Indecision may or may not be my Problem…

Indecision may or may not be my Problem…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Wednesday’s blog is the one where we look not so much at what we craft, but WHY we craft.
And today I am so grateful that I can.
Now if only I could make up my mind which direction to take, 
it would all be peachy… 
Talk about dither!!!
I am supposed to be prepping the launch hour for Sunday, 
but I’m spinning like a top in my head.
So, what’s the problem Barbie?
Too much choice – that’s the problem. 
Or should I call it noise?
Or even too much pressure?
We’ve got beautiful new papers and parchment.
We’ve got beautiful new Claritystamps.
We’ve got beautiful new Groovi Plates. 
So much loveliness, and I can’t see the woods for the trees.
Should I launch on parchment or paper?
And which set? And which design?
Start with stamp or Groovi? Which image?
Which techniques first?
So much to show – so little time.
And that’s where my head goes.
I am pretty sure you understand.
Within half an hour, I can’t even decide whether to use green top or red top milk in my blimming tea!
Is this a normal human condition?
I’m not usually THIS indecisive! 
So what to do.
Step away from the plate, or stamp or whatever is cluttering up my head, and have a cuppa. Black if needs be.
Then call a friend. Speak to somebody who knows what’s needed.
In this case, Paul.
We bounce ideas off each other, we exchange thoughts.
10 minutes later, we have a plan. 
And then, the minute I know what I’m doing, 
indecision creeps in again!
Almost comical really, except the clock is ticking and the deadline is looming. If that weren’t the case, I would let it go and do some ironing or go for a walk or have a nap!
I suppose the key is to understand why.
So humour me here, while I think out loud….
A lot rides on the launch hour of a TV One Day Special, and 
we have invested heavily in these papers and parchment. 
Extremely large print runs to secure a realistic price
 – especially on the parchment. We could pay our mortgage off with what we’ve spent on these designer pads – twice over!
So it’s no wonder I am nervous around it really.
That said, they’re not perishable; they’re not Victoria sponges!
Now that would be stressful! I’d be a rubbish baker. 

There’d be something wrong if I didn’t question my pitch at launch, wouldn’t there?
And I absolutely KNOW you will love it all, everything,
so I really should relax into it and enjoy being in art mode.
It’s not about shining on telly, making a good impression. 
Not at all. I’m way past that !!!
No. It’s about getting the pitch right, explaining the products well and demonstrating them to the best of my ability. 
Mmm. That feels better. 
Understanding the source of my indecision, and realising that it is fear based,  now makes me realise that it is necessary actually. 
And healthy. 
Maybe I will write up a list of demos, a sequence, so that everything is covered. Then we can shuffle things round and slot them where they fit best later.
What a game!
Love & Hugs,

32 thoughts on “Indecision may or may not be my Problem…

  1. Hello Barbara, it is very often that fear make us feel uncertain, but am sûre that, as usual, you will give us stunning demo. And just remember, ever you are the one on TV, you have a great team and lovely customers behind you.
    Enjoy and all will be ok.
    Laurence xx

  2. Gosh my head is spinning Barbara……no way could my head could get to grips with all you have to do, and it's constant…my head would explode, or someone would get it in the neck for something trivial!!
    I'm bad enough choosing what paper to use….. they are beautiful…..
    Couldn't do what you do, it's magic watching you pull it all together….EVERYTIME XXXXXXX

  3. Well whatever goes on in your head Barbara, the turmoil never shows on the TV. So keep on doing what you do because you are sooo good at it. Xxx

  4. Makes sense to me! When I saw all these glorious goodies and the endless options they gave, it was enough to blow my mind! Anyway – I am sure the goods just speak for themselves and if anyone has got any sense they will get in quick before they sell out! I have never seen such a beautiful range. You know me and Pete will both with routing for you xx

  5. I reckon your last option, make a list and work from that. Love a list. I can be indecisive when there is a lot to do. Been asked to make some cards this morning in aid of cancer research,a cause that we always support so although I was told to take a percentage I shall be just donating, now do I stamp them or parchment. I do know I shall use some of those gorgeous papers that I was so lucky to win. They will look amazing whatever I do. Good luck with the shows. I will have to watch on catch up, Fred's 70th Birthday lunch. xx

  6. I think indecision is a universal thing Barbara, and especially when there are always so many great goodies to use, and we can blame you for that…lol. There are always so many new techniques and all us crafters always have so many things that we can use to make a card that sometimes it makes my head spin, and I have to sit on it for a while and think it out before starting to make anything. Unfortunately I am the kind of person to put stress on myself as I like every card I make to be the best I can do, stupid I know, but if it's your nature to be like that then it is not easy to go with the flow. I think your designs and ideas are always fresh and so beautifully done that I don't think you have anything to worry about, and also you have an excellent team behind you, so who could ask for more. x

  7. Poor Barb…it's such a pity that there is never enough time for you on 'the telly'. It's getting to be only time for just looking at the examples these days (which, of course are FABULOUS!!. I feel a need for Youtube or a new DVD coming on!!
    Break legs on Sunday. The papers are truly wonderful, and I love the names you've come up with for them.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  8. I could not do what you do, even with a list. I have to tell you that your demos are always first class, even if you feel like you are a swan, paddling like mad under the water to keep going, from where we sit you just glide along in a most serene controlled way. Always a pleasure to watch, I want it all, cant wait for Sunday. Dont get your feathers all ruffled.

