New York Update

New York Update

Hi there
Thanks for popping in.
Sitting in the sunshine somewhere in New York,
and just wanted to touch base before I head off to spend the rest of the day with Gracie.
She’s back in her flat and recuperating.
Feels a bit rough, poor kid, but hey! It could be a whole lot worse.
In case you didn’t pick up the post yesterday,
she is in the clear. Yep. Not malignant.
She’s got a tidy scar across her throat, but it’s not cancerous.
The day at Cornell Hospital was an eye opener.
So many helpful, kind and caring people everywhere.
From the surgeon to the nurses and the porters, 
just lovely lovely lovely.
They moved her through from stage to stage, 
gently and respectfully.
She was discharged within 10 hours. 
Has the surgeon’s mobile number on speed dial.
I don’t like hospitals, but it was pretty special.
Nick was all at sixes and sevens as you can imagine, poor guy.
So it was pretty amusing when we were sitting in the waiting room, and he piped up with, “Great Hotel”.
Of course, even before he had a chance to correct himself, 
I was on it!
“Hotel?! Yeah. Lovely view of the river. Great beds.
Haven’t tried the food yet, but the staff are very friendly.
And there’s a park. AND parking.
We’ll come back here.”
We Brits definitely are piss takers, aren’t we?
Poor guy. Didn’t stand a chance. 
But I think it’s a kind of gallows humour.
We have to laugh to release the tension and the fear I think.
In fact, we laughed a lot while we waited.
Nick’s parents also came all the way from Pennysylvania to support Grace. His Dad drove through rush hour Manhattan to get her home. Bless that guy!
So now I shall take a slow stroll over to her apartment, 
and take over from Nick.
I brought her a Groovi Starter Kit and a few plates, 
so perhaps I will show her the ropes, to distract her a bit.
Thank you so very much for all your positive energy, good wishes and love. I kept reading out all your messages to Grace.
It certainly worked. 
I’ll get back to blogging about crafty things when my head is back in gear. I could sleep for a week.
Love & hugs,

94 thoughts on “New York Update

  1. So lovely to hear that things went well. You are right about the gallows humour, we used it a lot too. Thankfully not had to for a while. Enjoy the rest of your stay, it would be lovely to see what Grace does with the Groovi kit! Wxx

  2. Great news Barbara, just seen Grace's post of FB, I hope she can enjoy her chocolate soon ! What a relief for you all. I hope Steve is feeling better with his back by now….. I imagine Dave is juggling everything very well ! Enjoy the rest of your time with Grace, it sounds as if she is surrounded with love so things are good. Xx

  3. I am so glad everything went well. Not surprised you are weary with everything happening at home and the build up to Grace's op as well, it's always when the worst of the situation is over and the adrenaline drops that tiredness kicks in.
    How lovely of Nick's parents to come to help, it is comforting for you to know that they care too.
    I hope Grace makes a swift recovery and that she gets into the Groove, though it could be expensive for you taking cases full of plates over when you visit!!
    Enjoy the rest of your time with her and Nick and his parents, love to you all xx

  4. Glad all went well, now you can enjoy the rest of your time with Grace. I am sure she will love Groovi & look forward to seeing her creations. My youngest grand daughter loves it. It's something all ages can enjoy together.

  5. Oh Barbara that is such good news. You must all be so relieved. I've just been through similar but on the NHS & just got my all clear. I could not have received better care than from the wonderful staff at Leicester General Hospital.
    I hope you all get a good night's sleep now. Take time for yourself as well as for Grace. With love xxx

  6. I should think you are shattered Barb – but stress is THE most tiring thing to go through. So so happy that Grace is ok and that everything is all clear. Enjoy teaching Grace the Groovi basics – I bet she will be a natural. Big hugs for you both. Xxx

  7. Hello Barbara

    I am not surprised you could sleep for a week. The past few days/weeks have been very draining for you. And all you have to look forward to is more hard work with the Open Days and retreats. Make sure you look after yourself.


  8. Brilliant news Barbara. I really think that Grace will embrace Groovi as she recovers – nothing better as a distraction. Such a beautiful girl, you must be so proud of her. Wishing her a very speedy recovery. Love and hugs, Me.xxxx

  9. Sending thoughts for a speedy recovery from Canada. So glad things went well and that now Grace can recover. Terrible worry for all of you. Looking forward to Grace's first Groovi posting. She couldn't have a better teacher than her Mom.

  10. So pleased Grace is recovering well. I'm sure her mum being there is a tremendous help. Do let us all see some of her efforts on the groovi front. After all she is learning from one of the best. It's a great feeling hearing the words "It's not cancer". Never ever forget how that feels. Have been there and I vividly remember hugging the consultant and telling him I loved him for giving me such good news about hubby

  11. Oh Barb, so pleased all is well. Poor Grace, horrible thing to have to go through. Glad she's home and being well taken care of. Bet she's feeling the love from across the pond! So many lovely messages from everyone. I bet you get her hooked on the old Groovi and she's got the best teacher! Enjoy being 'mum' to her, she must be so glad you're there. Lots of love xxxxx

  12. I am so pleased Grace is on the mend and that it was nothing sinister. She is the same age as my son you know so it really hit home. Wishing her a speedy recovery. And you need to have that really long sleep you so need. Thinking of you all.

