming next. Don't know what it is but knowing you it will be brilliant and keep me on the breadline!! 😉😉 Nice long soak in the bath when you get home followed by a relaxing foot massage I think – sure Dave will oblige. Safe journey home all. Xxxc

  11. Hi Barb,
    Oh your poor feet. I do feel sorry for you. I know exactly how you feel too – every time I go to London, I end up with massive blisters no matter which shoes I wear, so you do have my sympathy. At least you have managed to do what you hoped for and it's been worthwhile. Love Dave's little ditty. Have a safe journey home and hopefully put your feet up for a few days. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  12. So sorry about the poor feet Barb, if I had been you, I would have had my bedroom slippers on! As for teasing us about the great changess, I do hope you havent sold out to another company. Because I like you just as you are, and you have the absolute best customer service ever, she couldnt have been better if she was my sister! (who I dont have ).

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