Let’s go back to the beginning….

Let’s go back to the beginning….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Apologies for the late show today;
went to a very special lady’s very special birthday party today,
and only just got in.
Thanks Sheila! And congratulations! xxx
Lately, we’ve been talking about firing up the Clarity YouTube Channel again. Did you know we have a substantial reference library of projects, ideas and inspiration?
Thing is, when Groovi came along, we got SOSOSOSOSOSO busy, that Jim and I had to knock You Tube Tuesday on the head for a while. Two years, in fact!
But now that things are more under control (NOT!)
we are thinking about resurrecting it.
I thought I’d have a quick look at what we actually got up to back then, and I came across the very first YouTube video we recorded. 
What a giggle pot I am.

The videos do improve – I promise!
I’m actually thinking of applying for a job as a news reader.
I reckon I could do it.
The 6 o’clock news might take till midnight to spit out, 
but at least it wouldn’t all be doom and gloom.

Anyway, the random winner of the 


Well done Jilly!
A BLACK framed picture and a £20 gift voucher will be winging their way to you next week.


We set up for the week’s retreats tomorrow.
Many many friends and guests will be wending their way towards Crowborough over the coming days.
If you are joining us, please have a safe trip.

Love & Hugs,

49 thoughts on “Let’s go back to the beginning….

  1. Well done Jilly! I'm sure it will take pride of place in your home.
    I haven't watched your You Tubes for ages, I must revisit. New ones would be good, too if you could manage to find the time xx

    1. I just commented then went back to the video….well it's a good job they're not all like that we'd never have learnt anything but would have been kept amused over the weeks!!

  2. Could do with cheering up the news. You would be ace. When I was young I always said I was going to be a newsreader reckon that was why my mum sent me to elocution lessons. Not sure they did much good really. You Tube Tuesdays were brilliant still re visit from time to time. See you on Wednesday. Been baking today, wonder why. X x

  3. Congratulations Jilly on winning the artwork, enjoy spending your voucher. Hope everyone has a fab time on the Retreats, hope we will get to see some of your creations.

  4. Well done, Jilly. I so love this particular video, and keep it on my Kindle for when I need cheering up, together with the shrink plastic ones. It would be great to have more videos every so often, although I know they are a lot of hard work to produce. xxx Maggie

  5. Goodo Jilly, have fun spending! Would love the Youtube videos to restart, especially as I'm one of those who can't get to retreats and open days. Wishing everyone a great time at Crowborough xx

  6. Enjoy your prize Jill bean! You Tube Tuesday resurrection idea is fab, love all the giggles and yes I do learn from your vids as well! X

  7. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about that video. Needed a good laugh today. So miss the You Tube Tuesdays. Always looked forward to it. Have watched all of them many times for guidance. Would be wonderful to have a few on Groovi. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Well done Gilly enjoy your prize. Love your utube videos and your DVDs. Would be great to have more videos even if only now and then, shouldn't think you'd have the time to do more than that Barbara, as Maggie said a lot of hard work.xxx

  9. Congratulations Jilly. That would be great loved the YouTube video use to look forward to them coming and crafting along with you and of the craftroom classes . Looks like your in for another fun filled week this week must try to get to one next year night night sleep well xxx

  10. Would be so pleased to see You Tube back again – I need to be able to play and replay time and again, I've found all the original ones so helpful. I also found them amusing – getting a cup of tea while you carried on doing something!

  11. Hi Barbara
    Oh I loved you tube Tuesday, it will be fabulous having it bah onagain so a big thank you from me. Many congratulations jillybean on winning the prize, what a treat.Night night sleep tight.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Please DO start your YouTube videos again!! I love them and was wondering why there were no new ones. I was out of the loop and didn't realize Groovi had taken over your life!

  13. I missed this last night as I went to bed early as I had to be up early this morning! I think I saw every hour through the night and woke before my alarm clock!
    Well done to Jillybean! Fab art work to receive!
    I'm just having a cuppa before I make my way down to Crowborough! Exciting or what!
    I hope the next few days are filled with as much laughter as the You tube clip! And lovely artwork to go with it!
    See you tomorrow unless I bump into you before!
    love and hugs xxx

  14. Yay! I won a loverly piece of barb art! Thank you. Visit the youtubes frequently, I always need a push of inspiration. Thanks for sharing, and giving love J xx

  15. Loved YouTube Tuesdays, learn such a lot. Congratulations to Jillybean, stunning piece of art.
    Enjoy the retreats everyone, such fun and learnt a lot when I managed to attend a couple of years ago and met some lovely people too.

  16. Hi Barb.
    This really cheered me up this morning – I was giggling away with you! I think Dave thought I was going mad! Have to admit that I then watched your clips with Dean and shrink plastic- well tears were running down my face! I loved YouTube Tuesday and it would be great to have it back as long as you don't ruin your health doing it! Can't believe it's been two years either. Congratulations to Jillybean you lucky thing! Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  17. Barbara this video should be available on the NHS for people who need a bit of a 'pick-me-up'. Your laugh is so infectious, it cheered up my morning! x

  18. Hello Barb, I would love it if you resurrected You tube Tuesday, not only for all the inspiration, but the laughs as well. Enjoy the retreats everyone, hopefully I will make it sometime. Well done Jillybean. Have a great day all. Bx

  19. Absolutely brilliant! Barbara that is just one of the reasons I love you! By the way, did you ever get any of those mugs printed lol?Wxx

  20. This bit of video is such fun, I had forgotten what a giggler you are Barbara but clever with it. Congratulations to Jilly for winning that great piece of artwork. x

  21. So chuffed you are thinking of YouTube again. Missed it so much. Loved being able
    to play it back whenever. Look forward to some super Groovi lessons. How you will find the time heaven only knows but I hope you can give it a try.
    Crafty hugs. Xx

  22. A big thumbs up for the plans of resurecting the youtube channel. Hopefully with lots of stamping and ink brushing and brayering !!!!
    Hugs xx

  23. Well done Jilly – I'm sure you'll love your original Barbiart. What a wonderful idea to start up Utube Tuesday again. I just watched back one of the originals last night and had forgotten how fab they were. Have printed off our boarding passes, and we'll see you on Friday – so excited xxx

  24. Tried to watch the video but my broadband is rubbish at the moment, roll on Wednesday when I am having bt infinity installed. I will catch up then. When the engineer came out last week he had never seen a hub as ancient as mine! Well I always thought if it ain't broke don't fix it, but now it's broke.
    Always enjoyed you tube Tuesdays, went back to the shrink plastic one for a good giggle lots of times. xx

  25. So funny , I think I've watched them all over the years . Will go back and this time around will try to learn more .
    It will be awesome if you could do these again .

  26. Ohh my. I needed a good laugh. Your laugh is so infectious I had tears running down my cheeks was going to say my legs but managed it to the loo. Haha.
    Love UTube videos keep em coming xxx

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