A Fairyly simple Step by step…

A Fairyly simple Step by step…

Hi there!
Thanks for dipping in here.
Just had a very lovely day over in Medway with my parents.
While Dave went off to help a friend who needed a man with a van for the day, we went for a slap up carvery lunch together, and then settled down for a good old chinwag and catch up – just the 3 of us.
I LOVE listening to their life stories. Today was particularly interesting; I didn’t know much at all about my Great grandparents on my Dad’s side. One lot were from Glasgow, and the other lot were from Southshields. 
So here a very quick step by step I rustled up for your pleasure, 
it being step by step Sunday…
We need a piece of Clarity Designer paper from Dee’s 

Stamp the little Fairy stamp with the apple with black Archival ink,
and mask off.
FAIRIES SET 1+ masks
FAIRIES SET 2 + masks
Dry brush blue ink downwards across the masked image.

Replace the masks – they are worth their weight in gold!

Bend the verse stamp on the mount before you stamp it into a curve underneath.

Trim back

Darken all 4 edges with a blending tool 

Add a touch of white. 
Use a good white pen, 
or white acrylic paint on a Groovi tool No. 1.

Mmm. Still needs something. Not magic enough yet….
How about a moon in the centre?
Back out with the masks!

Lightly tap white acrylic paint through the aperture 
with a blending tool. The Viva Decor paint is very good if you are looking for a good white multi-purpose acrylic paint 

There. That’s much better.
Picked up a little blue from the mask, so needs a little layer of blue around the outside. Good job I’ve got a 25 year old paper stash!

I am really enjoying these fairies by Mel. 
The butterfly wings are perfect.

What’s even smarter on the Fairy Groovi plates is the wings aren’t attached. Not easily detected though.
You only really get this when you actually get in the groove.
also available individually.
Ah! I have just remembered the new idea we had last week.
Meeting first thing tomorrow morning. Exciting.
Who else gets to go to work on a Monday and can’t wait ??
This is when I am so happy that Design and Production are under the same roof; we can make a plan and implement it almost instantly. 
Before the week commences, there is one thing I MUST DO:
W A T C H   P O L D A R K.
But if he trades Demelza in for Elizabeth, I am selling the telly.
Love & Hugs,
PS. Guess who else is obsessed with Poldark? Yep. Mum. 
She had a right fat go about George Warleggan. I just happened to mention that Elizabeth is mostly off her face on opium, and mum retorted, with “Vell, zat’s hardly surprizing ven you look at zat idiot of a husband, George. Can you blame her? Kreep. ”
Dad just looked at us as if we were mad.

26 thoughts on “A Fairyly simple Step by step…

  1. Love Poldark too. Read many of the books when the original series was on tv so I remember some of what happens but I am still shouting at the telly!

  2. Glad you had a lovely day with your mum and dad! It's interesting finding out about our heritage! Sadly I have no one now who can tell me about my family history.
    Loving the artwork today Barbara! The fairies are really pretty
    ..and as promised I have a couple of pieces to send to you after I had a play today.
    As for Poldark..
    Not a clue! I must be odd as I have never watched it! But enjoy your evening!
    Glad you look forward to work as what you do keeps s lot of people very happy and entertained for hours!
    Love and hugs xxx

  3. I can just imagine your mum saying that. She is right though. It is great listening to the older generations stories, especially of family. Beautiful card, stamps are lovely. X

  4. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely day you've had, will you be doing your family history soon for the kids? Love this artwork, the fairies are so pretty, they look wonderful on the background papers. I've put my sale order in today, no rush, I can wait, got a bit carried away so has to delete a few things for another day. I've got a bit behind with poldark, I need a lovely rainy day on my own to play catch up! Your mum is brilliant, sounds like she's got the measure of that stupid man! Have a lovely evening. I wonder what you've got in store for us now!
    Love Diane xx

  5. It is always good to hear the family tales, particularly from generations now gone. My kids have spent some time with my parents this summer helping them sort out stuff in the house and garden and they have been hearing lots of stories about days gone by and they found lots of photos too of my grandparents as children a hundred years ago. It is particularly poignant tonight while watching the WW1 remembrance program as my grand parents lived through it and would have been about ten or eleven in 1917, so would have been aware of what was happening. I wish I had asked them more questions.

  6. Hi Barb,
    Have to admit I agree totally with your Mum! I just want to hit George and wipe that smug look off his face!!! I think Demelza is safe though! I can still remember the original series although modern Ross is much more handsome than Original Ross!! Sounds like you've had a lovely day with your Mum and Dad and pleased to hear you have some North East heritage too!! Love and hugs Alison xx

  7. Loving the fairies , unfortunately spent to much on members sale ,what with wedding and holidays to pay for will have to wait until next pay day and overtime to get them …like Julie remember the first showing of poldark and read all the books , still hooked on this one .hope your meeting goes well

  8. Glad you had an enjoyable day with your parents. It's so interesting to find out your family history. Unfortunately I think it is an interest which comes along later in life when the people you need to speak to are no longer around. How I wish I had asked my Grandparents about their memories.
    I haven't watched Poldark this time round as I still remember the original with Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees.
    Love the artwork and enjoy your exciting day tomorrow. Can't wait to hear what you have come up with now.
    Gayle xx

  9. Love listening to old folk and there stories we only have one auntie left so not many story's to hear any more. Loving the fairies to they have such cute faces specially when see the groovi ones need to have a play day with mine. Well it's our eldest granddaughters 13 birthday tomorrow how did she get so grown up she is beautiful young lady growing so tall. Chinese buffet tomorrow night in honour Katie very excited loves Chinese well any food well night night xxx

  10. A beautiful card, just love the fairies, have resisted so far as I have so many fairy stamps already. Wonder how long I can resist for though. Glad you enjoyed your day with your parents, my Mum was always telling me stories of her childhood and her aunts and uncles, really wish I could remember them all now.xxx

  11. This is so pretty Barbara and the touches of white and the moon really make the whole thing pop. I look forward to hearing what your new idea is. x

  12. Love the card, my favourite colours and I am so tempted by the fairies but can't make up my mind whether to go for stamps or Groovi. Can't get into this series of Poldark, don't know why as I think Ross is gorgeous! I watched Dirty Dancing instead.
    Just a question about yesterday's blog – what is bleeding tissue? Is it the sort of tissue we use as wrapping? xx

  13. Gorgeous card, still not decided whether stamps or Groovi re the Fairies! Great to know you've some North East blood in the family mix! As for George…and the horrible letch of a clergyman…they'll get their comeuppance I'm sure. Xx

  14. Hello Barb, love your arty creation, the stamps are beautiful and so are the plates, have to wait a while and then decide which to go for. As for Poldark, well yes I have to agree with your Mum. And I am so glad to hear that your Dad can tell you about your ancestors. You must get it written down. Take care. Bx

  15. Barb, I so agree with you, about Demelsa and Elisabeth, but still don't think I could sell my telly, as I'm hooked on Game of Thrones too! (there is no hope for me!) LOL.

  16. I'm with you about POLDARK, Barb – only 1 episode to go 🙁 Sunday nights just won't be the same without Ross…though I was a little disappointed with his behaviour with Elizabeth last night, even though it wasn't a proper kiss. Still think he loves Demelza more, though.
    The vicar makes my flesh creep – he is repulsive…poor Morwenna 🙁

    Lovely card, by the way 🙂

    Liz M xxx

  17. Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. Rick is doing both of our family trees at the moment, nothing unusual turned up as yet. I hope you enjoyed Poldark, sorry I haven't watched it at all!
    Linda xxx

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