  13. Love your blogs keep me smiling. Looking forward to Grace's Groovi Parchment whens she's recovered. Love and huggles from a wet and windy Wiltshire xxxxx

  14. Hiya Barbara! So pleased that all is well! Now you must just enjoy spending time with Grace and teaching her some groovi tricks!
    I went to Burnley today to see Maria, Paul and finally get to meet Rosie! They were brilliant!
    Anyway love and hugs! Xxxx

  15. So pleased for you and Grace and everyone, it must have been nerve wracking but at least she is home and doing well now. You are always in peoples thoughts as we think of you as family. Take care xxx

  16. What great news for Grace and everyone. Good night's sleep for you all. I am awaiting the results of my MRI scan – at least they found my brain (good old British humour) Cannot settle to do much so off to a proper ballroom dance and sore feet tomorrow.
    LOts of love to you all
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Brilliant news Dave, suggest a bit of your favourite tipple to help you unwind tonight. So pleased Barb has you and your wonderful support. Have a virtual hug! Xx

  17. So pleased to hear Grace is recovering well and most of all that it's not cancer! Now you can relax and have some quality time together. Sending hugs and Lots of love xx

  18. The best news I've had all week! Cut yourself some slack Mrs Gray – you go straight from 2 days of live TV, long drives on the motorway each way, back to work, cross an ocean, have jet lag, all the stress of your daughter undergoing surgery, walk almost 20000 steps in a day and wonder why you feel tired? I'm exhausted just reading about it. Put your feet up, watch a gentle and heart-warming movie, have a nice cup of camomile tea and an early night if you can. You will feel better in the morning, and so will Grace. x

  19. Thanks for the update Barbara. So pleased you all had a good Hotel, erm hospital experience!!! Poor Nick, must wonder what he's got himself into, loving an English girl!!!! What a lovely family he must come from too, to go to all that trouble for Grace. And so pleased to hear Grace is home already. That will help her recover better. And so will your Groovi. Ha, ha, just had a thought, bet from now on every time you visit her it will be Walker's crisps, Cadbury's chocolate (if I have that right) AND more Groovi stash…. Welcome to Clarity Crafter's Anonymous Grace. Mind, our success rate is zero!!!! At least you won't be reduced to a diet of bread and water to feed your Groovi habit, not with mum being the boss!!!!!

    Not surprising you're exhausted Barbara, the stuff you've had going on recently. Please don't stress about not doing crafty blogs, just when you're ready. We understand. Let yourself rest and sleep.

    Sending healing thoughts and hugs to Grace. Positive and calming thoughts and hugs to you Barbara. Love Brenda xx

    1. Wow, Barbara, and Dee, love each and every one of your designer papers. Way too good to use! Guess that's me had it now, going to need to get all the new ones you bring out…

  20. What a lovely, uplifting message and your relief and happiness shines through. Grace is lucky to have been born into such a loving family and Nick sounds as though he is cut from the same cloth. Tell Grace that the Groovi starter kit has magic powers. I bought mine after a 'make & take' with Jo Rice at the NEC in November and now need to join GA as I can't go without my daily fix (my bank account will testify to this). You will be sending care packages to NYC on a regular basis.
    I have spent the day playing with my new plates, which arrived this morning and listening to cricket on the radio – a perfect day. I hope yours is too. X

  21. So very very pleased it went so well as I had feared the worse for you all. Your bit about Nick st the hospital has made me laugh as I can quite clearly see you recounting the tale later on down the line in true Barbara fashion x. Positive vibes for you all x

  22. Just take your time Barbara. Grace needs you far more than any of us do. Think my daughter and son-in-law have learnt how wonderful our private health care can be in the last few months, sounds very much like the service you have had. They know they are lucky to have it and are so grateful. Dark side of humour does help, got to laugh helps us all. X x

  23. That is the most fantastic news Barbara! I love your comments in the hospital – poor Nick, he must have been wondering about the British sense of humour there! Give our love to Grace and sending caring hugs to all of you! Looking forward to hearing how Grace gets on with her Groovi! Enjoy your sleep Barbara, when you can – love and supportive hugs, Gilly xxx

  24. That's brilliant Barbara, I'm so pleased for you all. What a relief eh!… take good care of each other and rest up as much as you can. Big hugs to you all. Xx

  25. Great news and a massive relief for you all.
    Sending best wishes to Grace for a speedy recovery. Hope she gets the groovi bug and can give her mum a run for her money. Enjoy the rest of your stay now that the stress is removed, and then safe home.

  26. Amazing news barbara hugs all round what an wonderful family grace has around her from nicks side too .grace is so loved get some well earned sleep .xxx

  27. I'm not a comfortable blogger so sorry for not commenting earlier Barbara but thought I'd let you know how much I've been thinking about you and Grace and all your family over these past few days. So very pleased that all is fine and you will be able to sleep well at last! Of course, had I known the name of the hotel/hospital earlier, I would have known everything would be fine!!! Only joking – looking forward to seeing you at the open days next week, but that's another life somewhere……. Family always comes first, now you can relax and enjoy the rest of your visit with Grace. Love & best wishes.

