Fairyly Cool Blog Candy!

Fairyly Cool Blog Candy!

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Decided to check out the Member’s Sale today,
and pick one of the stamps to blog.
Choices, choices, choices…
Stamps, Stencils, Groovi and other stuff too.
38 pages of it to be precise!

Settled on the tall, funky Fairy Tree House, which was so exquisitely drawn by Mel a while ago.
Very clever.
Stamped it on an inky paper scrap I had lying around.

It comes with a mask, too.
Also very clever.

Loaded one of our brushes with Tenacious Teal 
and lightly dusted it through the centre.

See how the house jumps out now?

Now we want to load the outside area of the mask.
Dust the paper with the tiniest amount of talcum powder with this mask. Makes it a lot easier to position when it glides across the paper.

Add a little Old Parchment ink with a make-up sponge

Add a little dimension by drawing in a drop shadow 
with  black and grey pencils.

Add a couple of the tiny miniature fairies from those super Outline Stamps I spoke about this week…
These ones:
The Toadstool Collection has all the fairies and whimsy hares.

Wrap around an A5 canvas, and seal with Mod Podge.

Very simple, but perfect for the girl who loves fairies and whimsy.

Join a Clarity Club today, 
and you too can access the Half-Price Sale.
How about some blog candy….
Suggest a title below for this artwork, and I will pick a random winner tomorrow. That winner will be sent the canvas 
and a £20 gift voucher!
Back to the garden.
Have a lovely evening wherever you are.
Love & hugs

88 thoughts on “Fairyly Cool Blog Candy!

  1. What a fantastic bit of art! The blue behind and the colouring on top really make the house stand out. I keep logging on to the sale and browsing through, not put in an order yet but the list is growing! I love that I can take my time safe in the knowledge that nothing sells out.
    My title would be:
    Fairy Penthouse.

  2. Beautiful Barbara the teal certainly made the fairy tree house stand proud.
    Thank you for doing the sale even though I can't really get anything this time loads I want but not got the pennies 😢
    I think the title for this masterpiece should either be ' the house that fairies built or ' this ole fairy house ' (shaking Stevens without the fairy lol)

  3. Ooooo my title would be "Fairy Dust Dreams" and yes I have already bought from the sale section which came yesterday, it would have been rude not too xx

    hugs Diane xx

  4. Hi Barbara, lovely artwork. Thank you for sharing. And the inking through tip, another one for my brain to store marked with a highlighter. And thank you for my next drop shadow instalment too. I think I'm starting to get there…. Hope you're enjoying your garden. Bit warmer up here today, still a cool wind though. And the sun came out to play, yay.

    My title attempt –
    Ta-da! Oh, wait a minute, we've forgot the stairs to the penthouse…

    Love Brenda xx

    Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can take up the biggest space in someone's heart.

    Hi everyone who reads and doesn't comment. Are you coming to say hi and leave Barbara some appreciation today?

  5. I love this piece of art and would be so pleased to give it a good home! My title is 'Fairy, fairy – quite contrary, just how high did your house grow? xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – just watched the Roger Federer match, brilliant! So glad that he won – he has to be the nicest man in tennis! I have had a very lazy day, with my feet up and watched the tennis. Recovering from a busy, but wonderful day yesterday. Hope that you have all had a good day – whatever you have been doing! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  6. Do you have to be a member of the clarity stamp club to be able to buy in the sale or will being a member of the Groovi club be enough?

    1. Julie just go onto the members area and you should have access to it all. I'm groovi and stamp clubs and I could see stencils too so it's the whole lot as far as I'm aware. Have a look, there's some amazing things on sale xx

    2. Hi Julie, being a Groovi club member means you get access to all of the sale items. Just log in on the website, then click on "member's sale" on the top bar, and fill your boots!!! 13 pages of goodies to choose from. Happy shopping xx

  7. Lovely art work. "Bugs Bottom" only thing comes to mind. Suffering from heat exhaustion having worked all day on the allotment. Silly me.
    Anne (Reading)

  8. Used this stamp for a new home card recently, perfect but wish I had got the mask so reckon I need that. Lovely canvas. 'High rise fairies' Best from me today not feeling brilliant. X

  9. Hi Barbara
    I must go and have another look at the sale, I hadn't realised this one was in the sale and it's one ibpve been admiring for ages. I've had a peep but haven't ordered yet. Love they way you have put the colour through the middle and added the drop shadow, it really does pop doesn't it. My title would be 'fairies on their way home after a busy day at work'. Enjoy your evening in the garden, it's been another wonderful day hasn't it.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. I have used this stamp as a base for house-warming thank you cards. Have a trial card salted away somewhere so must look it out. My title idea – is a mish mash of Dutch and English – 'Welcome to our herenhuis ' i.e. Hare in House. (Herenhuis translates as a mansion or villa.) ;~}

  11. Fairy towers. Busy evening here two younger grand sons 2-5 both sleep know very excited sleeping in lounge so better to bed as Jacob and Jonah rise very early but hopefully not as were late to bed fingers crossed xxx

  12. I thought Fae Towers – similar already been suggested! This is one stamp I have my eye on in the sale! So hard to choose as so many gorgeous options – although a little startled to find how many I already have – lucky me x

  13. Just gorgeous, has to be A Midsummer Nights Dream.
    Barbara I must tell you this, when Glastonbury finishes there's loads of tents and camping gear left behind and some firefighters go up from Cornwall and collect as much as they can and bring it back, clean it and auction it for charity. Great recycling. I think they have done this for a few years. xx

  14. Chris above was so close to mine so changed it now to "The Higglety Pigglety Dream Home. Still catching up on your last weekend shows,. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.xx

  15. This is gorgeous artwork Barbara and love the colours of the paper and the complementary colours you have added. My title would be 'On the Fairy Wishlist'. x

  16. Love these "magical" stamps! I'm thinking- 'Dusk in my garden'? or 'My Garden Dream'.
    Come to my garden when the day is at its end, when purple shadows lengthen and the stars begin to twinkle. Step carefully where you walk, lay down upon the grass and make your self so small. Shhh, be very quiet, oh so still. Moonlight glow now turns my garden into a magical place. Quiet. Look! Look there! among the mushrooms, and over there– by the base of the willow where in day light I only see twisted branches, now tiny lights are coming on. Did you hear that? the soft flutter of little wings? A tinkling of a laugh? Gossamer wings glittering in moonbeams. Whispers of fairy voices near and over there. Still, be very still the magic of a fairy world in my moonlit garden has begun.

  17. Love the funky house, and would call it "Hey mum, look what the fairies are doing to our house!" Had a nice time this week reorganising my clarity stash and seeing if I had enough fairy pennies to add to it. Might just manage the gorgeous cockerel stamps….maybe a bit more! xx

  18. I have this stamp and love it. This would be my dream home with my studio at the top,where the fairies could flitter in and out of open windows chattering away to me.

    My title is my Dream Home.


  19. Hello Barb, a great step by step. This stamp is great, and can be used for allsorts of themes, but I do love the fairies. Great suggestions for a title, and I cannot think one up that has not been taken, so good luck to all that have had a go. Have a great day all. Bx

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