We have a winner!

We have a winner!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Taking a little time out today.
I think I perform better when I’m not half asleep!

Tomorrow Dave and I are off on Safari, 
so I must pack a bag and some mozzy spray!

In the meantime, we found a winner for naming these two little fairies. There were so many delightful suggestion, so I really just span the screen until it landed…

Peri and Winkle.

Gayle, I think Peri and Winkle are perfect names.
So you will be receiving not only the artwork, 
but also a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

The last time I went on a Safari was in Sri Lanka!
The HUGE spider in the long drop loo 
and the monkeys with the really long tails are what I recall.
Oh, and then there was that formidable Giant Monitor lizard.

Ask me if I got out of the jeep!

Am I really going again ???
More will be revealed… 

Love & Hugs,

32 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. Enjoy spending your voucher and looking at the lovely artwork Gayle. As for me I've got to put on another sale order now new products have been added lol.
    Enjoy your safari. Looking forward to seeing some interesting posts xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations to Gayle – enjoy spending!
    Hope you and Dave have a fabulous time on safari – something I would love to do. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. Thank you Barbara, you have made my day! Hope you and Dave have a great time on your safari, you've certainly earned it.
    Gayle xxx

  4. Enjoy! Safari on our bucket list! As for monitor lizards, was once woken up by one whilst camping on an uninhabited island off Borneo. A great night's sleep -not – the rats, lizards, insects and crustaceans made sure of that. ;~}

  5. Well done Gayle!

    Good grief woman!!! Are you mad! A safari! Didn't you have enough of snakes in America? Or are you just going to a safari Park!? If that's the case just watch those monkeys on your car!!!
    Have a lovely evening. Love and hugs xxxx

  6. Have a lovely time Barbara and Dave. Please sketch some more Africa stamps while you are away. I adore those lions you made some time ago, and the Masai warrior is awesome. I'd love some more great animals and fabulous norebirds

  7. Loving all picture sitting here laughing on me own spent day sorting everyone's phone and Katie's iPad which she mixes up regular but she does go in setting not yeh right. Sorted again know she has email face book etc all working again so felt like wasted day as wanted to play with me fairies as arrived yesterday may be tomorrow . Enjoy your safari xxx

  8. Whoops somehow I've commented on yesterdays post by mistake, whatever happened to yesterday. Have a wonderful Safari Barb and Dave. Congratulations Gayle enjoy your voucher and Barb's lovely fairy canvas. Thought you'd need some down time after all those retreats.xxx

  9. Congratulations Gayle, and enjoy your safari Barbara. I'm not sure that I am cut out for large spiders and Giant Monitor Lizards, but I would love to get to see the Big 5. x

  10. Hi Barbara
    Congratulations Gayle, enjoy spending your voucher and the canvass. What great names. Enjoy you safari barbara and Dave – I was thinking longleat too, not too far and a great place to take the caravan, or marwell zoo which is brilliant too. What ever you do have fun and enjoy.
    Love Diane G xxx

  11. Hello barb, ooh safari, do you need a porter? Enjoy it wherever you go, looking forward to seeing some pictures and reading about your experiences. Well done Gayle, what perfect names. Bx

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