OoH!You little Imp!!!

OoH!You little Imp!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in,
On my way to join the crew for supper at the Spa, 
so just want to show you a clever little trick with the brand new Fairy Plates, which lovely Rosie has been demonstrating on Hochanda today.
See? No wings.
When we designed the Groovi Fairy Plates, 
we made sure that the wings aren’t touching the bodies.
On ANY of them.
So even though it looks as though the butterfly and flower wings are attached,
they aren’t. Which means you can make delightful art with imps and elves – and little boys and girls actually.
See? No wings. Just a little pixie.

Flowers from another plate.

Landscape from the Starter Kit.

Colour with Perga Liner pencils

Layer up on a very new paper coming soon…

Yes. That does the job.

Fairy? What fairy?
Super simple and quick.
Has to be today!
All available on our website now,
both as stampsets with masks, and Groovi.
Love & Hugs,

PS. I will pick a random winner for the name competition tomorrow.
Running late here!

29 thoughts on “OoH!You little Imp!!!

  1. Clever. Have not seen the shows today as I have been at a Groovi workshop with Josie and Chris. Brilliant day, lovely project. I did see the launch show last night and plates and stamps are fabulous.x

  2. Not seen the shows yet as only been home since 1pm after a fantastic 2 days at your retreat. But these fairies DO look fabulous – may have to get these – but will probably go for the stamps. Xxxxx

  3. I haven't seen the shows yet due to dog sitting, Mum to lunch and other things! I will look forward to catch up. What? More papers? It's hard enough to choose now LOL !! Xx

  4. Very clever. I'm just back from the retreat at Crowborough. What a fabulous time Susan White and I had with Barbara, Paul and Dave. I met a few names on the blog, learned some new things and had a laugh. The best therapy in the world. To anyone who hasn't done it before, give it a go.

  5. Love these plates, managed to catch 4 shows (very unusual!) can't wait for them to arrive. Already got ideas to mix with some of my dies. Thanks for a great one day special and fantastic demos.

  6. Hi Barb,
    Sounds as though this Retreat has been a hugs success too. Managed to catch all of Rosella's shows and really enjoyed them . The samples were , as ever, absolutely brilliant. Well done to the Design Team. I do like the fact that the wings don't need to be included. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all has as good a day as possible. Was lovely here this morning and then this afternoon, when my washing was almost dry, the heavens opened! Not a happy bunny! Ha a go at trying to do a black outline on parchment which didn't go very well I have to say. I was trying to do the Club project using the owl. My first attempt was dreadful! By the fourth, it was better but still not anywhere near being good enough. Will just have to keep practising. Then I thought I'd make a card for my sister using the club Eidelweiss stamp- I thought it would be good as she has an apartment in Switzerland – only to discover that I can't find it! I've looked everywhere for it to no avail! I'll have to ring up Clarity Towers to see if I can buy a new one which is very frustrating. I have an awful feeling that I must have thrown it out when I was tidying up ( unintentionally mind you!) Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    2. Oh no Alison what a pain, I hope you can get a replacement. I know what you mean about the rain, I was just going to hang my washing out, it had been sunny when I put it on! Xxx

    3. I just got my washing in in time but I was gardening so saw it coming. How strange you were trying the owl and black outline. That was the one I tried it on too! My one and only attempt which was not brilliant but it looked a bit better with white work and a bit of colour. Hugs, Chris xx

    4. May be craft rooms are not meant to be tidied up 🙂 Or is that just me making excuses for the state of mine? Mind you I can't find a lot of things in there so perhaps I'm not much better off! Hope you get a replacement there's nothing worse than having an idea and then not being able to carry it through.
      Gayle xx

  7. Watched all Rosella's programmes today, fantastic, such a mine of information. Missed yesterday's programmes, will catch up later. Fairies are not my thing but the groovi plates and stamps lend themselves to being used in different ways. Thank you for the designs Barbara. One more day of retreat and then hopefully you can have a bit of a rest xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    I wonder how many people would have realised this, they really are beautiful aren't they. I like the additional flowers and the cute toadstools too, you have thought of everything. Love the card today, ooohhh new papers, I haven't got the first lot yet! Have a lovely evening at the spa with the new intake.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. How clever it looks as though it would be difficult to part the wings but you have shown it isn't thank you for showing us and you made such a pretty scene with such pretty colours Barbara. I'm sure you must be getting tired but really happy at all the wonderful compliments from all that have been to the retreats so far. Enjoy your evening. x

  10. That's so clever and so pretty. The new papers look exciting too. I just got my sale order, thank you very much. I got the paper pad and it has to be stroked to be believed xx

  11. Caught a couple of shows, loved all the samples. Still sitting on the fence, fairies usually aren't my thing, but these are cute, modern cute, ha!!
    Brenda M – if you are reading this please know that you are missed. I hope you are okay, and are just having a wee break. Take care, hugs xx

  12. Enjoy your supper – watched all Rosie's shows but admit to not being able to decide between Groovi or stamps so going to see them at Leyburn then make my mind up (added to the shopping list in readiness). Hope the last day of Retreats is brill, but from all comments I've seen don't think there's any reason to doubt it. Xx

  13. Hello Barb, not watched the shows yet, and looking at this sample it appears I have a real treat waiting for me. Love how versatile the designs are. And this example is beautiful. Hope you enjoy the last day of the retreats and then get time to relax a bit. Bx

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