  28. Fantastic news about Grace, so glad all's well and the worst is over for her.
    A great boost for Grace having you there with her. There's nothing like having Mum around when you're under the weather, with lots of love, hugs and words of encouragement in abundance to pull you through the worrying times.
    Wishing Grace a speedy recovery and hope she feels better very soon xxx

  29. Fantastic news about Grace, so glad all's well and the worst is over for her.
    A great boost for Grace having you there with her. There's nothing like having Mum around when you're under the weather, with lots of love, hugs and words of encouragement in abundance to pull you through the worrying times.
    Wishing Grace a speedy recovery and hope she feels better very soon xxx

  30. Brilliant news Barbara, so happy for you all. Now you can relax and enjoy your visit after you've caught up on your sleep. What a relief for you all, You rest up now and don't worry about craft blogging until you get over the last few days at least. All we want to hear is how you are and how Grace is recuperating. Love and hugs to you and

  31. I'm so glad she is home no place like it when you're feeling rough. All she needs now is lots of Mummy TLC which I'm sure you are more than happy to supply. XXXX

  32. You and Grace have been in my thoughts and prayers. I can't tel you how pleased I am that it is such great news. Wishing Grace a speedy recovery. Love and hugs xxx

  33. Hi Morag, good to see you again I have missed you and our conversation's It was good to hear Grace is fine and wishing her a speedy recovery.
    Hope to see you hear again.
    Lots of love to Grace and you.
    Lynn xx

  34. Speedy recovery Grace – big but gentle hugs to you! As for you Barb…time now to stop pedalling so fast, you've a little time to breathe more easily while being with Grace and Nick…sounds like he comes from a caring family too and his mum and dad obviously think the world of both him and Grace…fab! Take care xxx

  35. Over the moon to read your news!! And what enfolding teamwork by Grays and Nick/his family! I'm so thankful you're all through the stormy waters and in a gentle safe harbour. Enjoy all the mutual cherishing. And a little bonus for Grace – if she gets on board the groovi train no doubt mum can give her a plate or two! Love and hugs to you all, and big thanks to you Barb for keeping your blog family in the picture. Rest up a little! Xx

  36. So pleased for Grace that everything is OK and I'm sure she will recover very quickly especially with some Groovi to keep her from boredom. Just relax and enjoy spoiling Grace, she deserves it. x

  37. Hi Barb,
    Such a relief that Grace is ok and I wish her a speedy recovery. How lovely of Nick's parents to come to New York – they must think a lot about her. That in itself must make you very happy as well. Sending you both love and hugs, Alison xxx

  38. Way to go Grace I hope you have a speedy recovery sweetheart. Your mum will make sure you take things easy for a while
    So pleased for you Barbara it must have been awful for you waiting is the worst ! it was nice of Nicks parents to be there too.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay with Grace Hugs x

  39. Hi Barbara
    Oh what good news,wishing Grace a speedy recovery. Now we now Nick is a lovely young man, you've often told us that but what fantastic parents too, they must think a lot of you and Grace to help you out. Love your sense of humour. Enjoy getting in the groove Grace, what a lovely thing to do while you recover along with mum and proper chocolate! Sending lots of hugs to you all.
    Love Diane xxxx
    Ps slowly typing this left handed as this silly numptytrapped 3 fingers in the garage door today! Not brokenjust badly bruised and cutso no washing up (or crafting 🙁)for a week! Xxx

  40. It must be such a relief to know that she's going to be OK. It sounds like she has lots of support from Nick and his family which is fantastic. Now you can enjoy your time with Grace while she recovers. Take care x

  41. Hello Barb, great news that Grace is back home, I bet you and Nick did have a good laugh. They do say laughter is the best medicine. Let us know how Grace gets on with Groovi. Take care and enjoy the time you spend with Grace, Nick and his family. Bx

  42. Just read about the wonderful news, so glad for you, Grace and the family, you have all been in my prayers. I'm sure Grace will love the Groovi Boards and I'm sure it will be a great comfort and joy to create some wonderful work like her Mum does xxx

  43. Hi Barb, so happy to read your good news. I'm sure Grace will enjoy playing with the Groovi system and become just as hooked as the rest of us 😁. Enjoy your remaining time together free from worry.Love and hugs to you both,
    Alison D x

  44. Keep your pecker up missus. There is now some light in your long dark tunnel. Be with Gracie for as long as you need. We will all wait patiently til you are ready to come back to us. Hope Steve is also on the mend. Many hugs to Tina. Thinking of all at Clarity mansion. Sending all your super colleagues kind thoughts. Xxxx

  45. Oh Barbara what a good new. So pleased for you and Grâce. Enjoy your time with her and her boyfriend. It is precious. And tell her please to go slowly, and enjoy TLC from her mum. Xxx

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