Rosie, oh Rosie!

Rosie, oh Rosie!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Look who’s here !

Yep, Rosie is down here for a couple of days.
We have been working on a huge project for months, 
and it’s finally coming together now.
Rosie’s here to get the ball rolling tomorrow.
After many weeks of building and planning, we are finally going to breath new life into our Clarity You Tube Channel again.
Jim and I were happily plodding along on You Tube Tuesdays,
 and things were building quite nicely;
– until Groovi came along and blew the bloody doors off!

For two years our You Tube Channel has been sitting, languishing in the background, whilst we have been pedalling like fury keeping up with Groovi and of course – Pergamano.
And Rosie is raring to go!
Raring Rosie !!!!! 
There will be plenty of us later on, every week,
but she pulled the short straw!!!!
We would like you to do two things:
1. Send in requests for specific demos on Youtube 
to the following email:
2. Head on over to Claritystamp Youtube and subscribe to it.
Join the other 15,310 people who are already part of the 
Clarity You Tube Movement.
That way, whenever we post a new Youtube video, 
you will be notified.
Time for bed, said Zebedee…
Love & Hugs,

28 thoughts on “Rosie, oh Rosie!

  1. Ooh that is great news! I will certainly subscribe and will think of some questions too.
    I am another one who would also love to see the gallery back on the website so we could look again at the wonderful work done by the design team. I hope you and Tina are feeling better xx

  2. How exciting loved YouTube Tuesday watching with a coffee then having a play and a go after what you did well done Rosie are first one back looking forward to it sleep well of to bed know too sleep well xxx

  3. Great news Barbara, you do like to push the boundaries. The great thing about you tube is being able to replay as many times as we like. Just watched the 'bloopers', brought tears to my eyes. It is good that you will be spreading the net for presenters and well done, good luck to Rosie for kicking off. Boing, boing xx

  4. How exciting Barbara, and I look forward to watching it every week, and hope there will be some occasional outtakes to give us a laugh too. x

  5. Have been a subscriber to your you tube channel more or less since it began so am pleased it is having a rebirth. I do hope it will be a good balance between Stamping and Groovi. I too would love to see the gallery return to the website as it was such a fabulous place of inspiration. Looking forward to the you tube relaunch. Xx

  6. Brilliant news! I can’t wait to see the new demos and techniques! Good luck to you all for Rosie’s first one! Don’t delete any bloooers, we love seeing those too! Wxx

  7. Hi Barbara
    That's brilliant news, love your YouTube videos. I hope you keep the chair twirling and coffee drinking it and the brilliant music in as well as having bloopers. Good luck Rosie you will be wonderful. Hope you are all feeling better.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. Can’t thank you enough. Loved your tutorials. It is great to be able to save favorites to view whenever. Rosie is such a superb tutor. Am so very excited. Congratulations to all at Clarity. Superb family company. Crafty hugs to all.

  9. Fab news that YouTube Tuesday is returning. Hope it won't be all groovi. Whilst I congratulate you on the groovi success story, I do miss the in depth stamping shows,

  10. Fantastic news – I always loved UTube Tuesdays and still watch them even though I've seen them before, I always learn something new and now able to see Rosie as well – things get better and better………by the way – Boing said Dougal. Xxx

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