  9. Hi Barbara, just relax as you’re preaching to the converted as they say – we will love it all ! I think my problem is that I have too many plates etc. And don’t know where to start like you said, that’s why I often just pick up my favourites and one I know I can do fairly quickly or at least I know the route they take! My other problem at the moment is thinking about a seriously ill friend so I can’t concentrate. I have a list as long as your arm that I need to do cards for too ! You will be fine and we will love it all, so will any newcomers so don’t worry relax ! Xxx

  10. I think your idea of a list is a good one Barbara. You can get such a sense of achievement by just writing things down. I'm sure that whatever you do, we will love it and buy, buy, buy!!!!
    Gayle xx

  11. I am sure the products and programmes will be excellent as usual. Already given my list of Clarity goodies to Santa. What better way to spend the cash.
    Will be shut away watching this weekend.
    Best wishes Anne(Reading)

  12. Whatever you choose to present will be wonderful. I always enjoy your shows so much. Look forward to it every month along with Rosella's shows. As a beginner, I absorb all the tips like a sponge. Am so loving the Groovi system. Will be watching for sure.

  13. Hi Barbara – I totally understand where you are coming from. I really think that the problem this time is just SO much choice! This year you have had less of these type of moments – I think because you have brought in more specialist people to help and you are not trying to do it all yourself, as in previous times. However in this instance, you have taken the first 2 very important steps – talking it through with Paul and bouncing ideas off each other and secondly making a list! OH, I do LOVE a list – certainly the only way that I can function – in fact Neill often accuses me of having so many lists, that I need a list of lists! The only suggestion that I can make is to lay out the (many) new goodies – walk away, have a cup of tea and then walk back and cast your eyes over it all. Then pick up 3 things that immediately grab your attention – write down ideas for those. Then maybe work with those first – ignore the rest, and as you are working – you will probably have more ideas along the way.
    What I do know is that you will come up with amazing demos and we will all fall in love with pretty well everything. Sending you love and supportive hugs, Gilly xxx

  14. Oh dear! Know the feeling well – too much to do, too many ideas all churning but the fog will lift and you'll wonder why you suffered such angst as each piece of the jigsaw fits perfectly. ;~}

  15. Get it on paper… Or parchment! In pencil…. Or pen! And then you can shuffle it…. Or not!
    Haha! Not helping much am I! I'm sure that once you've slept on things and re-thought how things will be everything will look perfect from this side of the camera!
    Things will fly out too… I wonder which will sell out first?
    Have a great evening
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  16. You always get it right, I am sure this launch will be the same. If you have prepped the demo's then as Jane says the order will probably just come to you xx

  17. It will be alright on the night! If there was no stress, worry or indecision then you wouldn't care enough – that's when it would be wrong! You care about your product, your staff or should I say family, and of course us! That's why you are how you are! And we love you for it! xxx

  18. I remember watching you winging it with Dean a long, looooong time ago when you sold out of everything in about 20 seconds because we kept buying it all, and you didn't have the chance to do the demos you'd planned, but you had to do something. It was one of the funniest and most entertaining shows because you kept coming up with ideas out of thin air as well as making us laugh. That's what you do – because you're a professional. You work hard, put in the preparation, do the homework and the rest takes care of itself. I have no doubt you'll come up with something brilliant on Sunday. I hope you manage to relax and enjoy the show too. I know I will! x

  19. "Right then crafters, let's STAMP!" (With apologies to Bake Off fans) Straightforward, simple, soothing, skilled and (above all with you at the helm) stunning, stamping. We're gagging for it, we want to revisit as well as move forward, and it's coming up to Ch——s. We know you're the best but we need a reminder of how some of our well-loved Clarity stamps can be used. Bet I've not convinced you though. Ah well, there's always next time. Think I've banged my drum enough for one day.

  20. Hi Barbara
    You wouldn't be you without a worry session before tv would you, but it sounds like you've done the right thing. Talked to Paul, got your ideas down on paper and I'm sure the ideas will start to flow quite quickly. Now we know the products are going to fly and there will be sell outs too but yes I can believe for one slit second a tiny thought of 'what if' must nag away at you. We think we have got too much craft stash ( well I know I do!) but we don't stop to think you have a heck of an amount of money tied up in your business. I hope tomorrow is another productive day. Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

  21. Hello Barb, I know you worry about everything, but it always turns out to be a very informative and inspirational show. We know the quality of the products and love the demo's, so I am sure it will all go like clockwork. Looking forward to it. Take care all. Bx

  22. It's no good saying don't worry because I know that won't stop you but what ever order you show us the new goodies we will love them. Lists are good, consulting Paul and bouncing around ideas is great. It will all be fabulous and I am so looking forward to it xx

  23. Go from the heart, what are you most excited about showing us? Other than that make a list and tear each section into strips and play with the order of things until you're happy. I have every confidence in you xx

  24. Dear Barbara. I am sure you will have the usual sell out at the weekend. Like someone else said it's a shame we can't see more of you, that would sell your products better. Hope it all goes well, hopefully get to watch. Have just introduced a friend to groovi , she used to do traditional parchment, so has all the tools etc. but had found it hard to carry on. I am sure she will get hooked. Love. Xxx

  25. We put this pressure on ourselves! Every time we get a new batch of stamps I lay them all down and look at them and get some ideas going in my head! Then life takes over, I just have to make the tea or just run Hannah to Dance or just get ther from school or Matthew phones and asks for a lift from College! And my ideas are gone! Then I spend a few days staring out of my craft room window thinking about what a rubbish designer I am and then I tell myself to just play with the stamps as if I had bought them. Then before you know it the deadline is looming and I have too many ideas to fit in the time I have left! Trying to break this routine is harder than Living in it! Ok not quite the same as a TV Deadline Launch? But slightly related!

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