What a load of Scrap!

What a load of Scrap!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Was having a sort out this afternoon, and came across a load of old scraps I have been hanging onto – as you do!

I mean, honestly? 
This old shaving foam scrap! I mean, who in their right mind saves this? But hang on! If I squint at it for a while, I start to see more.
Do you? Go on, squint…
Ok. Let me help you.
Now can you see the valley?

Alright. How about the sky now?

Ok. Let’s add a little more depth…

Nope. Now I’ve killed the moment.

 Moonshadow be gone!

Bit radical, but I’m liking this little whatever-it-is!
Outline with a Promarker of an unobtrusive shade.

Perhaps do a little pencilwork, to ground the animals…

Now for a pleasing backdrop.
But which Designer Pad is this? I hear you ask…
I recognise this not!
I am rubbish at keeping surprises, aren’t I !!
But there’s been so much twittering going on among the Clarity Design team since they received the 2 newest sets of Paper and Parchment this week. 
I have to show you! Just one of the sheets from one of the pads won’t hurt, will it? See the cavern? 
(love that word!)
Coming your way in about a fortnight. 
You could literally takes those little stamps from the 
and stamp them directly into the scene, couldn’t you?
But just for today, I shall cover up the cavern, and just enjoy the blue.
Thursday’s Blog always being blue, right?

Trimmed and mounted.

I have to say,
I am sooo chuffed with these new papers.

They really do open up a whole new world 
into stamping and parchment art.
Launch Date: 
Sunday 29th October on Hochanda.
The weekend before the NEC Exhibition.

More will be revealed….

If you like the look of the Outline stamps, 
tune in tomorrow on HOCHANDA at 6pm.
Our Rosie is launching a fabulous Baby Groovi Collection of the same but different.
And the stamps will be on the counter too.
Love & Hugs,

41 thoughts on “What a load of Scrap!

  1. Now, I saw a person (probably the side of an old man) holding up newspaper or something to read LOL !!! Like your vision better. The new paper looks very interesting and beautiful…. Have a good evening xx

    1. I saw a man looking for his shaving foam!!! There is one lovely backing paper you missed too Barb the one where you had drawn lines to see what colour your pens were – I think you have a new style of papers book there too!

  2. I love the look of the new papers, my list for the NEC is growing & growing. Thankfully its my birthday during the show so perhaps a treat is in order !! Just goes to show that scraps do come in useful to, love the way you brought it alive with the stamps

  3. Oh good, more paper, I so need more paper (not)! The last 2 pads have become my top favourite pads, good job I bought 2 of each, 1 to use and 1 to stroke. So far only 'best' friends and family have had a sheet lavished on them. I hope they realise how lucky they are-lol.

  4. I love the new paper. I saw a lady wearing a scarf across her back in your scrap. It is amazing how everyone sees different things.
    Tonight I am making Halloween wine glass charms to take give as a hostess gift when we go to our friends' party in a couple of weeks. It is good fun working with beads and charms instead of inks and papers. I also plan on making some Christmas ones to give as presents at Christmas.

  5. You are amazing how you make a lovely picture out of a scrap sheet. It was interesting to look at, and see different things there. Oh dear more papers, good job Christmas is coming up, could drop lots of hints. Must try to get to your show, have been wanting to get to one. Love xxxxxx

  6. I could see a person hold I big picture Murrow or something but soon started to see water fall with valley it’s brilliant how when you really look we can all see something love the new papers xxx

  7. Just love your pictures love your enthusiasm love your work So wish o had the foresight that you have Ih and yes Barbara I DO love these new papers/parchment lol X

  8. Hi Barbara
    Now I saw a reclining lady too but once you started stamping the valley was obvious. Funny isn't it. I had just started to like the high cliff and you chopped it off! Yes the moon shadow wasn't quite right was it but chopping it off worked perfectly. Ooooooh new papers, they are rather yummy. I'm still stroking the ones I bought at Leyburn, showed them to my friend the other day and we both ooohed and aaahed and stroked them and put them back in the packet again, aren't we funny. I hope you didn't get too distracted when you were tidying up a few things.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. I thought it looked like a racing driver with one of those large helmets sitting in the car. I think this looks incredible Barbara and once you have placed the deer and trees the scene forms around them. I love the sneaky peek of the new designs! x

  10. Hi Barb,
    Gosh, I wish I had your imagination/ vision! This is fabulous! More papers- yeah! I love, love, love the Northern Lights and Indian Summer because of the matching parchment. I do believe Indian Summer is my favourite. Can’t wait to see the new ones though. Looking forward to Rosella’s shows – so pleased you’ve done the outline stamps now in Groovi form too. Did you remember about putting the little stamps together in a pack?
    Love and hugs Alison xx

  11. I see a woman with an off the shoulder top sat up with legs stretched out. Amazing what we all see!!!. Some of my favourite pieces of work have been scrap paper come good. Love yours.

  12. Hello Barb, what a beautiful scene from scrap (well I wouldn't mind having your scraps). I was thinking the moon shadow would have looked nice up in the sunset coloured part. Oh and new papers, isn't the sneak peek stunning. It's a pity I'm abstaining from spending at the moment. Maybe they will be under the Christmas tree? Take care all. Bx

  13. I see a mountain scene: mountain in the background, perhaps early morning or early evening, with pink sunrise/sunset clouds just blowing away from the top, an eagle sitting on a rock in the left foreground, and hilly ground in between. Love how our imaginations work and we all see different things, but it's no wonder the police don't find eye-witness reports very reliable! 😀

  14. Wow New paper looks lovely. Now you got me singing `Oh Shenadoah I love your daughter` Won't continue with this as my husband has his own version of this song,which I can't print! X

  15. You are amazing how you turn a scrap of paper into a lovely picture it was interesting to look at it and see lots of different things. Your new papers look great, hope I get some for Christmas. Just received my order, delighted. Now look forward to the monthly stamp. And your letter, the best bit. Love xxxxxxxxx

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